One of the most crucial factors that are responsible for a smooth and consistent power supply is the electrical system of your homes and offices. We all require a continuous energy supply to power all our electronic devices, so there is a need to ensure safety to bear voltage fluctuation that can turn hazardous, as a result, we use an MCB, the full form of MCB is a miniature circuit breaker. Here is a guide for you to choose the best type of MCB box and switch from top manufacturers at pocket-friendly prices.

Firstly, let’s start with the basic, miniature circuit breaker meaning an automatically-operated electrical switch box designed to protect the electrical circuit from any possible damage caused by the overload of electricity or short circuits. Its job is not only to detect a faulty condition but also to interrupt the electricity flow in case the overload reaches dangerous levels. Consequently, a good quality Miniature circuit breaker can be a protector for all your electrical fitting and appliances. 



MCB (miniature circuit breaker) at best price from top brands
Ensuring you safe and smooth electrical supply for your homes.

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Types of MCB

Three key versions are type B, type C, and type D.  Also each type is designed to be responsive to overloading and excessive heating. These variations are typically known as their ‘trip curve’ which further represents their tripping characteristics.

Type B MCB

It trips when the current load is 3 to 5 times the rated load, its most commonly used in domestic settings since its most sensitive trip curve

Type C MCB

It is designed to trip at current levels reaching 5 to 10 the rated load, its application is best suited for commercial and industrial use.

Type D MCB

It is the most heavy-duty MCB version with a tripping point as high as 20 times the rated load and application concern the large motors, X-ray machines, and welding equipment that may experience a very high surge of current.

Choosing the right MCB

Choice of the MCB depends on the specifics of your device and installation. Whilst purchasing this electrical fitting for your home and offices following key points should be checked.

  • The tripping characteristics
  • The breaking capacity 
  • The number of poles or trappable switches within the MCB box. 

The following are some of the most used load capacities for miniature circuit breakers

  • 2 amps
  • 10 amps
  • 20 amps
  • 32 amps

Best MCB brands in India

Buy MCB with top material quality and durability with versatile features from these brands to protect your homes from any possible connection failure and short circuit at wholesale price.

  1. Finolex
  2. Hafele
  3. Legrand
  4. Havells
  5. Schneider
  6. Anchor by Panasonic
  8. Wipro
  9. Bajaj electricals
  10. Siemens 

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