Industry Talks with B&I – Home Automation Market in India

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Industry Talks Banner - Home Automation

As Indian consumers move up the consumption ladder, the desire to lift up their lifestyle, especially in living spaces, is also projecting itself in the demand curve. This trend is quite evident in our ongoing series ‘Industry Talks with B&I’. Home automation is one such important building solutions category that has been seeing a lot of action. Be it switches, lighting, window blinds, or more, automation has been seen as the ultimate lifestyle statement for a growing prosperous class in India. spoke to some of the thought leaders in the home automation space to get their perspective on the Indian market.

Home Automation Market in India – Brand Perspective

Taral Trivedi, Managing Director, Somfy

Taral Trivedi, Managing Director, Somfy“The increasing affordability of smart devices and the rise of IoT technology have made home automation accessible. Automated blinds and curtains are an essential first step towards creating a comfortable, energy-efficient, and convenient living environment.

For more than 50 years, the Somfy group has been driving the improvement of living environments through automation, by designing and developing solutions for comfort, safety, energy saving, and personal autonomy. Somfy’s Smart Shading solution makes the home a haven of soft, natural light at just the right temperature. Users can adjust their window coverings to let in natural light, enjoy their privacy, and ensure the comfort of their interiors by managing sun exposure in the summer and winter, controlled by smartphone or smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.”

Vivek Yadav, EVP – EWA and Industrial Products, Havells India Ltd.

Vivek Yadav, EVP – EWA and Industrial Products, Havells India Ltd.“With the Increasing penetration of smart phones, widespread availability of broadband, rising disposable incomes and growing technology savvy young population, the demand for smart home solutions is on the rise and home automation in India is poised for significant growth in the coming years.

The key trends driving this growth are integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies into home automation systems. Adoption & availability of affordable wireless solutions, that are retrofittable in any existing structure without having the need for making any changes to existing wiring or structure is further driving the adoption of home automation solutions. These solutions allow greater customizations, energy efficiency & enhanced security solutions.

In addition to urban areas, semi urban cities are also showing interest in home automation, driven by the need for convenience and efficiency in everyday tasks.

Havells has multiple solutions for different market segments, starting from the uber premium wired automation systems meant for large villas, commercial spaces, celebrity & HNI homes, to premium wireless solutions available both in Modular & IOT relay form factors. A range of cost-efficient sensors both standalone & network enabled for energy efficiency, occupancy & presence solutions for residential, commercial & industrial usage.”

Arun Kumar, Head of Consumer Business – Signify, Greater India

Arun Kumar, Head of Consumer Business - Signify, Greater India“The home automation market in India is primarily driven by a whole host of parameters. For starters, the growing availability of smartphones and internet access has enabled consumers to remotely operate their houses, hence raising demand. Secondly, increased awareness for convenience, energy efficiency, and sustainability is driving homeowners to use smart resource management technologies. Furthermore, the growing trend of smart cities and government infrastructure development programs drive market growth. Looking ahead, advances in artificial intelligence and IoT technology are anticipated to transform home automation, making it more intuitive and accessible to a wider range of consumers. This will open the path for continued growth and innovation in the Indian home automation industry.

The convenience and ease that technology brings in for the customers, wherein they can customize the ambience as per the occasion, aligns with our Philips Wiz connected lighting range, offering energy-efficient smart lighting options for Indian households. Philips Wiz ecosystem comprises software solutions, cloud services, and products offering a wide range of lights, devices, and accessories for customers across India. It delivers a Wi-Fi-based smart system that controls plug-and-play devices with our user-friendly and feature-rich app, and that connects to existing Wi-Fi networks. The ecosystem creates an optimal ambience in which people can elevate their smart lighting into smart living.

Looking ahead, Signify remains committed to innovating sustainable, user-friendly solutions that anticipate and meet the evolving needs of the Indian market, driving continued growth and advancement in the home automation segment.”

Sameer Saxena, Director – Marketing & Communications, Legrand India

Sameer Saxena“India’s booming middle class, with 75 million new members expected by 2031, is fuelling a surge in demand for premium goods and services. Their rising disposable incomes will make them key players in shaping the future of Indian consumption. I see an exciting future for the smart home industry, driven by three key pillars: security, sustainability, and seamless technology. These factors are shaping consumer demands across both residential and commercial spaces. Security is paramount. Data privacy and family safety are top priorities.

Legrand prioritizes these concerns by offering solutions that ensure the highest level of data security and user information protection by having it hosted on Microsoft Azure’s cloud computing platform. Sustainability is essential. Consumers seek eco-friendly solutions. Legrand’s smart home offerings empower users to monitor and manage electrical appliances, leading to reduced environmental impact. Technology is key. The demand for connected solutions is undeniable. Legrand leverages advanced technologies to provide seamless integration, effortless operation, and future-proof compatibility. Connected solution by Legrand works on ZigBee 3.0. The market is expected to grow by 23% in India.”

Hemang Jadavji Shah, MD, GreatWhite Global Pvt. Ltd.

Hemang Jadavji Shah, MD, GreatWhite Global Pvt. Ltd“India’s homes are embracing a digital makeover, driven by rising affluence & a desire for premium experiences. GreatWhite Electricals’ Arcus HA emphasizes “uber-luxury” experiences, blending convenience with luxe aesthetics.

Imagine secure, sustainable smart homes seamlessly integrated with your life. Arcus HA (fully automated & semi-automated) makes it a reality with intuitive app control, voice commands & smart features like sensor-based security & energy-saving LED integration.

Unlike complex rewiring, the Arcus HA smart hybrid retrofit switch seamlessly integrates with existing electrical connections. Installation is effortless, requiring minimal effort & preserving your home’s aesthetics. Control your home – anywhere, anytime, transforming everyday living into a truly connected experience.

But challenges like lack of awareness in small cities hinder a wider adoption & data privacy & security concerns require a robust solution.

The road ahead is a future crafted for comfort, security & sustainability, digitally – brick by brick & Arcus HA is leading the charge, making this smart home revolution accessible to all.”

Home Automation Market in India – Architect Perspective

Ar. Rohan Jain, Projected Rays Design

Ar. Rohan Jain, Projected Rays Design“In my capacity as an architect engaged in diverse projects across North India, I feel there’s two sides to this card. On the bright side, there’s this wave of interest. People want homes that do more than just stand there; they want homes that respond and adapt. However, the cost factor is a bit tricky, and making sure all these gadgets play nice together can be a challenge. In residential projects, we face the challenge of balancing client interest with budget constraints. We do require a nuanced approach, introducing automation so that it feels like an upgrade and not a tech takeover.

Of course, it’s not just about challenges, it’s about the opportunities it brings to us. Designing spaces that effortlessly integrate smart tech, while ensuring they enhance rather than overshadow the aesthetics – that’s the sweet spot.

KNX and DALI are emerging trends in home automation. KNX, a standardised protocol, integrates devices for comprehensive smart home control, while DALI specialises in lighting systems. Now, when it comes to operating these automated systems, the diversity is impressive. Manual control persists for those who prefer the traditional approach, with physical switches and interfaces. Smartphone apps are increasingly popular, providing remote control and monitoring capabilities. Voice control, facilitated by virtual assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant, is a cutting-edge trend, allowing users to command and interact with their smart home using natural language.

These trends highlight a move towards sophisticated, integrated, and user-friendly home automation, offering flexibility for different preferences and lifestyles.”


The home automation market is surely poised for a good run in the Indian market. Going beyond the ‘aspirational’ aspect, it is quite clear that these solutions make our lives easier and also help with energy savings. The panel of experts has voiced their opinion on the advantages of moving on the ‘home automation’ ladder. The Indian market for home automation surely has a bright future – a future in which an increasing number of solutions will ‘integrate’ themselves to give a seamless experience to its users.

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