Arancia Kuchen Acacia Wooden Kitchen

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Lend your kitchen that deep mystic magic of wood with Acacia by Arancia Kuchen.  Wrapped in mesmerizing shades of wood, with splashes on contemporary designs and equipped with sturdy yet stunning functional fittings. Acacia promises to infuse every inch of your kitchen with the same warmth that you have in your heart.


Product Description

Arancia Kuchen Acacia wooden kitchen – colour/ design options:

  • Cortina
  • Alba
  • Firenze
  • Positano
  • Sorento
  • Trieste

Each of the above option comes with following further options:


  • Curved door
  • Curved door with glass
  • Flat door
  • Flat door with glass
  • Flat door with grill


Other kitchen options based on different materials:


  • Ceramic
  • Ronce
  • Charme
  • Armoise
  • Argentine
  • Concors

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Brand Info

Arancia Kuchen

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