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Havells India Limited is a leading Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) Company and a major power distribution equipment manufacturer with a strong global presence. Havells caters to a wide variety of products, establishing market dominance while manufacturing industrial and domestic circuit protection devices, cables & wires, motors, fans, air conditioners, electric water heaters, and water filtration systems. The Havells Fire Survival cables are the safest bet for any of your electrical equipment.

About the Product:

The need of ensuring the safe operation of critical circuits is essential in today’s installations. Normal cables used in such installations render useless in fire incidences. Havells has now developed a special type “Fire Survival Cables” through research. These cables – also known as CIRCUIT INTEGRITY CABLES & are designed to sustain the high temperatures for a defined minimum period of time under direct fire.

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Product Description

Havells cables are useful to continue their power during the period of fire. The making of these cables is different if compared with other cables. Moreover, a special heat barrier and fire-resistant material stop the fire to reach the surface in the fire survival cable. For this reason, the cable continues to remain working at high temperatures like 650°C, 750°C, and 950°C.


The special features of these Havells cables include:

  • Application- Fire prone areas
  • Made for Critical Fitting – Airports, Thermal Power Plants, Metro Rail Projects, Rail Terminals, Nuclear, Interstate Bus Terminals and  Products Prone to Fire
  • Constituents- The materials of Havells FS cable include:
  1. Annealed Plain Copper Conductor
  2. Heat Barrier
  3. Cross-Linked Polyethylene
  4. Galvanised Steel Armour and,
  5. ZHLS-Zero Halogen & Low Smoke Material

The ZHLS also makes sure of least smoke and hence increased light passage during the burning of cables. The circuit depth of HAVELLS FS cables at high temperatures also remains the same for the time period as necessary.


The best quality wires made by Havells.

Additionally, the common features of the Havells wires include:

Energy Efficient Cables: The Fire survival cable provide the highest level of conductivity in the world at 101% copper.

Low Voltage Drop: Havells fire cables make sure of low voltage drop to increase supply energy.

Short-Circuit Protection: Fire survival wires make sure of better quality as well as to stop short-circuit due to wiring.

Higher Strength: Havells has an in-house PVC unit. PVC is mixed to offer high strength.

Higher Convey Of Heat: Higher heat gets dissolve in Havells technology. This also helps Havells cables to carry more current in overload.

Water Proof and UV: Fire survival cables are resistant to water and ultraviolet radiation, thereby the life and safety of the fire survival wires also become better.


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  • M: +91-9967632127
  • Email: support@buildingandinteriors.com

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