Only the best is acceptable when it comes to electrical fittings and appliances, they are the heart of any building. So any compromise with them can be fatal, thus a lot of attention should be paid to its quality and installation. The power-supply system of the building is a fundamental and one-time investment. Also the correct fittings and appliances will make your life so much better. So we are here to help you shop the best electrical materials and tools from the leading companies.

The quality is most important when it comes to an electrical item. The quality determines item’s life as well as its performance. Another factor that can’t be missed is the energy consumption of the accessories. We certainly don’t want big electricity bills and never-ending repair costs!


Electrical fittings like switch, wire, fuse, MCB from top brands at wholesale price.
Tools and components for residential electrical installations.

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Types of Electrical fittings


Electrical wires is the nerve system of a building. Because they are the most crucial part of the electrical apparatus. Also a fine quality wire can bear consistent current and consequently reduces the chances of any accidents or circuit failure.


This is the component that connects and disconnects the path of the current. In recent years the focus is not only on its function and performance but also on its design. Find the perfect electrical switch for your home or industrial use from top brands offering modular and smart touch switches. 


It is an electrical safety device that breaks the circuit in case of overloading of current. It’s a saviour for all electrical materials and appliances connected to the circuit.


It is fundamental in every circuitry. It safeguards you and your home from any mishaps like overload or short circuit. 


These are bundled wires used to carry current and connect two or more devices. Refined engineering has produced advanced hybrid cables. These are gaining popularity in the market due to their merits of better bandwidth and long-distance transmission.

Plugs and sockets

These are basic yet important tools that are part of our daily life. A plug is a movable connector with pins attached to an appliance. The socket is fixed to equipment or building. Use a high-quality plug and socket to maintain the and stability of the electric circuit.

Electrical brands in India

 These companies offer, online or in electrical shops near you to avail quality products that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket or your wall.

  1. Havells
  2. Hafele
  3. Legrand
  4. Anchor by Panasonic
  5. Bajaj
  6. Wipro
  7. Surya 
  8. Philips
  9. Crompton
  10. Schneider

Make your homes and offices energy-efficient with the right electrical fittings and appliances from assorted brands at wholesale prices.

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