Tips and tricks for choosing grout colour for tiles

Pick the right grout colour for your various coloured tiles
Pick the right grout colour for your various coloured tiles

When it comes to tiling a room, choosing the right grout colour can be just as crucial as selecting the tiles themselves. As grout acts as the filler between tiles, it can either seamlessly blend in and complement the tiles or serve as a striking design element. You can change the look of your space by changing the colour of the grout. For instance, white grout typically goes well with tile in any colour and provides a neutral and clean look. With so many colour options available, making a decision can be difficult. For a seamless and beautifully tiled project, here are some tips and tricks for choosing the right grout shade as per the colour chart.



What to consider while choosing grout colours?


The colour and pattern of the tiles

Enhance the overall look of your tiles by choosing a grout colour that matches them. To add definition and interest to neutral-coloured tiles, use a contrasting colour. If the tiles have a bold pattern, enhance it with a contrasting colour to create a striking look. If you want a cohesive look, coordinate the grout with the tiles. For instance, choose a warm colour if the tiles have warm tones. If your tiles are light, choose a light shade grout, as it blends the design to create a seamless look. If your tiles are dark, choose a darker grout to make the tiles stand out and create a dramatic effect.


Room’s style and design

The grout should complement the overall style of the room. For a classic look, choose a neutral colour like white, grey, or beige. This will match the tiles and create a seamless and timeless look. For a contemporary look, opt for bold or contrasting grout to create a statement and add visual interest. A modern bathroom tile might look best with crisp white coloured grout, while a traditional one might look best with a warm beige.


Maintenance of the grouts

You should take maintenance into account when selecting a grout shade. Light-coloured grout displays dirt and stains more easily, especially in high-traffic areas where tiles may get dirty or stained more frequently. Consider the intended use and traffic of the space and choose a grout that is easy to clean and maintain over time. Opt for darker grout colours for tiles in high-traffic areas, as they are less likely to reveal dirt and stains.



The colour may appear differently in different light conditions, so be sure to view it in the room where it will be used. Natural light, artificial light, and the time of day can all affect the appearance of the colour. View it in different lighting scenarios to make sure the grout colour looks the way you want it to.


Colour chart for grout


Grout colour chart for tiles
Grout colour chart

Image Source: Grout Shields


A grout colour chart shows the available shades, ranging from white to black and everything in between. This can help you better understand which grout will complement your tiles, enhance the room’s style, and meet your maintenance requirements. When choosing a colour, it is important to remember that the colour may look different in person than it does on the chart.

So it’s always a good idea to try a sample before making a final decision.

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