Every home is special and so is every part that makes a home. One such significant part of our homes are electrical switches. We might not even notice how often we use them, which remains an underestimated part of our homes and offices. To simply put, it is an electronic device that is used to break or make the electronic circuit. Whilst the building process we rarely pay attention to them and end up purchasing them in a hurry, but we got you. So check this guide for you to select the right switch for your modular-smart homes at wholesale price from top brands.


Switch to smart and modular switches at best price from top brands.
ON/OFF to intelligent living.

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Types of switches

One-way (single-pole) electrical switches

They are the most common ones in household use. They control lights, fans, or other devices from a single location. It has simple ON and OFF markings. 

Two-way (double-pole) electrical switches

These are connected to two separate electric circuits. They essentially contain 2 switches that remain linked together and can complete the circuit either simultaneously or staggered. 

Light dimmer switches

They are equipped with the power to adjust the voltage capacity of any lighting system. So that you can turn the light in varying subtle shades as per your convenience and requirement

Bell push switches

As the name itself suggest these are used dominantly for doorbell or alarm systems. The non-latching feature cause makes changes in the state of the circuit only while the switch remains physically operated.

Smart switches

They are all that you need for your smart home to ensure comfort with style. These not only let you control your appliances with a feather touch panel but also add to the style quotient of your walls. 



The following brands make the smartest modular, functional, durable, energy-efficient, and price-effective electrical switches.

  1. Anchor by Panasonic
  2. Havells
  3. Hafele 
  4. Legrand
  5. Goldmedal
  6. GM Modular
  7. Schneider
  8. Bajaj electricals
  9. Surya
  10. Wipro

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