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Crabtree XPRO Switchgear Accessories _ Shunt Trip


Crabtree is one of the popular brands for the best quality switches and switchgear in the market. It manufactures aesthetically designed products, using state-of-the-art technology backed by years of expertise. Crabtree offers some of the most modern automation products, switchgear and circuit breaker accessories at the best buy prices. If we talk particularly about XPRO circuit breaker accessories, they include Shunt Trip, Auxiliary Contact for MCB, and APS Component.


Product Description


Circuit breaker plays an important role in the safety and security of the electrical devices at any given place. Buy the best quality Crabtree XPRO Circuitbreaker Accessories for your modern circuit breakers to improve their efficiency. Auxiliary Contact is basically an attachment used for Signalling, Indication, Annunciation and Interlocking. APS Component is another important part of circuit breaker accessories by Crabtree. Shunt Trip (factory fitted) is a crucial attachment used for remote tripping.


Crabtree XPRO Circuitbreaker accessories are specifically designed for the modern discerning users. Get an XPRO Auxiliary Contact, APS Component and Shunt Trip (all factory fitted) according to your circuit breaker requirements and find the quality you’ve never experienced before. Buy circuit breaker accessories – Shunt Trip, APS Component and Auxiliary Contact by Crabtree XPRO – for all your MCB needs!


Shunt Trip (Factory Fitted) 48 V

  • 48 V
  • Factory Fitted

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