Havells 4+1 CCTV Cable 90 M


Flexibility, safety, security and a high quality performance Designed keeping the market standards in mind with all the parameters confining between the industrial ranges, the CCTV cables from Havells are the most advanced you’ll ever find. This bunch of wires is an amalgamation of safety and reliability combines with longevity. These wires are also non-toxic, fire resistant and fire retardant. Made by India’s leading wire manufacturers, they outperform any other product available in the market. Havells CCTV Cables can be used in multiple applications in different locations according to the need.



  • Cables design- Havells CCTV cables are Designed & manufactured with best raw materials available world wide to transmit the complete & finest video frequency range, making them an excellent choice for CCTV.
  • Picture quality along with power supply- Havells CCTV cables construction is consist of a RG-59 Coaxial Cu. Cables to ensure distortion or attenuation Free video signals and thus a clear picture over complete low frequency bandwidth of transmission and 3 “cores” are made of Annealed Tinned flexible Cu. conductor for proper solding/ jointing with CCTV camera & video equipment to ensure adequate “CURRENT” power supply to the equipment’s.


Product Description


  • Application- Required to connect CCTV cameras to transfer Video & audio Signals along with power.
  • Type- Camera Cables
  • Size- 4 + 1

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