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modular switches
modular switches


Generally, when people think of interior decoration and functionality, they think of lighting, flooring, ceilings, furniture, decorative items, etc.  But the less intriguing details such as electrical fittings, wiring systems, and switches are often left out. However, an interior designer’s job is to have an eye for the detail. Also, items like modular switches by brands like Anchor, Havells, Goldmedal, GM, etc. have a great impact on the operation, resourcefulness, and look of the space. Also, the price of the modular switches and the switchboards are generally quite economical.

Speaking of electrical switches, they have been in use for a very long time. However, they were never designed to look beautiful. Also, the traditional switches or the piano switches only solved the functional purpose of breaking or making the electric circuit. Gradually, there was a shift towards more designer and stylish switches. This is how they came in trend.


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What are modular switches?

They compromise modules or smaller independent slots for plug insertion, keys, and special fittings. Also, they are stylish and youth-oriented electrical products that can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Moreover, they give you the freedom of customization. As a result, you can increase or decrease the number of keys, regulators, and sockets in a modular switchboard. Therefore, you can replace the sockets with switches or vice versa. In addition to that, you can also replace or reposition the regulator slots with sockets or keys.

Also, they have hidden screws, shuttered sockets, an anti-weld design, amazing flexibility, and shock-proof properties.


Why are modular switches better than piano switches?


Modular and Non-Modular Switches
Difference between Modular and Non-modular switches.


These are made of independent units and slots. Also, unlike the piano switches, they give you the freedom to use the slots like a socket or a switch. For instance, if you don’t want a socket in the switchboard you can modify it by putting two switches in the place of one socket.

In addition to that, the modular switchboard does not have any exposed screws. Also, the modular switchboard also doesn’t use the Bakelite material that turns pale and yellow over time. On the contrary, the modular switchboard comes in beautiful designs, colour schemes, and materials.

Furthermore, the modular switch box uses a more seamless look. As a result, the modular switchboard design remains minimalistic.

The traditional switches were ‘rigid’ in their applications. As a result, they would fit into a fixed position. Modular switches, on the other hand, are more of a ‘plug & play’. Also, the positions of the keys can be changed on the modular switchboard design in a combination of switch and socket (a socket is double the size of a switch on the modular plate).

Additionally, the modular switch plate covers the screws and other fittings to make the modular switch box look compact.


What are the advantages of installing modular switches?



One of the major benefits of these types of switches is their multifunctionality. As a result, these switches are used for varied purposes such as automation, security and data transmission, signalling, and much more. Also, these switches can be used conveniently for heavy-duty applications along with daily basis appliances.



These modular electrical switches have an exponentially high aesthetic value. Also, the different types of switches come in several designs, sizes, and shapes. Moreover, they come in a diverse range of materials and colour schemes.

In addition to that, you can also find a wide variety of styles that you can use for designing switchboards that including designer switch plates, glass switch plates, colour-blocked switch plates, etc.

Also, this makes it much easier for consumers to customise products based on the vibe and ambience of their homes and offices.


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These switches are extremely safe. Also, they do not pose a risk of an electric shock. Also, these types of switches do not have metallic parts on the exteriors. High-quality plastic comes with insulating properties. Furthermore, they have child-proof sockets.


Design Versatility

There are plenty of material options in all types of switches. Also, they come in unique switch plates such as coloured, plastic, wooden, or glass. Moreover, you can get them customized to suit the needs of your interiors.



Most the types of switches are made of redundant materials. Therefore, they are recyclable and eco-friendly.


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Multi-plug support

Even after the primary installation of your switch is done, you can still very easily change and set the new orientation of switches and end up with no need for country-specific adapters. Also, it is because of the flexibility of these types of switches allow you to connect all kinds of plugs.


Which are the brands for the best modular switches in India?

Although the electric modular switches offer great functionality in themselves, if you go for the best modular switch brands in India, you will find even better designs and efficiency.

Therefore, we present to you the brands that sell the best modular switches in India.


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Anchor  Modular Switches

The brand offers the most innovative and designer electrical modular switches. Also, Anchor understands the needs of the Indian market. Also, the brand offers modular switches Anchor since 1963. As a result, modular switches Anchor remains one of the largest brands in India.

Also, the Anchor Penta modular switches come in an amazing glossy white finish. Moreover, these Anchor Penta modular switches make ideal switches for minimalistic spaces.


Goldmedal  Modular Switches

Goldmedal came into existence in 1979. Henceforth, the brand has been manufacturing excellent Goldmedal modular switches. Also, the Goldmedal modular switches come in a wide range such as Nixon, Air, I-feel, etc.



A global expert in electrical modular switches, Legrand offers one of the most amazing ranges of electrical products. Also, from Legrand modular switches to wiring, home automation, lighting, and much more, the brand offers everything.


Havells Modular Switches

The brand Havells pioneered the trend of exclusive showrooms for electrical switches. Havells; therefore, makes electrical solutions and switches with great precision and detail. Moreover, the wide variety of products such as Havells modular switches, wirings, LED lights, etc. make the brand a one-stop destination for all electrical solutions.


Philips  Modular Switches

The brand Philips manufactures smart electrical solutions for homes and commercial buildings. As a result, Philips remains one of the most innovative and ideal electrical solutions of all time.

Moreover, Philips offers a wide range of affordable and versatile electrical switches.


CONA  Modular Switches

A brand that’s synonymous with excellent quality and a wide range of products. Also, CONA offer amazing safety and durability. Furthermore, CONA makes affordable electricals.


What are the different types of switches and their prices?

Now that we have established the functional superiority of these switches, let us find out the different types of switches. Also, the materials used in the different types of switches make them a valuable addition to the interior design of the home or office.


Classic Modular Switches

modular switches
Classic Switches


They are clear-shaped, and subtle in colour. Additionally, they are an affordable alternative to traditional switches in terms of functionality. Also, they give a streamlined design and elegant colours. In addition to that, they give the classic feel required.



Best Brands in India and modular switches price list:

Brand Price Range
Anchor modular switches  Rs. 50- Rs. 395
Gold Medal switches Rs. 20- Rs. 300
Havells modular switches Rs. 50- Rs. 450
Legrand modular switches Rs. 35- Rs. 200
Schneider modular switches Rs. 30- Rs. 170
Great White switches Rs. 18- Rs. 132


Metallic Modular Switches

metallic modular switches
Metallic switches


The metallic touch truly gives the feel of luxury to these types of switches. Moreover, the appearance of these types of switches is evocative of the far-Eastern taste for a brighter life. Also, they are identified from their shiny luxurious look. Moreover, they come in various colour combinations such as Gold with Graphite accessories, Mint Green with Graphite accessories and Cava with Graphite accessories.


Best Brands in India and modular switch price list:

Brand Price Range
Great White modular switches (Metallic plate) Rs. 175- Rs. 700
Havells modular switches (Metallic plate) Rs.500-Rs.1000
Anchor modular switches (Metallic plate) Rs. 1400
Gold Medal modular switches (Metallic plate)  Rs. 1188


Minimalistic Modular Switches


minimalistic modular switches
Get seamlessness with minimalistic switches.


Minimalism is the latest trend. So, from minimalistic kitchen designs to minimalistic outdoors, it has become a favourite décor style. Also, many brands in India manufacture minimalistic electrical fittings that have fresh geometry, subtle colour schemes, and simplicity in terms of angles.

Great White switches without support-frame are luxurious and minimalistic. Also, their price range varies from Rs. 600 to Rs. 3000.

Furthermore, Anchor has launched a new range of minimalistic switches called “ZIVA”. These affordable switches cost Rs. 28.

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Wooden  Modular Switches


types of switch - wooden switch


So, if we talk about an evergreen interior trend, ironically, wood stays unbeatably on top. Moreover, wooden switches look luxuriously posh. In addition to that, if you are going for a natural interior look, wooden switches are just the right product for you.


Best Brands in India and their price range:

Brand Price Range
Great White switches (wood finish plate) Rs. 175- Rs. 700
Gold Medal modular switches (wood finish plate) Rs. 550
Anchor modular switches (wood finish plate) Rs. 900


Coloured  Modular Switches


Coloured plates
Red, purple, and yellow colour plates for switches.


So, what better than having a switch that matches the colour of your room? Also, you can match the colour or can give contrast to the paint in your room. These are also available with many colour combinations to give a modern look.


Best Brands in India and their price range:

Brand Price
Great White switches (coloured) Rs. 90
Havells modular switches (coloured) Rs. 100
Legrand switches (coloured) Rs. 110
Schneider switches (coloured) Rs. 80


Modular SwitchBoard Price

The modular switchboard price depends on a lot of factors such as the number of keys, material, brand, and so on. However, we have categorized the following range of modular switchboard prices for you.


Sr. No. Modular SwitchBoard Brand Modular SwitchBoard Price
1. Anchor modular switchboard price Rs. 18- Rs. 450/piece
2. Havells modular switchboard for switches price Rs. 17- Rs. 450/piece
3. Legrand modular switchboard price Rs. 57- Rs. 1,180/piece
4. GM switchboard Rs. 21- Rs. 360/piece


What are the innovations  in modular switches?

Although the switch is in itself an innovative electrical fitting, it has evolved quite a bit. Moreover, these innovative types of switches are much preferred by everyone for their uniqueness, easy usage, and class.


Silent Switches


Silent solution


The silent switches work on silent technology. Moreover, they do not make the clicking sound on pressing the keys. Therefore, you get independence from the on and off the sound.

Furthermore, the price range of these modular switches and switchboards varies from Rs. 40 to Rs. 600


Touchscreen Switches


Touchscreen automation solution
Legrand touch switches


The touch switches bring no clicks and clacks. Moreover, they come without buttons. In addition to that, their touchscreen looks beautifully hi-tech. Furthermore, the beautiful design adds a tint of technology to your home.


Touchscreen modular switch price list:

Sr. No.  Brand Price List
1. Walnut Innovations touchscreen switches Rs. 2500
2. Havells Crabtree touchscreen switches Rs. 3387


Remote Operated Switches


Remote-operated modular Switches
Black and Gold remote-operated switches.


These innovative remote-operated smart switches are literally at your fingertips. Thus, you don’t have to get up to turn off the lights or switch on the television. Also, the switches do not get fingerprint marks. Hence, they retain their newness and shine for a long period of time.


Remote-operated modular switch price list:

Sr. No.  Brand Price List
1. Legrand remote-control electrical switches Rs. 8444
2. Carolight remote-operated switches Rs. 3299


Automated Switches


automated switch
Switches for home automation.



The technology-driven automated switches allow home automation and building automation feasibly. Moreover, they let you control the automated systems in your house or building. Also, automated switches are extremely effective home automation tools.


Home automated modular switch price list:


Sr. No.  Brand Modular Switch Price List
1. Legrand automated electrical switches Rs. 8500
2. Carolight remote-operated automated switches Rs. 2000
3. Anchor Roma smart digital switches Rs. 5200


Sensor Switches


Legrand PIR Sensor
Legrand PIR Sensor for home automation.


The PIR motion sensor conveniently lets you operate the switch without having to touch it. Moreover, these electrical switches detect the human body’s infrared and use it to control the device. Also, they automatically turn on and off the light according to the direction of your movement.

These types of electrical switches have gained overnight popularity since there is a shift in the world’s dynamics after the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Also, motion sensor switches were already in use in commercial buildings as a part of building automation. But now, they are becoming a part of home automation as well. Legrand switches with motion sensors cost Rs.9000 and above.


In what way do Modular Switches contribute to Home Automation and Building Automation?


They hold great importance when it comes to home automation and building automation. Also, when we speak about lighting control, occupancy sensors, or smart appliances, switches become a part of everything by default. Also, when they are connected with other accessories such as dimmers, regulators, etc. they provide basic home automation.

However, using the automated switches gives you advanced control over your home automation and building automation systems. As a result, you can manage your house from a single point where the automated switch is installed.

Moreover, if you get an advanced automated switch, it comes with potential damage and warning alerts. Therefore, you can also get a proactive repair. This is a great advantage.


Top modular switch & switch plate recommendations


GM Modular Four-Five 16AX Ziano(Broad Switches)

GM Modular Four-Five 16AX Ziano(Broad Switches)





Cona Smyle Cuatro 1 Way Modular Switches

Cona Smyle Cuatro 1 Way Modular Switches
B U Y  H E R E


Tata Power EZ Home WiFi Smart Touch Panel Switch



Crabtree Athena / Amare Grey Modular 10A Two Way Switch

Crabtree Athena / Amare Grey Modular 10A Two Way Switch

Havells 4M Outer Deco Art Plate


B U Y  H E R E


Schneider Opale – 3 Module Universal Grid & Cover Plate

schneider mulberry plate

B U Y  H E R E


Crabtree 18 M Cover Plate Misty Silver

crabtree silver plate

B U Y  H E R E


GreatWhite Myrah Switches

greatwhite myrah switches

B U Y  H E R E


Legrand Myrius Nextgen Plate+Frame 8M Trinity

legrand myriah

B U Y  H E R E



Today, architects have to comply with the changing trends so that their designs are classy, neat and contemporary.

Thus, to achieve this objective, architects and designers require products that are not just in line with the latest trends but also support the new design language of minimalism.

Also, one such product – an electrical switch – is not just beautiful but is highly functional as well.

So, this guide attempted to help the industry professionals familiarize themselves with various aspects of these electrical switches.

Moreover, after having gone through the detailed coverage that included – the meaning, their different types, brands, modular switches price, advantages, innovations and their role in building automation, we expect that the users would benefit immensely.

So, not only will they get the right knowledge to make informed decisions, but will also save time looking for the right information.

If you want to buy top-quality modular switches and switchboards from the best brands, click on the link given below to check your options and submit your inquiries:


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