Electrical cables are the basic unit of every electrical system. Moreover, they are the invisible veins supplying power to our homes. So, it remains such an essential electrical accessory that it’s hard to imagine our life without them. Thus, you must use only the correct type and size. Purchasing for them can remain confusing as they come in many options ranging from 3 core to fibre optics cables that remain available by numerous electrical companies. So, find all things you need to know to buy quality cables at the best price here.

Electrical cables are nothing but a cluster of wires. These are used for distributing larger amounts of electricity or telecommunication signals. Also, safety and durability remain priority factors. Thus, these electrical cords are designed to endure consistent current. They also prevent fire hazards in case of a short circuit.


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Types of Cables

Various types and sizes are offered by different electrical companies. So, choose the right one according to your requirement.

Twisted Pair cables

These are two electrical cords braided together. Signal transmission systems use them. Also, they remain suitable for telecommunications.

Multi-conductor cables

These have two or more conductors and find use in instrumentation, communications, etc. Also, you can categorize them based on conductors. Most popular in household use are 3 core and 4 core cords.

  • 3 core electrical cables find use in connecting appliances such as lamps or extensions to the power outlet sockets.
  • 4 core electrical cords find use in analogue and digital signals as well as power distribution. Also, they remain in popular use for electrical appliances.

Coaxial cables

These comprise a solid conductor surrounded axially with a foil conductor. So, they remain widely used for TV cords.

Fibre optics cables

They have excellent bandwidth. Thus, these remain capable of transmitting large amounts of data, so, popular for telecommunication and data networking.


Leading brands in India

Order online or find these trusted companies in stores near you for the finest quality electrical cables at the best price.

  1. Polycab
  2. Finolex
  3. Hafele
  4. Havells
  5. Anchor by Panasonic
  6. Legrand
  7. Wipro
  8. Bajaj
  9. Syska
  10. KEI 

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