All beautiful homes require a solid foundation for them to stand strong for a long time. But how can we protect the home that is our protector? The solution is to use the best wires for all electrical fittings in our homes and offices. We can say that they are the arteries of our houses, so all you need for a healthy electrical system is to buy the best quality copper wires from top brands at a great price.

Be it any type of setting indoors or outdoor, wires are the topmost priority for a smooth electricity supply. For optimal electrical safety, each of them has to be installed carefully. They are attached from the fuse box to the appliances and fixtures. Purchase of them can be an overwhelming experience, as the market is flooded with thousands of brands and types. Here is a guide for you to find the right wire suitable for your requirement.



Electrical copper wire from best brands at wholesale prices
Strong arteries for your buildings.

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Important cautions

  • Worn out or old ones must be replaced with new ones immediately to avoid any hazards.
  • They must be fixed with safety closures.
  • Attention must be paid since each one has a specific application and function.
  • Purchase wires with high-quality copper and insulated with a flame retardant (FR) PVC compound and safety covering to avoid damage and sparks.
  • Make sure it is ISI marked and approved by FIA/TAC. 


Types of wires

Broadly there are two categories based on composition and application:

Solid wires

They are single-stranded and consist of one piece of metal thread and is used where there is little need for flexibility. These can further be classified as bare or insulated.

Stranded wires

They are composed of several small copper threads bundled or wrapped together to form a larger conductor. It is more flexible than solid wire and dominates the electrical market due to its versatile application.

Colour-coding for wires

A standard colour-coding in the manufacturing is followed to indicate a particular function, In India, we follow the RGB code where R stands for Red, G stands for Green and B stands for Black.

  • Red colour denoted live wire.
  • Black colour denotes neutral wire.
  • Green denotes signifies earthing.


Best brands in India

We have prepared a list of the market-leading brands that make the safest and durable wires with superior quality copper to suit the needs of a diverse customer base.

  1. Polycab
  2. Havells
  3. Finolex
  4. Hafele 
  5. Syska 
  6. KEI Cables
  7. Bajaj 
  8. Anchor by Panasonic
  9. Legrand
  10. Wipro 

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