50+ Wooden false ceiling designs to die for (+Installation tips)

wooden false ceiling designs


In our fast-paced lives, we have lost connection with nature. Today, our cities are called concrete jungles. Hence, there is a need to bring back natural elements to our residential and commercial spaces. Modern wooden designs for living rooms, bedrooms, halls, etc. are one interesting way to do that.

We should creatively break the monotony caused by dull interiors by using wood in our homes. Wood is a natural element that can enhance the beauty of any room.

Wood is an extensively used material in the buildings and construction industry. It is used to construct floors, walls, and ceilings. Wood is also an essential material in the and décor industry.

Humans have been finding applications for wood since time immemorial. Due to the flexibility of wood, the variety of designs and functions it offers is unlimited. Wooden false ceilings are one of the applications of wood in the present time.

This article will give you an insight into the major aspects of designer wooden ceilings.



Why should you opt for wooden designs?

Before we begin to explore the designs, we want to assure you that designs in wood are the right choice for you.

Wooden false ceilings are one of the best options for living rooms, modern bedrooms, and halls. POP false ceiling and Gypsum false ceiling are more popular choices in India because of affordability. However, wooden false ceilings are expensive for good reason.

Besides offering great modern aesthetic advantages, there are many practical advantages of using wood for your for your living room, bedroom, or hall.

Wooden false ceilings are durable and last a long time. They require only retouching of the finish once in a while. Solid wood and planks are the most durable options. You can also go for a false ceiling.

However, wooden ceilings may be susceptible to termite infestations. In order to avoid that, make sure to use high-quality material for from trustworthy brands like Armstrong.

Installing a wood offers great acoustic advantages. Use sound-absorbent wood acoustic panels. These wood panels are ideal for controlling reverberation effectively.

Another great advantage of installing a wood is that you can easily remove or disassemble it. Cables and wires are easily accessible. It also makes it possible to quickly replace damaged panels.

Wooden false ceilings add a rustic charm to any room. They are most suited for wide-open spaces. However, with a creative bent of mind, they can be optimized for closed and narrow spaces as well.

Residential as well as commercial spaces look great with wooden false ceilings. The presence of wood adds depth and warmth to our spaces. Therefore, one should seriously consider wooden designs while planning to a for a modern living room, bedroom, or hall.


Wooden designs you can take inspiration from

Wooden false ceilings give a luxurious feel. The designs should be chosen carefully according to the requirements of your space. Also, if you are confused about wooden designs for your modern living room, bedroom, or hall, this is the right place to be!

The aim of this article is to guide you in your quest for the best wooden designs. You will surely gain a lot of inspiration here.

Happy designing with these world-class wood ideas!


Coffered wooden designs

A coffered ceiling is one of the most popular false ceiling designs. It looks even better when it’s a wooden false ceiling.

Coffered wooden designs make living areas look stately and stylish. Also, they offer luxurious warmth to the room.


coffered wooden false ceiling
In wooden false ceiling designs for living room, coffered is a popular choice.

Image source: amzn.to


Skylight in a wooden

Speaking of skylights, there is no better way to wake up in the morning than the sunlight slowly creeping into the bedroom.

For a on the top floor, construct a slanted wooden false ceiling, and watch it add an interesting twist to a home. Furthermore, add a skylight for natural light.


false ceiling designs for bedroom images
This ceiling-to- skylight in a wooden gives a magical look to the bedroom.

Image source: zen.yandex.ru


Extended panel 

Create a statement wooden with an extended panel for the wall. Accentuate it by cove lighting. This kind of can be used in any for a dramatic atmosphere.

This wooden attracts attention. Hence, the and the are in lighter colors.


extended panel wooden false ceiling
In this room, the TV has been mounted on the extended panel which is a genius idea to make the look minimal without being bare.

Image source: bilbolamp.blogspot.com.es


Artistic wooden designs

Wooden false ceilings allow a lot of scope for experimentation. Take for example this extravagant dining space. What is the defining feature of this space? What separates the dining from the hall? You guessed it right. It is the wooden that gives this dining area its character.

Wooden planks have been arranged in a circular manner resembling a ship anchor. This is perfect for a hall. Recessed adds to the overall charm.


wooden false ceiling designs

Image source: pinterest.com


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Textured wooden

While smooth wooden surfaces look sleek, a textured wooden looks equally (if not more) beautiful.

Wooden panels with grooves and ridges are stylish. So, take it a step further by alternating the horizontal and vertical panels. Create designs in wood that look like a chessboard and are as interesting as a chess game!


wooden false ceiling designs
Two rows of square wooden panels with alternating patterns are great for narrow passageways.

Image source: nhadan.com.vn


Unique wooden designs

Ditch the popular designs and make your wooden stand out. It will require out-of-the-box thinking and a lot of expertise.

For instance, in this reading nook, the wooden gives the impression of the ceiling cracking open through the middle. Also, the extended panel along with the unique is for those who love to experiment.

The gaps in the ceiling also provide ample natural or artificial to flow through the room.

Give the impression of an artistically distorted ceiling with this wooden designer ceiling.


wooden false ceiling designs
If you are looking for a grand designer wooden ceiling design, this one is a worthy choice.

Image source: casa.abril.com.br


Suspended Blocks

Suspended ceilings always look futuristic. So, level up by suspending a modern geometric wooden for the living room, bedroom, or hall.

Hang pendant lights from this wooden for maximum aesthetic effect.


suspended wooden ceiling
Blocks are a modern take on a classic wooden ceiling design.

Image source: pinterest.com


Touch of greenery

Hang creeper plants from a suspended wooden ceiling to capitalize on the natural look.

Either artificial or natural plants will work. Natural creepers will freshen up space more than artificial ones. Complete the ceiling by adding hanging bulbs from it.


greenery in wooden ceilings
Make a suspended wooden the center of attraction with a touch of greenery.

Image source: pinterest.com


Arched wooden

Turn your space into an ancient architectural marvel by using dramatic arched wooden designs.

The arch can be conical or dome-shaped. Curved wooden domes work best for corridors. Pointed arched wooden designs suit living rooms and bedrooms.


vaulted ceiling
This arched wooden creates the illusion of height.

Image source: pinterest.com


Simple wooden

Fans of minimalism will love this simple wooden ceiling design. Alternating narrow and wide wooden panels are set horizontally on the frame. Simplicity is key in wooden false ceiling designs for bedroom.


designer bedroom look
This bedroom of a modern has been turned into a sanctuary by the white and wood tones.

 Image source: apppie.org



On the other end of the spectrum is intricate latticework on wooden false ceilings. Also, lattice designer wooden false ceilings give an old-world charm.

The detailing makes the look more attractive. Lattice’s work on the entire ceiling looks majestic. Nevertheless, you may just the corners and borders with lattice for a subtler look.


lattice work
Lattice wooden ceiling designs are awe-inspiring.

Image source: pinterest.com


Area-specific wooden designs

designs vary depending on the they are for. Therefore, it is important to determine which works for what kind of space.


Wooden designs for bedroom

Wooden false ceilings are a valuable addition to bedrooms. Instead of using wood as the primary material for a false ceiling, the wooden can be used on the periphery of the bedroom.

One corner or one side of the ceiling can be wooden. This demarcates different spaces in the bedroom. For inspiration, look at the designer wooden below.


false ceiling designs for bedroom images
This wooden designer creatively separates the sitting area from the sleeping area.

Image source: behance.net


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Wooden designs for

Wood is an underrated material when it comes to bathrooms. But it’s highly functional and has an undeniable aesthetic appeal. Flood your with natural light. Also, use a glass skylight in the middle of your wooden false ceiling. Such a brilliant combination of natural elements is calming.


wooden false ceiling designs bathroom
Get inspired by this delightful wooden ceiling design.

Image source: pinterest.com


Wooden designs for corridors

Corridors are the in-between spaces in any residential or commercial building. Yet it is important to them tastefully because everyone uses them.

If you have got a wooden theme going on in the main areas, a wooden will work so well in the corridor.

Vertical and narrow wooden panels accentuate the length of the corridor. Also, recessed lights in a straight line look great while up the space well.


corridor wooden false ceiling designs
Add some rustic charm to a corridor by going for a plain wooden ceiling design.

Image source: pinterest.com

wooden designs

It is important to be careful in choosing the kitchen’s wooden design. Also, the ceiling has to be built at a significant height from the hob. Use wooden panels with a class A fire performance to protect the ceiling from fires.


kitchen wooden false ceiling
This plain wooden designer with is a great choice for the kitchen.

Image source: pinterest.com


Wooden designs for lobby

Homes are not the only places where wooden false ceilings are used. They can also beautify commercial spaces.

The wooden in this commercial lobby aims to impress. It brightens up an otherwise dull space. Also, the suspended art installation is grand. The simplicity of the wooden balances it.


hotel lobby design
Wooden ceiling designs for lobby mesmerize even in commercial spaces!

Image source: delightfull.eu


Designer wood ceilings in the dining

A wood in a dining matches well with the usual wooden dining furniture. Also, simple wooden designs work well in dining rooms.


wooden false ceiling designs
A sleek tray wooden dining room looks appealing.

Image source: savioandrupa.co


Meeting wooden designs

The common belief is that wooden false ceilings are better suited for homes. However, an office space that has wooden will become much more interesting with sleek wooden designer ceiling designs.


meeting room design
Give a soothing and calming environment to any workplace by using a wooden false ceiling.

Image source: 1001homedesign.com


How is a wooden installed? 

  • Firstly, install a wooden frame that accommodates the structure planned.
  • Mark the height at which the ceiling will be installed from the floors.
  • Add wooden struts to support the structure.
  • Install the wooden panels with proper equipment.
  • Leave adequate space for and insulation.
  • Make sure to finish the wooden with numerous options and combinations of finishes like melamine, natural varnished wood, lacquers, laminates CPL, HPL, etc.



A wooden is your ultimate go-to when it comes to getting a natural look for buildings. It has a warm and rustic touch. Thus, it appeals to our aesthetic sensibilities.

The advantages of wooden ceilings are plenty. Although the cost of a is more expensive, these wooden ceilings offer great looks along with functionality. Also, the best part is that you can easily dismantle them for repair purposes.

Wooden designs come in every shape and size. There is a range of options to choose from, for both residential and commercial spaces.

Through this article, we brought forth the best ideas for wooden false ceilings for you. The wood designs- coffered, arched, and more, are great ideas for interiors. Also, add-ons like skylights and extended panels look stylish.

The area-specific wood designs are a collection of brilliant ideas depending on the they are for.

The installation of a wooden should be done by an expert. Also, wooden designs are only as good as the skills of the people working on them. Make sure to use a good finish.

Wooden designs are always a good option. They are a spectacular way to make any space worth spending time in.


Wooden images (Photos)

All images sourced from pinterest.com


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