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After a long, tiring day of fulfilling obligations, the bedroom provides us with the peace of mind to survive another day. Thus, it’s essential that you a bedroom with a certain vibe in mind. Good designs for bedroom in India can help to create that vibe.

The bedroom is a sanctuary. The bedroom should be such that it gives you an instant mood boost as soon as you enter it. Bedroom designs with designer ceiling are a great way to achieve that.

Gone are the days of the natural ceiling; false ceilings are all the rage now! Also called dropped ceilings, false ceilings play a major role in interiors.

For a long time, false ceilings were used only in commercial buildings. However, of late, homeowners are drifting towards spicing up their interiors with false ceiling solutions.

This article will give you some ideas for designer ceiling ideas in bedrooms along the following lines:


Aspects of designs for bedroom


False ceilings in bedrooms in India are a recent trend in the industry. A is just the perfect accessory for your bedroom design.

There are several factors to consider while choosing the designer ceilings of the bedroom. The shape of your bedroom determines its style quotient to a great extent.

Another aspect of designer ceilings for bedroom is the color. Relaxing or vibrant- the vibe heavily depends on the color of the false ceiling.

You will also find simple false ceiling designs for Indian bedrooms in this article. We will also bring you up to date on modern designer ceilings for bedroom.

You can a even in small bedrooms. You can also find child bedroom designer ceiling ideas!


Shapes in designer ceilings for bedroom


There are so many geometric patterns and textures that can make a bedroom stand out. You can choose the best designer ceiling for bedroom from among the following:


Coffered designer ceilings for bedroom


A coffered ceiling is a series of indentations or recesses on the surface of a false ceiling. These ceilings create the illusion of height.

Simply put, coffered ceilings are not smooth. often experiment with the depth and shape of the coffer to create attractive designs.


coffered ceiling
This coffered designer ceiling for the bedroom adds character.


Coffered false ceilings are created using a crisscross pattern to create a grid-like structure. The crisscrossed beams usually create geometric designs, such as squares and rectangles.

Gypsum false ceiling material and POP false ceiling material make for great coffered false ceilings. They can even be made of wood. The looks offered by a coffered ceiling are manifold.


Tray designer ceilings for bedroom


As the name suggests, a tray false ceiling looks like an inverted tray. It has which give a sleek look to your bedroom. It is made of POP. Hence, the installation of this ceiling is easy.


A tray ceiling works best for a simple bedroom design.


The shape of the tray ceiling allows the recessed LED lights and the cove lights to up the bedroom evenly. It keeps your bedroom simple by removing the need for other fixtures.


Circular designer ceilings for bedroom


For designs for bedrooms with fans, the circular is your best bet.

In this kind of false ceiling, there is a circular hollow in between. This circular space is apt for hanging fans or elaborate lights.


A circular false ceiling makes the bedroom grander.
A circular makes the bedroom grander.


A circular cut-out in the middle of your ceiling will also emphasize the bed and the ceiling.

Another option with a circular is to have multiple smaller circular hollows in the ceiling. Each circular space could then be filled with for a magnificent effect.


Suspended designer ceilings for bedroom


A floating false ceiling works best when you want to highlight an area. In the bedroom, it’s mostly the bed, above which the floating island is installed.

This false floating ceiling is suspended from the real ceiling. There is a considerable gap between the two. This gap may even be filled with insulation material.


A floating false ceiling makes this bedroom look futuristic.


These ceilings come in many shapes, the square-shaped ceiling being the most popular. Also known as suspended ceilings, the floating ceiling offers a futuristic look to your bedroom.


Vaulted designer ceilings for bedroom


Vaulted ceilings are ceilings in which the creation of a vault permits the ceiling to look higher than a flat ceiling. The construction of a self-supporting arch is the defining feature of a vaulted ceiling. This arch can be conical or dome-shaped.

Vaulted ceilings, for obvious reasons, are only used in stand-alone houses. They utilize the otherwise wasted roof structure space.


vaulted roof bedroom
The vaulted designer ceiling in this bedroom gives the illusion of the ceiling being higher.


Vaulted ceilings serve the purpose of adding a rustic appeal to traditional homes. In modern homes, a vaulted false ceiling is used to make a bold statement.


Color palette in designer ceilings for bedroom


After the selection of the design, we come to the million-dollar question: Which colour is the best for false ceilings? No worries, we have got your back with these bedroom colour ideas.

Plain white is the most popular choice for bedroom designing. Since white goes with almost every colour, it is the easiest choice for the ceiling.


Monochromatic grey and white colours look elegant.


In case the walls of the bedroom are painted in a colour, the could be painted in a darker shade of the same colour.


You can never go wrong with a pastel color scheme.
You can never go wrong with a pastel color scheme.


Pastel shades of grey, pink, green, or blue on the are easy, fail-proof ideas for a bedroom.

For a rustic touch, the wood-toned of designer ceiling for bedroom is also in vogue. If the theme of your bedroom leans towards wooden, this is the best option.


designs for bedrooms


Minimalism is the trendy theme in interiors these days. Over-the-top designs and decors are considered tacky in comparison to modern designs for the master bedroom.

For a simple, minimalist look, the false ceiling should focus on clean lines. A tray or a floating island work best for a design.


simple false ceiling designs for bedroom
Clean lines are the key!


Coved for the designer ceilings of the bedroom creates an elegant ambiance. Avoid pendant lights and chandeliers. False ceiling lights for the bedroom should be as subtle as possible.

The colour palette should be restrained. Also, -coloured designer ceiling ideas for bedroom help create the illusion of more space and light.

For the Indian summer, here is a for bedrooms with fans. Material-wise, POP designer ceiling designs for bedrooms are quite popular in India.


false ceiling designs for bedroom indian with fan
Install a ceiling at the center of a layered designer ceiling of bedroom.


Click here to know more about POP false ceilings.


Modern false ceiling for bedroom


All homeowners want unique designer ceilings for bedroom. It is not an impossible want because innovation in false ceilings has advanced a lot. So, there are so many options to choose from in designs of bedroom.

Here are some of the latest designs for bedroom:


Extended panel designer ceilings for bedroom


An extended panel is a behind your bed that is connected to the false ceiling. Also, the color and the material of this panel are the same as the false ceiling. The panel and the ceiling are as broad as the master bed. This is a very modern bedroom false ceiling in India.


extended panel false ceiling design for bedroom
This royal designer ceiling for bedroom is exquisite.


Sloped designer ceilings with skylight


If there is a sloping roof in the bedroom, a skylight installed in the adds several points to the style quotient. Also, a skylight in the bedroom ceiling is ideal for those who like to wake up to the sun’s rays streaming through their bedroom.


sloping skylight false ceiling design for bedroom
A skylight adds freshness to an attic master bedroom.


Mirrors on the ceiling as a false ceiling


For people of experimental temperament, a large covering the entire area of the is a great option. It is an out-of-the-box modern bedroom false ceiling idea. It gives a very modern and futuristic look to the bedroom.


mirror false ceiling design for bedroom
A mirrored ceiling in a bedroom makes a bold statement.


Fashionably geometric designer ceilings for bedroom


Multiple square-shaped designs for the bedroom infuse life in the master bedroom. Also, squares of different sizes are installed like a modern art piece on the ceiling. This kind of is the perfect showstopper in a master bedroom.


square shaped false ceiling design for bedroom
This geometric patterned makes your bedroom stand out.


Metallic designer ceilings for bedroom


This is a minimalist and modern false ceiling for the bedroom.

When the and paint lean more towards darker shades, a with a metallic sheen helps to accentuate the look.

It also looks great on a bedroom with plain white walls.


metallic finish false ceiling design for bedroom
The metallic paint finish is one of the latest designs in bedrooms.


Zoned designer ceilings in bedroom


Implement this idea in large bedrooms that serve multiple purposes. For example, if there is a study area or a sitting area in the bedroom, divide the different areas into “zones”. Also, the height of the is different for each zone, hence demarcating certain areas from the top itself. This is one of the best master bedroom designs.


zone false ceiling designs in bedrooms
The false ceilings separate the area of the bed from the work area.


Designer ceilings for small bedrooms


There’s no reason for a small bedroom to remain devoid of the stylish presentation of a designer ceiling for bedrooms.

The focus should be on creating an illusion of more space in a cramped bedroom. For that, a mirrored ceiling is one of the best ideas for bedroom in India.

Appropriate lights for bedroom are also an effective option to make space feel roomier.


small bedroom false ceiling
Utilize options in the designs for small bedroom.


Click here to read more about lights.


Fun designs for children’s bedroom


The designs for children’s bedroom in India should be such that the children like spending their time in them. This task requires a lot of thought and care.

The ceiling plays a very important role. Children often struggle to sleep when they’re put to bed. Also, a fun, creative would break the monotony of the during the night. So, unique designs for bedroom in India are the best for kids. From to splash of colours, to cartoons and abstract figures, a children’s welcomes all sorts of crazy. So, you can get as creative as you want to.

Here are some quirky ideas for the child bedroom designer ceiling design:


Starry night of for bedroom


This night sky-themed child bedroom false ceiling can capture any child’s wonder!


This is a beautiful false ceiling for a kid's bedroom.
This is a beautiful for a kid’s bedroom.


Cloudy sky of designer ceiling for bedroom


Designer ceiling clouds for a dreamy child- bring a piece of the sky to a child’s bedroom!


Go for clouds to give a dreamy vibe to a child's bedroom!
Go for clouds to give a dreamy vibe to a child’s bedroom!


Wavy sea of designer ceiling for bedroom


This is one of those ceiling for bedroom that suit older kids. Also, the is not too childish but still appeals to the imagination of middle school kids.


Ideal for children in their late childhood, this false ceiling design is stunning.
Ideal for children in their late childhood, this false ceiling is stunning.


Bright sun for designer ceiling for bedroom


Nothing better than a “smiling sun” child bedroom false ceiling for little ones! It can lift the mood of anyone in seconds.


This smiling sun is bound to fill any child with positive energy.
This smiling sun is bound to fill any child with positive energy.


Happy flowers of for bedroom


Floral designs for children’s bedrooms dive a dainty touch to the room. It matches the innocent playfulness of children.


false ceiling design for children's bedroom
Brighten up a kid’s bedroom with a floral-patterned design.



Gallery  – Bedroom Designs Images





The choice is limitless when it comes to ceilings for bedrooms. Also, tray ceilings and floating islands are quite popular options in bedroom ceilings.

Coffered ceilings give a contemporary twist to the bedroom. Also, circular ceilings are best for bedrooms with a ceiling fan. A vaulted designer ceiling of the bedroom adds a stately touch to the bedroom.

A lighter colour palette is best for the of a ceiling for the bedroom. A bedroom colour gives the bedroom a spacious and airier feel.

There are several unique styles one may opt for when designing a ceiling for master bedrooms.

 Designer ceilings for children’s bedroom can be more experimental and creative. So, instead of standard shapes, clouds, flowers, or the sun are great designer ceiling ideas for bedroom.

Designer ceilings in bedrooms are a sure-fire way of making your bedroom into a work of modern art. With designer ceilings in bedrooms, the possibilities are limitless and the results are extraordinary!


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