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Godrej SKIDO kitchen organisers and storage solutions, kitchen drawer fittings

Since its inception, Godrej Kitchen Fittings and Solutions has stood as the epitome of reliability and innovation in Indian households. Dedicated to enhancing the functionality and safety of kitchens across the nation, the brand offers a wide array of cutting-edge products designed to optimize space utilization and streamline kitchen operations, catering to the multifaceted expectations of the modern Indian kitchen user.

About the Product

Smart Kitchen Drawers and Organisers (SKIDO), the kitchen storage solutions range from Godrej, is crafted after deep research into Indian kitchens and meets the unique demands of Indian kitchens. These innovative fittings save space, time, and effort, boost productivity and enhance the overall elegance of the kitchen environment.

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Product Description

A revolution for kitchen storage, Smart Kitchen Drawers and Organisers, (SKIDO), by Godrej, is a range of drawers and organisers designed and engineered specially for the Indian kitchen. A design innovation, the range is customisable and scalable. It creates space, increases your productivity, and saves time and energy, with its intelligent and elegant organisation.

Some of the product range from Godrej SKIDO has been patented such as: Jars and bottle organisers, thali organiser, fry pan organiser, wok/Kadhai organiser, kitchen container organiser, Super Slideout pantry unit, Super corner solution, Super swing corner, and super under sink trash bin.

Flexible in application, SKIDO Organisers are compatible with both wire baskets as well as Ergo boxes.

Key features of Godrej SKIDO kitchen organisers and storage solutions

Godrej SKIDO kitchen organisers and storage solutions, kitchen drawer fittings

SKIDO Cutlery Organiser

1. Neat display: SKIDO Cutlery Organiser ensures tidy display and easy access to your cutlery.

2. Adjustable compartments: Customise organisation according to your needs with flexible compartments.

3. Removable and washable: Effortlessly remove and wash the organiser to keep utensils neatly arranged.

SKIDO Cup and Saucer Organiser

1. Space optimisation: SKIDO Cup and Saucer Organiser by Godrej maximises space by efficiently organising mugs, soup bowls, and containers for tea, coffee, and sugar.

2. Vertical storage: Innovative design utilises vertical storage space, doubling the cup storage capacity.

3. Easy-to-carry tray: Includes an additional tray for effortless transportation and organisation of cups and saucers.

SKIDO Thali Organiser

1. The SKIDO Thali Organiser comes with a tab-like component (thali separator) that press-fits into the wire drawer.

2. The thali separator can slide on the wire guides and stops thalis from rolling and rattling.

3. It makes space for serving glasses which are mostly used in tandem with thalis.

SKIDO Fry Pan Organiser

1. Unique design: Designed to hold any size of pan handles in a flexible, soft-touch holder while stored in a drawer.

2. Efficient storage: Maximises storage space by organising pans and their handles in a compact manner.

3. Easy access: Allows for effortless access to pans when needed, enhancing convenience in the kitchen.

4. Prevents damage: Prevents entangling of pan handles and safeguards pans from chipping and scratching.

SKIDO Kadhai / Wok Organiser

1. Vertical placement: Organises kadhais/woks vertically for efficient space utilization, accommodating all sizes effectively.

2. Easy access: Facilitates easy access to kadhais/woks, saving time and effort in the kitchen.

3. Minimises noise: Reduces rattling noise commonly experienced when storing multiple kadhais/woks, providing a quieter kitchen environment.

SKIDO Container Organiser

1. Smart segregation: Features smartly designed flaps for segregating containers by size, optimising storage space.

2. Easy selection: Facilitates quick and easy selection of containers, saving time and effort during meal preparation.

3. Flexibility: Offers flexibility in arranging containers according to individual preferences and needs, ensuring a customisable organisation system.

SKIDO Jars and Bottles Organiser

1. Versatile arrangement: Allows easy arrangement of a variety of kitchen products with three trays, promoting orderliness and neatness.

2. Vertical space utilisation: Specialises in utilising vertical space within the drawer, maximising storage capacity.

3. Convenient tray: Features an easy-to-carry tray that can be utilised to transport masalas and other items to the cooking area, enhancing convenience in the kitchen.

Super Slideout Pantry

1. Instant visibility: The unique cascading design ensures instant visibility of stored items, making it easy to locate what you need.

2. Easy access: With its sliding mechanism, the Super Slideout provides easy access to stored items, eliminating the need to search through shelves.

3. Smarter space utilisation: Maximising space efficiency, the Super Slideout optimises storage capacity by utilising vertical space effectively.

4. Varied drawer heights: Varied heights helps to organise the items conveniently according to their heights for efficient space utilisation.

Super Corner Solution and the Super Swing Corner

1. Easy access: Both the Super Corner Solution and the Super Swing Corner are designed to facilitate easy access, allowing users to retrieve items stored in kitchen corners effortlessly.

2. Customisation: These solutions offer customisation options for corner storage, ensuring that every square inch of corner space in your kitchen is utilised effectively.

3. Optimised corner space: By utilising innovative design features, the Super Corner Solution and Super Swing Corner maximise the use of corner space, providing efficient storage solutions for kitchens of all sizes.

Super Undersink Solution

1. Customisable design: The Super Undersink Solution is tailored to accommodate a range of undersink space formats, offering customisation to meet different needs.

2. Space utilisation: By making the most of the often-underused space under the sink for storage purposes, this solution maximises space utilisation.

3. Easy and hygienic trash bin usage: The Super Undersink Solution’s touch-free operation provides easy access to the trash bin while maintaining hygienic standards, improving user convenience and kitchen cleanliness.

Perfect Grain Storage

1. Easy and ergonomic usage: The Perfect Grain Storage solution by Godrej is designed for effortless handling and accessibility. As a result, it guarantees that storing and retrieving grains will be user-friendly.

2. Greater space efficiency: By optimising the layout and organisation of grain storage, this solution maximises space efficiency. So, it allows the storage of more grains in a compact area.

3. Preserves freshness: Airtight lid with food grade silicon gasket protects contents from moisture and contamination.

All in all, the SKIDO range of kitchen storage solutions from Godrej are design innovations that unlock greater accessibility, ease of use, visibility, space utilisation and aesthetics for Indian kitchens.

Contact Details:

  • Toll-Free Number: 1800 209 5511
  • WhatsApp Number: 9321665511
  • Email: locksmkt@godrej.com

Brand Info

Godrej Locks & Architectural Fittings and Systems

At Godrej Locks & Architectural Fittings and Systems, we create innovative, path-breaking and high-quality solutions for modern living. Our finely crafted products, including locking solutions, kitchen storage, and architectural hardware, result from meticulous research, engineering expertise, and a profound understanding of evolving consumer preferences.


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As ‘safety guardians’ of the nation since 1897, Godrej Locks continues to be the leader in cutting-edge locking solutions. Through relentless technological innovation and a comprehensive range of locking solutions, Godrej Locks aims to ensure the safety of all Indian homes and businesses.


Godrej kitchen fittings


Godrej Kitchen Fittings and Systems, on the other hand, brings excellence to the arena of kitchen storage and hardware. With innovative and original designs, superior materials, and craftsmanship, this range of Godrej kitchen fittings solutions is the smart answer to the unique needs of all Indian kitchens. Moreover, it is designed to meet the preferences of people from all around the world.


Godrej furniture fittings comprises of wardrobe hinges and drawer channels


Godrej Architectural Fittings and Systems (AFS) champions quality and excellence in the field of architectural hardware and furniture fittings. Seamlessly blending functionality, durability and aesthetics, Godrej AFS offers full-spectrum solutions that straddle a wide range of applications, environments and styles. Our products hold fire-rated status and meet international quality standards like UL Rating, EN Rating, and CE certification.

Solutions remain exceptionally safe and robust, simple to install and run, and adaptable to meet the requirements of varied applications.


Product Range


  1. Main door locks
  2. Shutter and grill gate lock
  3. Furniture locks
  4. Bathroom locks
  5. Heavy-duty baggage locks
  6. Hotel Digital Locking Solution



  1. Furniture fittings
  2. Door controls
  3. Glass Hardware
  4. Door fittings



  1. Slim Ergo (Drawer System)
  2. SKIDO organizer
  3. Universal SKIDO organizer
  4. Super SKIDO organizer
  5. Lift up solution
  6. Basket
  7. Pullout
  8. Tall unit
  9. Pantry unit
  10. Corner solutions


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Godrej Locks & Architectural Fittings and Systems – Company Contact Details:

  • Toll-Free Number: 1800 209 5511
  • WhatsApp Number: 9321665511
  • Email: Locksmkt@godrej.com


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