Tiling Adhesives or Sand Cement Mix: Which one is better?

tiling adhesive, floor tiles, flooring
tiling adhesive, floor tiles, flooring

Many people use sand cement or concrete mix in a specified ratio to fix the wall and floor tiles. However, tiling adhesives have several advantages over sand cement mix. Also, the price of tile adhesive and concrete mix differs drastically. Moreover, adhesives are more durable, stronger, and come with additional impact resistance and waterproofing.



installation of tile adhesive and reason why it is better than sand cement mix ratio and concrete ratio at different price range
Step by step application of tile adhesives

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Sand-cement/concrete mix

When making concrete, it’s critical to employ the proper concrete mixing ratios to ensure a robust, long-lasting, and durable mix.
Cement, sand, aggregate, water, and add-mixture are the four fundamental elements needed to build concrete.

This concrete mix ratio of aggregate to sand to cement is crucial in defining the concrete mixture’s compressive strength.

A concrete mix with 1 part cement, 1 part sand, and 3 parts aggregate will have a compressive strength of 2500 to 3000 psi. Thus, when you combine water with the cement, sand, and aggregate, you’ll obtain a paste that will hold the components together until they set. A sand-cement combination is an old technique for installing tile and stone. As the name implies, ordinary cement is mixed with river sand to generate a paste that can be used to install all types of tile and stone in all types of weather.’


Tiling adhesive

Tile adhesive is a premixed mixture of particularly well-chosen regular cement, well-graded fine sand, and additional components that increase the adhesive’s basic qualities for placing tiles while also increasing its strength and flexibility. Superior products can adhere tiles to pre-existing tiles, completed concrete, timber substrates, and other unusual surfaces. However, each type of adhesive remains designed for a certain type of surface application in order to provide the best results for consumers in specific places and environments. Also, tile adhesives can adhere to a variety of tiles and stones on a variety of surfaces. These Tile Fixing Adhesives are ready-to-blend, self-healing, available in a great price range, and have exceptional adhesion capabilities. Shrinkage, fractures, and sliding of tiles are all prevented by their superior bonding strength.

Watch this video to understand the difference between tiling adhesive and concrete mixture in a clearer manner.

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