Revolutionizing hot water: The unmatched advantages of Racold heat pump water heaters

Racold commercial heat pump
Racold commercial heat pump

In the evolution of water heating, Racold introduces cutting-edge technology with its heat pump water heaters, redefining the conventional approach. This article delves into the myriad benefits of Racold heat pumps, unveiling the advanced features and technologies that set them apart. From their unique heat transfer processes to innovative modes, Racold’s commitment to excellence ensures not only efficient and consistent hot water supply but also a modern and user-friendly experience. We will explore the diverse advantages of heat pumps, including energy efficiency, intelligent control options, and the robust durability signified by an impressive 5-year warranty. Continue reading as we discuss how Racold heat pump water heaters redefine the standards of convenience, sustainability, and reliability in the domain of water heating.

Working principle of Racold heat pump water heaters

Heat Pump water heaters operate by efficiently transferring heat from one location to another. The process begins with a circulation fan drawing air from the atmosphere into the evaporator. Here, it mixes with the refrigerant fluid that is present in the compressor. From the evaporator, the refrigerant moves into the compressor, where it is compressed under high pressure. This causes friction between the molecules of the refrigerant and changes it into a gas. The compressor now pumps the gas into the condenser’s spiral coil tube, which upon coming in indirect contact with the cold water, transfers the heat to the cold water.

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Racold heat pumps: Unlocking a host of benefits

racold heat pump water heater, sustainable and energy efficient water heating solution for residential buildings
Racold commercial heat pumps – Energy-efficient solutions for increased savings


A 5-year warranty highlights the brand’s commitment to delivering the highest standards in water heating, ensuring exceptional quality and reliability. This offers users peace of mind and assurance in their water heating investment.

Titanium Plus technology

Racold heat pumps are a high-quality water heating solution that uses state-of-the-art technology to provide efficient and reliable hot water. One of the key benefits of Racold heat pumps is their use of a titanium inner tank coating. The titanium enamel coating helps prevent corrosion and is capable of handling even the toughest water conditions. This ensures a regular supply of healthy water. 


Energy efficiency

These innovative systems only use electricity to transfer heat and not generate it, thereby slashing your electricity consumption by up to 70% compared to conventional water heaters. Furthermore, the heat pump ensures faster heat exchange which leads to an increased supply of hot water and greater savings.

User convenience

The Racold heat pump is equipped with an intelligent controller that allows you to effortlessly set temperature and schedule shower timings. Its 7 multifunction applications cater to a variety of needs, ensuring a continuous hot water supply 24 hours a day. In addition, the quick heating option makes the heat pump work on heating element mode and gives you instant hot water.

 High COP

The Racold heat pump boasts an outstanding Coefficient of Performance (COP), standing at an impressive 4.2 in 300 litre capacity, and 3.8 in 150 litre and 200  litre capacities. The COP is a measure of the efficiency of a heat  pump, representing the ratio of heat output to the amount of electrical energy input.


The heat pump employs a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant and uses no chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which is crucial in minimizing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with traditional refrigerants. Therefore, it helps in reducing your carbon footprint.

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Modes in Racold heat pump water heaters

Modes of Racold heat pump water heaters
7 modes of Racold domestic heat pump water heaters
  • Timer mode: Conveniently heats water at your preferred times. (Available in the 300-litre variant.)
  • Sleep mode: Allows the heat pump to be inactive for a specified duration when not in use. This translates to reduced utility bills for the users.
  • Night mode: Enables the heat pump to operate exclusively during night-time.
  • Half boost mode: Swiftly heats water on demand and reduces wait time for hot water which ensures a more responsive and enjoyable experience. (Available in the 300-litre variant.)
  • Boost mode: Accelerates the water heating process for faster results. This feature enhances convenience, especially during busy or high-demand periods.
  • Green mode: Quickly and sustainably heats water on demand making it perfect for those concerned about our planet.
  • Auto mode: Automatically heats water according to pre-set parameters for added convenience.


Heat pump water heaters mark a revealing advancement in effective and sustainable water heating technology. Our disquisition of Racold heat pump water heaters in this article emphasizes their classic features and technologies. Racold takes the lead in the delivery of not only harmonious and effective hot water but also a contemporary and user-centric experience. This comprehensive overview showcases how Racold’s core value of excellence distinguishes its heat pumps as leaders in the evolving request for water heating results.

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