Building automation systems: All you need to know about intelligent buildings

All you need to know about home and building automation
All you need to know about home and building automation

Who wouldn’t like their building to be smartly self-sufficient? Building automation gives this efficiency to it. The intelligent building or home automation is the centralized control of the automated building’s lighting, HVAC, access control, IoT devices, security systems, software, and other such integrated systems.



What is Building Automation?

Imagine going on a vacation with your family. At the airport, you suddenly realize that you did not switch off the air conditioner. What would you do now?

This is where building automation comes into place. If you have a smart or automated building, you can turn off the air conditioner from your smartphone while you wait for your flight. Building automation systems include lighting, furniture, HVAC, plumbing, and access control. However, they are not limited to this.

For instance, a smart life system of an automated building will detect minor or major damage even before it has already happened. Therefore, it gives a chance for predictive maintenance.

Similarly, with a building automation system, you can detect leakage in any of the plumbing pipes inside or outside the walls of your building.  Therefore, we can clearly say that building automation goes deeper than turning on and off the lights and appliances of your building. It allows damage detection before the damage is actually caused. Predictive maintenance and proactive repair are also possible with building automation systems.

Building automation is a macro term that includes automation of all types of buildings such as residential buildings, hospitality infrastructures, or commercial spaces.


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What is the Need for and Importance of Building Automation?


Building automation with IoT devices
Key aspects of automated buildings


Imagine entering a room and the curtains open, the temperature turns up, and the lights turn on automatically. This is what home automation does.

Moreover, smart home automation and building automation aren’t needed just to make things feasible for you. It cuts down on energy costs. We often forget to turn off the lights or switch off the ac. But the home automation software does that for you. In addition to that, the access control systems offer limited and restricted access to your building which makes it safe and secure.

Basically, building automation is a shift from product supply to system supply. Therefore, instead of purchasing and installing products individually, all the products from various categories club together to form a system. They work together and act as a unit to benefit the consumer in many ways.

The following benefits are received from building automation:

  1. Enhanced occupant comfort
  2. Improved security
  3. Energy-efficiency
  4. Time-efficiency
  5. Performance documentation
  6. Improved equipment life cycle
  7. More comfortable lifestyle


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What are the Parts of Home Automation and Building Automation?


Building Automation
Building Automation Systems structural presentation


Home automation and building automation are distributed control systems. Although their goal is to achieve one-point building control, it is achieved through a three-part home automation system with many home automation tools:

  1. Hardware- It includes appliances, accessories, fittings, and other product components.
  2. Software- The platform that integrates the different hardware items.
  3. System integrator- The technical expert who integrates the software and the hardware.


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What is Building Automation Hardware?

As discussed earlier, smart home automation and building automation is a combination of different types of infrastructures from diverse fields and automated building tools. Therefore, it has multiple scopes of functionality and operation. Let us understand the various types of building automation systems:


Lighting Control


Occupancy sensors for lighting control
Occupancy sensors for lighting control


The lighting can be regulated (turned on, off, or dimmed) with smart home automation and building automation system. There are three ways of lighting controls-

  1. Occupancy sensors- The lights are turned on when motion is sensed. The motion sensor light switches detect occupancy in the space and regulate the lights in the room.
  2. Photosensors- Usually used for outdoor lighting, the photocells sense darkness as the sun sets and turn on the lights.
  3. Timers- You can set a timer for the lights to turn on and off. The automatic light switches work according to the schedule set by you and regulate the lighting appliance.

Famous brands that offer smart lighting are:

  1. Jaquar lighting
  2. Syska
  3. Panasonic
  4. Philips
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Electrical appliances and modular switches


Home automation for electrical appliances
Control your home appliances with Home Automation


Home automation tools get maximum versatility when it comes to electrical appliances. A diverse range of ideal home appliances offers excellent automation. Many brands manufacture splendid WiFi-enabled, IoT technology laced devices, and smart home appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc. that can be voice-controlled and integrated with other appliances for automation. These appliances use automatic light switches and motion sensor light switches to work.

Famous brands that offer smart home appliances are:

  1. Bosch
  2. Hafele
  3. LG
  4. Samsung
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The modular switches that come with the latest technology offer complete home and building automation. They follow a streamlined approach to controlling complex, smart, modern spaces in any automated building. The smart modular switches come with intuitive interfaces for intelligent control. Automatic light switches, motions sensor switches, and touchscreen switches are some examples of smart switches.

Famous brands that offer smart modular switches are:

  1. Legrand
  2. Gold Medal GM
  3. Havells
  4. Schneider




HVAC Building Automation
Install HVAC Building Automation Systems for energy-efficiency


The HVAC systems are used for moving air between outdoor and indoor areas. In addition to cooling and heating, the buildings need automation for several reasons. Energy management is essential for HVAC automation. Moreover, it allows you to control the entire building on one platform. The home automation for HVAC systems distributes digital control tied together through electronic networks and runs complex codes and algorithms to ensure the highest efficiency and functionality.

Famous brands that offer HVAC systems and accessories are:

  1. Johnson
  2. Honeywell
  3. Voltas
  4. Viega




Smart home automation system on intelligence screen on the wall and background of modern bathroom
Plumbing for home automation


In times of rapid developments in home automation and building automation, plumbing is yet another field of automation. In order to maintain sustainable and smart home automation systems, we need plumbing systems that integrate well with the rest of the building. A standing water alert system, smart faucets, drain alert system, leak detection sensors, etc. make up smart plumbing systems for smart buildings. In addition to that, smart home automation using IoT devices is gaining popularity. There are many home automation tools for automated buildings using IoT devices.

Famous brands that offer smart plumbing are:

  1. Steibel Eltron
  2. Schell
  3. Viega
  4. Supreme


Access Control Systems


Access control system
Get Access control system for safe commercial, corporate, hospitality, and residential building automation systems


The changing trends of the world expose it to greater threats too. The safety and security of the building hold great importance. However, today’s access control should not just be strong but also touchless. You can restrict unauthorized access to your building. As a result, you get enhanced safety. The access control systems include several IoT devices, hardware, and software components. Let us take a look at the hardware of the access control system:

  1. Smart cards
  2. Smart lifts
  3. Door systems
  4. Sensor barriers
  5. Digital locks

Famous brands that offer access control systems are:

  1. Dormakaba
  2. Hafele
  3. Honeywell
  4. Bosch


What is Building Automation Software?

Home automation systems and building automation systems are fully functional when the hardware integrates well with the software and works together. It should not be too complicated. So, a smart home automation system that eliminates isolation from any device and communicates with everything from lighting, HVAC, IoT, and plumbing to security and access control in one language is an ideal building automation software. Also, good and flexible automation software by well-established home automation companies is extremely important for an inclusive building automation system. There are many retrofit appliances, hardware, and furniture items that can be integrated with home automation software to make an intelligent building. Let us find out some of the leading home automation software:




Comprehensive building automation software- KNX for IoT devices
Integrate your building automation hardware with KNX Software


This building automation and home automation software comes with endless personalization and flexibility. Also, KNX, an amazing home automation tool allows the communication of a wide range of products from different manufacturers. Moreover, home automation software is committed to the safety and security of the user. Therefore, it comes with innovative security features. KNX can be implemented in small residential buildings as well as large commercial buildings. Thus, KNX software is used in some buildings such as the Lamborghini Showroom, Athens, Greece, and Thunderbird Resort, Mumbai, India.




Zigbee for IoT devices
Get home automation by Zigbee automation software


Another effective home automation software, Zigbee makes homes smarter and more efficient. Also, the software enables users to manage home security, cost-effectiveness, and less energy consumption. So, the IoT devices and software delete the risk of single-point signal failure. Zigbee software uses two technologies:

  1. Zigbee 3.0- The devices connected with Zigbee 3.0 maintain smooth communication even in noisy RF environments.
  2. (ZSE) Zigbee Smart Energy- This protocol actively manages energy consumption. It reduces energy wastage and allows optimal use of energy.


Honeywell Forge


Forge by Honeywell with IoT devices
Control your home and office with Honeywell Forge


Honeywell Forge home and building automation software transforms the data received from buildings into insights and uses that algorithm to offer flawless automation and control. Also, the advanced IoT devices, smart analytics technology, and big data collection space provide a fast integration of multiple products and systems. Crown Towers, Perth, Australia, and Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University, Dubai are some of the famous buildings where Honeywell Forge automation software is used.



Johnson Metasys


Building automation systems-Metasys by Johnsons Control


Metasys by Johnson is an intelligent, state-of-the-art technology system that connects your commercial lighting, HVAC, security, access control, IoT devices, and protection systems. So, all these systems communicate on a single platform at Metasys and allow you to have a comfortable, smart, safe, and productive building. Metasys is responsive software. Therefore, the home automation software works on all mobile devices as well. Its upgraded graphical interface and better BAC net support make the software smarter and more convenient to control. In addition to that, it lowers the building’s operational costs and increases effectiveness making it an ideal building and home automation software.


Siemens Desigo


Desigo Building Automation Systems by Siemens


The performance of the building automation and home automation software greatly impacts the occupant’s lifestyle, building functionality, and environment. Siemens is one of the leading home automation companies. Also, Desigo by Siemens is a holistic system that provides the right integration between hardware and software. It offers cloud connectivity to the products. As a result, the building becomes high-performing. Its building management, room automation, IoT devices, and other such features ensure increased functionality of the building. Also, Louis Vuitton Foundation Museum, Paris, and Victoria Museum, Melbourne, Australia are some famous buildings where Desigo is used.


When are the various parts of building automation installed?

As mentioned earlier, building automation is more of a system than a product installation. Also, an architect or an interior designer’s work does not end with designing the right building structure and choosing the best products. In fact, it is just the beginning. There are two attributes when it comes to making a smart building-

  1. Fixed
  2. Changeable

The fixed attributes include the building’s sitting and structure. Also, its windows, façade, and interior layout play a major role in defining how the building will operate.

The changeable attributes comprise the products, appliances, and most hardware.

The best building automation system cannot compensate for the poorest building layout, and vice versa. So, both are equally and greatly critical in creating a well-designed, fully functional automated building.

Therefore, to answer the question, the focus on building automation should begin right from the layout design of the building. In addition to that, being a multi-step process, building automation works in various folds and levels.

HVAC and plumbing for building automation and home automation must be done at the time they are installed.

Once the structure takes position and wiring begin, lighting control installation must be considered. So, you can choose the right type of decorative lights for lighting control later when the interior decoration begins; however, the fittings and wiring must begin at an initial phase.

The same rule is applicable for home and kitchen appliances. Selection of the ideal home appliances can be done later. However, your modular kitchen should be designed in a way that it has space for all standing and built-in appliances.

Also, choose the right building material, use your experience, understand the needs of the client, and coordinate with all the teams involved in the construction of the building to offer the best building automation systems.


How can you install building automation in an old building?

Building automation begins right from the conception of building design. However, if you want to renovate a building or want to make it more functional and energy-efficient, there are many retro-fit options for the same. Also, you can accommodate several brands, manufacturers, products, and systems to take in your already existing building model. So, there are many amazing system integrators that make it possible for an old building to get automated with the least disturbance.

WAGO, Entelechy Systems, Verex, and Messung are some of the system integrators that offer home and building automation services in India.


Intelligent Buildings- Future of Building Automation Systems

Although automation makes the buildings more functional and inclusive, there’s still a lot more to catch up with. Also, a traditional building automation system helps consumers save energy and achieve enhanced performance. But an intelligent building automation system not just collects the data but also uses it to change and improve simultaneously. An intelligently automated building saves even more energy and becomes more effective.

For example, a simple lighting control will allow the scheduling of the lights. However, an intelligent building will analyze (through occupancy sensors) that no one enters the space before 7 am. Therefore, it will automatically adjust the lights to remain off until 6.45 am.

Another example of an intelligent conference room would be that if the meeting had to start at 10 am and no one entered the room within 15 minutes of the scheduled time, it would unbook the room and make the space available.

Moreover, a CCTV of a traditional building automation system would capture the clips and store them. Therefore, an intelligent building’s CCTV will spot unidentified objects along with recording them.

A wonderful exhibition held in Munich, BAU showcases wonderful futuristic intelligent buildings and home automation solutions. So, Experts and professionals from all over the world visit Germany to witness the future of automation.



The future of the building is becoming more and more automated. The goal of all buildings is to become more economical, safer, comfortable, and energy-efficient. Moreover, most commercial buildings and green buildings use strong intelligent building automation systems to become advanced and multi-functional. Also, you must cover all the aspects of home automation and intelligent building automation such as HVAC, lighting, plumbing, IoT devices, electrical appliances, and access control. In addition to that, use the most flexible and customizable automation software by the best home automation companies to make the best out of it.


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