30 common plumbing mistakes and the ultimate guide to fix them

silver plumbing fixture leaking, guide common mistakes, issues and remedies
silver plumbing fixture leaking, guide common mistakes, issues and remedies

Plumbing problems such as a dripping tap, running toilet, or a leaky faucet may be minor issues but can cause a great deal of annoyance and, if left unattended for long, can lead to long-term damage. Whether you are a DIYer or just someone looking to reduce your bills, we have put together a list of the worst plumbing mistakes and their solution that you can use as a guide to foolproof your plumbing system.



30 common mistakes to plumbing mistakes to avoid

1. Putting Teflon tape the wrong way.

2. Improper venting on a waste system.

3. Overtightening a fitting.

4. Installing a saddle valve on a portable water system.

5. Using harsh chemicals to unclog a drain.

6. Cutting a pipe without shutting off the water.

7. Connecting a copper line to a steel pipe.

8. Soldering and not wiping the leftover flux is a huge plumbing mistake.

9. Overheating the joint while soldering.

10. Tightening a pipe cutter too fast.

11. Not sloping your pipe.

12. Not installing water hammer arrestors.

13. Mistake of reusing flexible plumbing hoses.

14. Using a lead solder on a portable water system.

15. Not deburring the inside of the pipe.

16. Improper cleaning of pipes and fittings.

17. Not isolating exterior hydrants in winter.

18. Incorrect placement of pipes.

19. Applying pipe dope before Teflon tape.

20. Stripping or cross threading a pipe or fitting.

21. Trying to glue a fitting on a painted pipe is an amateur plumbing mistake.

22. Using water to cool down a solder joint.

23. Leaving a hose connected outside during winter.

24. Not unsoldering a leaky joint to fix it.

25. Not installing a P-trap.

26. Using a sink plunger for a toilet.

27. Common plumbing mistake of laying a pipe over another.

28. Using your toilet as a trash can.

29. Not using the correct glue or solvent for different pipes.

30. Not installing a backflow preventer in the basement.


silver plumbing fixture leaking
Improperly maintained plumbing fixture

Image Source: Erniesplumbingandsewer.com


Plumbing related issues are fairly common and something almost everyone has experienced. However, being mindful of the most common plumbing mistakes can prevent many headaches in the future. This video works as a guide that summarises the plumbing problems you should look out for.

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