DORMAKABA Movable Glass Wall Varitrans ComfortDrive (Fully Automatic)


The Varitrans ComfortDrive glass operable is an automated variant of the Varitrans glass operable partition that provides even more movable convenience. ComfortDrive allows the movable panels to move to their pre-programmed positions on their own. A user-friendly touch screen is used to control the system. Also, an integrated monitoring system ensures the safety and shuts off when it comes into contact with an obstruction.

Varitrans provides exceptional opportunities for large-scale spatial effects that are in line with contemporary design. Individually positioned moveable, -admitting glass components create an overall visual impression of inviting openness and transparency.

  • Natural aesthetic allure with openness
  • Elegant glass for a well-balanced look
  • The glass operable remains a Winner of the iF award
  • Flexible modular system with a wide range of possibilities and door options
  • Modes of operation include manual and totally automatic.

Hüppe DORMA Varitrans’ glass elements provide an unobstructed view of the entire and are thus nearly invisible. Nonetheless, they serve as a practical entrance and closing in project structures, capable of evoking mood, elegance, and generosity with their own distinct style and panache. Also, individually adjustable glass panels provide variable, transparent partitioning.


DORMA Movable Glass Varitrans ComfortDrive Features

The system has a lot of versatility, so you can customize it to fit almost any layout. Individual solutions can also receive attractive glass designs that provide both and attractiveness.


dormakaba glass wall design for partition with comfortdrive technology
Glass partition

Image Source: Dorma


  • Straight, angled, and polygonal shapes are all feasible in a multi-functional floor design.
  • Invisibly incorporated functional features in the profiles
  • Manual and practical ComfortDrive is a fully automated system.
  • Solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and timeless.
  • ComfortDrive — for total automatic control of spatial variation of glass wall.
  • At the touch of a button, fully automatic operation is available.
  • Fast opening and closing speeds of up to 250 mm/s provide a high level of convenience.
  • The self-explanatory touch screen makes operating simple.
  • A combination of several element types and systems is possible.
  • TÜV-GS safety tested; reliable safety with automated system trip on contact with impediments.
  • Individually configurable of glass to meet the needs of the customer
  • Configurations with segmented and curved tracks are also possible


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