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Anchor – The 5 decade old “SuperBrand” is a synonym for switch. Innovation and Designing Excellence is what Anchor has been bringing straight to the home and business premises right from 1963. In the year 1976, it gave the nation its first Piano Switch. Be it Ave Sistema 44 at the helm of the luxury modular, Vision with technological excellence Woods and Roma Viola with stupefying finish in the premium modular, its aim to deliver the best has enabled it to constantly occupy the ‘Numero Uno’ position for Switch manufacturing excellence in India. With several brands like Roma, Roma Allure, Rider and Penta, it has hallmarked its position straight to the heart of the nation. Its accessories range includes a wide variety of Door Bells, Spike Guards, Flexi cords, Plug Tops and Multi plugs.


The ability to bring a sense of security, quality and affordability drives Anchor to bring not just products but simplistic solutions that change for the better, suiting the customer’s requirements.


Product Description


Thea’s approach to design communes with modular concept in the luxury segment. Thea Luxury Modular Switches, Sockets & Accessories include:


Thea Modular USB Charger


A new period for charging without adapter starts with Thea Modular USB charger in hotel, home, office. Meet Thea Modular USB charger and get rid of the excesses. Thea Modular USB charger introduces you the direct charging comfort through USB cable without adapter. On the other side, 2 separate devices can be simultaneously charged with 5V 2A power output and 2 USB socket output of Thea Modular USB charger.


Thea Modular RCA Connector


New member of Thea family, Thea Modular RCA Connector eliminates the stress of searching for input on the devices for audio and image transfers. Now it’s easier and more comfortable to connect to the device whatever you want with Thea Modular RCA Connector.


Thea Modular HDMI Connector


New modular HDMI module of Thea family brings the facilities to your office, meeting room, hotel or home. Thanks to Thea Modular HDMI Connector, you will meet the comfort of making the connection to projection device, computer or television from the closest and single point and you will get rid of the extra cables causing visual pollution. The only thing to do for that is to make connection inside the wall to Thea Modular HDMI Connector from the device required for HDMI connection.


Thea Modular VGA Connector


What about making VGA connections over the socket on your wall? Insert VGA cable to the new Thea Modular VGA Connector and start the image transfer within seconds.


Thea Modular USB Connector


Stop searching for USB input on the television or screen with Thea Modular USB Connector! USB connection that you seek for all of your documents to reflect on the screen from your device in hotel, meeting room or home is as close as Thea Modular USB Connector socket on your wall. Mount Thea Modular USB Connector on the closest accessible point and make the necessary connection to the device you want to use from the modular set. Remove all challenges and obstacles from your life with Thea.


A forward-looking perspective on modular design: Thea Luxury Modular Switches, Sockets & Accessories



An exclusive and rich range of modular frame options provided by Ultima, Sistema and Optima models steer the decorations.


Cover Plate / Rocker

Different colored switching modules are distinctively combined in Italian style to appeal to those having a hard time to choose.


Modular Mechanism

Modular mechanisms developed for switch, socket, TV/DATA, dimmer, electronic products depending on use serve for the maximum satisfaction of the users.


Modular Wallbox and Mounting Frames

Halogen Free modular boxes suitable for walls varying as concrete and drywall and mounting frames suitable for use draw the borders of impeccability of modular series.


Brand Info

Anchor by Panasonic

Anchor by Panasonic
Thea Modular Switch Range


Anchor by Panasonic is one of the largest players in the Indian electrical wires, switches, lighting and home automation market. Brand Anchor has been a household name for switches and sockets since 1960s. Now it is part of the Japanese multinational – Panasonic and operates in India under the company name Panasonic Life Solutions India (PLSI). The product categories offered the company include:

  • Wiring Devices – Switches, Sockets, Accessories and Home Automation
  • Wires, Cables & Tapes
  • Water Heaters (Geysers)
  • Lighting Products
  • Fans
  • Electrical Conduits
  • Power Tools
  • Modular Kitchens



The company has been at the forefront of innovations across all the above categories it operates in.


Anchor by Panasonic Customer Care Number: +91 22 4130 4130


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