Post-pandemic homes and offices are all about safe, sustainable, and smart life and we are here for it. Electrical plugs and sockets may seem small and unimportant tools but are a very significant part of your fast pace digital lifestyle. Also, a high-quality electrical plug is a must for the security and stability of the electric circuit and electronics. Now is the time to take a plunge in next-generation smart home accessories and update to smart plugs, choose from wide price ranges and types from trusted brands.

A plug is a movable connector with pins attached to an electrical appliance. The socket is fixed to equipment or building so every electrical appliance you own is of no use without them.


smart plugs and socket from top brands at wholesale price
Intelligent homes with smart electrical fittings.

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What is a smart plug?

Smart plugs and sockets are tools that make any ordinary appliance intelligent. It can be connected with a control feature on your mobile screens with help of WiFi. Some of these smart fittings also allow you to schedule power off and on for any desired appliance. So you’ll never have to overcharge your mobile phones. You can even connect some of them with voice assistants and turn appliances on or off with simple voice commands. Possibilities with smart plugs are endless!


Quality and Material

The old-school plugs were primarily based on function instead of something that compliments the vibe of your home décor. But with the coming of modular, smart plugs, the electrical space has completely transformed. You can pick them in various designs, materials, multi or single fittings, matching your paint and interior style themes. Only the highest quality material is acceptable to minimize the risk of fire and shocks.


Child Safety

For households with children, electrical fittings are no joke! Buy shockproof and shuttered multi-plug sockets with child-safety features and support devices to ensure safety round the clock from the best brands.


Brands to buy from

Get your hands on the safest, smartest, and stylish plugs and sockets of all types from top brands listed below at wholesale price!

  1. Anchor by Panasonic
  2. Havells
  3. Hafele 
  4. Legrand
  5. Gold medal
  6. GM Modular
  7. Schneider
  8. Bajaj
  9. Surya
  10. Wipro
  11. Crompton

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