Havells 32 A DP Switch

Havells 32 A DP Switch

Havells is one of the leading electrical good companies. It manufactures several products such as cables, wires, motors, industrial, commercial, and residential circuit protection devices, modular switches, fans, electric water heaters and much more. Havells 32 A DP are modular switches for a perfect home and building automation.

About the product

Havells 32 A DP Switch is an ideal modular switch. It is developed with robust design and technology and design. The ISI Marked switch is fireproof and shockproof.

Price: MRP Rs.539

Product Description

Havells 32 A DP Switch have good Specifications and is available at the best price.

  1. The product comes in a dust-free glossy finish.
  2. Havells 32 A DP Switch has a pure white colour.
  3. The switch is made up of UV Stabilized polycarbonate material. As a result, it ensures no discolouration for a lifetime.
  4. Lifetime endurance for more than 100000 operations.
  5. The silver cadmium oxide contact offers high conductivity.
  6. DP switch Comes with anti-weld properties.
  7. Its extruded brass terminals prevent heating and offer high conductivity.
  8. The liberal terminal hole size accepts twin wire looping.
  9. The Connections can be made with multi-strand, flexible, and solid wires.
  10. The electrical product arc shied stays invisible with a double rocker.
  11. The fire retardant switch has passed the 850-degree glow wire test.
  12. Switches Come with a fireproof mechanism.
  13. Amperes: 32 A
  14. Voltage: 240 V
  15. DP switch price starts from Rs.481 and 32 A switch cost Rs.539
  16. UV stabilized: Yes
  17. Fr grade: Yes
  18. It has Dome-shaped moving contact
  19. Flathead fixed to provide positive contact
  20. The rocker profile offers a lever effect to enhance contact pressure
  21. Springs special steel springs to provide consistent contact pressure
  22. Material grade:  PolyCarbonate
  23. Dp switch fully conforms to IS-3854-1997
  24. All switches are ISI marked
  25. It is fire retardant and has a fireproof mechanism
  26. It has AgCdO contacts and brass terminals

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