False ceilings: 48 modern design ideas, materials & cost (+FAQs)

False ceiling
False ceiling

Ever walked into a building and got stumped looking at its beautiful ceiling? Or mesmerized by the amazing acoustics of an auditorium? Well, that’s the magic of designer false ceilings. First used in Japan and then in England as early as the 1500s, drop ceilings are now the go-to thing for modern construction and architecture. In this article, we have covered everything you need to know about designer false ceilings, their material, price, designs, and more.




What is a false ceiling?

False ceilings are secondary ceilings that are hung below the main ceiling with the help of suspension cords or struts. These ceilings are crafted from a wide range of materials such as POP (plaster of Paris), gypsum board, asbestos sheets, particle board, aluminium panels, wood, etc. They are also known as drop ceilings, T-bar ceilings, grid ceilings, drop-out ceilings, drop-in ceilings, and suspended ceilings. These designer ceilings have gained a lot of popularity in the world of design.


Types of false ceiling materials

Designer ceilings are a must wherever exquisite interiors are concerned. They are efficient when the right materials are used.  Choosing the right material for the false ceiling depends on various factors such as room size, utility, budget, taste, false ceiling designs, and so on.  Broadly there are two types of designer ceilings based on the material’s utility, namely-


Concealed grid false ceilings

Grids or frameworks are hidden to give a clean, smooth finish. Commonly used materials for this type of false ceiling are listed below:


Gypsum false ceiling designs


gypsum for room in grey and white colour
White and grey gypsum ceiling

Image Source: Diamond metal works- Instagram


Gypsum is a soft and lightweight hydrated sulfate of calcium. The gypsum board is manufactured by mixing gypsum and water along with additives sandwiched between papers. These square boards are then supported by an iron framework from the main ceiling. Ceiling paint or ceiling wallpapers offer a classy and smooth finish to the gypsum ceiling designs.

Also, the versatile gypsum material for false ceiling designs can be used in every room, from the bathroom and bedroom to the kitchens and corridors, at the best price range. Simply pick the best gypsum ceiling designs from the wide array of choices and get going!


  • Easy to install
  • Highly durable
  • Cost-effective
  • Fire resistance
  • Sound insulator
  • Easy to innovate


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POP ceiling designs


POP in white floral pattern
White flowery POP ceiling design

Image Source: Flickr


When you increase the heat of gypsum to a certain degree, it converts into a powdered form also known as Plaster of Paris. When mixed with water, POP hardens, thus making it a versatile material for false ceilings.

Widely used in both commercial and residential places, it can be used for either creating smooth surfaces or making any particular design.  Also, POP ceiling bedroom designs are the best ceiling designs for bedrooms. POP ceiling designs come in a variety of options. 


  • Light and durable
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Highly fire resistant
  • Easy to apply
  • Gives a smooth and shiny finish.


Wooden false ceilings material


wooden false ceiling design with picture windows
Ceiling fan with wooden ceiling

Image Source: Unsplash


Although wood is an expensive material for false ceilings, sometimes you can use its natural patterns and textures. Mostly wood is applied to residential spaces as it requires frequent maintenance. So, once you have ensured that wooden ceiling design is what you need, you can pick the best wooden ceiling designs for your space.  You have an endless range of wooden ceiling designs to pick from.

Some of them are coffered ceiling designs, wooden panel ceiling designs, texture ceiling designs, suspended wooden blocks, green ceiling designs, and a lot more.


  • Can give out various finishes
  • Treatable to enhance the lifespan
  • High strength


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Exposed grid false ceilings

Here grids or frameworks are visible, and tiles or panels are fixed on the grids. Let us see the common material false ceiling:


Glass false ceilings


Glass ceiling solutions with multi-coloured wall
Grid glass ceiling for bright natural light

Image Source: Unsplash


Glass is a non-crystalline but transparent material. As it is very brittle, its usage is limited to certain purposes only. It is, however treatable to make it non-brittle, giving it a frosty or stained look.


  • Makes an illusion of a bigger room.
  • Moisture resistant and controls the temperature.
  • Provides a premium appearance.


Metal false ceilings


metal ceiling solution
Entrance area with the metal ceiling

Image Source: Aluminium metal ceiling


Galvanized iron and aluminium are used as metal ceilings.  The hard and durable nature of the material makes it an excellent option for a false ceiling.  It can be polished to give a shiny surface that immediately tunes up the look of any room.


  • Sleek Appearance
  • Long durability
  • Fire and water-resistant
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Provides great acoustics.


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Fiber/mineral false ceilings


mineral false ceiling design
Mineral and fibre ceiling

Image Source: Ceiling Hub


Fiberboards produce from wood chips and reed paper, while mineral boards produce from ceramic and a mixture of natural stone and tar.  These are mostly used for commercial purposes as they aren’t aesthetically pleasing.


Synthetic leather or cloth false ceilings


cloth tissue ceiling solutions
White tissue ceiling design

Image Source: Behance


Here either cloth or leather is used for ceiling designs.  They only serve ornamental purposes.  Moreover, they can be used to create a certain look or special ambiance.


PVC false ceilings


PVC false ceiling
White and brown PVC ceiling panels

Image Source: Stylesatlife


Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC is a plastic material for false ceilings that is mostly used in toilets, garages, or moisture-prone areas.  This false ceiling material remains cheap, and the design remains easy to install. Also, not only are they lightweight but also resistant to house pests. The PVC ceiling designs come in various options. So, you can choose from a wide range of PVC ceiling designs for your space.


  • Long term durability
  • Lighter in weight
  • Very easy to handle
  • Doesn’t crack under stress


Trending false ceiling design ideas 


False ceiling design idea #1 – Single-layered ceilings 


single layered, living room decor, sophisticated interiors, sofa, lights, rug, flooring
Single-layered ceiling design

Image Source: beautiful homes


A single-layered false ceiling is a minimalistic and foolproof option that is installed evenly beneath the actual ceiling. 


False ceiling design idea #2 – Multi-layered ceilings 


multiple layered, designer false ceiling, living room furniture, rug, indoor plants, curtains, window, lights
Multi-layered ceiling design

Image Source: theservico.com


Multi-layered ceilings are sophisticated architectural elements that consist of multiple layers of materials, textures, and finishes.


False ceiling design idea #3 – Plus-minus ceilings 


bedroom decor, interiors, plus-minus, blue light, fan, flooring, bed, minimal
Plus-minus ceiling design

Image Source: mullickinterior.com


Embrace the artistry of plus-minus ceilings, where expertly crafted protrusions and recesses create a visually captivating design. 


False ceiling design idea #4 – Box false ceiling 


box ceiling, high-quality material, minimal decor, rug, furniture, painting, table
Box ceiling design

Image Source: mydomaine.com


Boxed ceiling with integrated recessed lights, a design choice that exudes uniqueness and showcases a mesmerizing geometric pattern. 


False ceiling design idea #5 – Peripheral ceiling


designer false ceiling, high-quality material, peripheral ceiling, sofa, lighting, shelf, flooring
Peripheral ceiling design

Image Source: Decorpot.com


Peripheral false ceilings are an elegant choice to elevate your low-ceiling home. It provides an opportunity to incorporate stunning chandelier or pendant lights, creating a perfect blend of style and functionality.

False ceiling design idea #6 – Geometric false ceiling 


geometric shapes, false ceiling in bedroom, blue light, bed, curtains, white walls
Geometric ceiling design

Image Source: Pinterest


Geometric false ceiling designs often involve suspended panels or grid systems that are meticulously arranged to form intricate geometric compositions.


False ceiling design idea #7 – Intricate latticework ceiling 


intricate latticework, elegant living room decor, sofa, rug, centre table, lights
Intricate latticework ceiling design

Image Source: fullerinteriors.com


Intricate latticework ceilings delicately demarcate and elevate your space with its timeless appeal.


False ceiling design idea #8 – Wooden slats ceiling 


rustic appearance, wooden slats, ceilings, furniture, table, plants, books, shelves, curtains
Wooden slats ceiling

Image Source: hzcdn.com


Wooden slats ceiling is highly coveted for its exceptional insulating properties. While investing in this premium choice may require a higher budget, the combination of aesthetic appeal and insulation makes it a worthwhile option. 


Ceiling designs for different parts of the home

Different false ceiling designs are used in different areas. So, you cannot use the same false ceiling material or ceiling idea everywhere. Also, each space comes with its own set of requirements. As a result, you must know which false ceiling designs are applicable for which area.


Ceiling designs for bedroom

Your bedroom is the space that remains your hideout and den. It should be peaceful. Additionally, it must have high functionality and offer all that you need. Therefore, its interiors should be fulfilling and aesthetic. Hence, your false ceiling designs for the bedroom should be chosen carefully. Moreover, the bedrooms have further classifications as well. So, you must choose the false ceiling designs for your bedroom with detailed attention to the type of bedroom within your price range. For instance, choose modern false ceiling designs for small bedrooms and fun ceiling designs for children’s bedrooms.


Idea #9 – Ceiling design for bedroom 


ceiling fan with cove lighting
Designer ceiling fan with yellow cove lighting

Image Source: Kumar business interiors


Idea #10 – Ceiling design for bedroom 


Cove lighting and spot light on bedroom false ceiling
Cove lighting and spotlight on bedroom ceiling

Image Source: Behance


Idea #11 – Ceiling design for bedroom 


cove lighting and LED strips with grey walls for bedroom
Subtly lit up bedroom ceiling

Image Source: the recipe project


Idea #12 – Ceiling design for bedroom 


black bedroom false ceiling with white patterns
Black bedroom ceiling with white patterns

Image Source: mossebo studio


Living room false ceiling designs

The living room holds great importance in every household. Also, it remains an integral part as it gives the first impression of your home. A living room not just stays a common area for all the members of the house but also serves as the drawing room and the guest room. So, you need to work on the interior ceiling design and install living room false ceiling designs for the drawing room so that your aesthetics look remarkable. The false ceiling designs for living rooms decorate the space’s fifth wall in a beautiful manner.


Idea #13 – Living room false ceiling design


layered living room false ceiling design with chandelier
White layered living room ceiling with a beautiful statement chandelier

Image Source: etsy


Idea #14 – Living room false ceiling design


layered living room false ceiling design with pendant lights
Layered ceiling for living room

Image Source: rover ebay


Idea #15 – Living room false ceiling design


layered ceiling with wallpaper and chandelier for living room in white and blue shades
Designer false ceiling for living room

Image Source: ok ru


Idea #16 – Living room false ceiling design


False ceilings for living room
Luxury false ceiling design for living room.

Image Source: Stylesatlife


False ceiling designs for the hall

The big dimensions of the halls make them extremely important to have fancy walls and ceilings. A dull and boring hall puts down the look of the entire house. Besides, the several features of the simple false ceiling designs for halls, such as sound absorption, insulation, and energy efficiency, make them even more essential and necessary.


Idea #17 – False ceiling design for hall


black 3D false ceiling for hall with black furniture and black and whit walls with picture windows
The black 3D ceiling for hall

Image Source: wattpad


Idea #18 – False ceiling design for hall


layered false ceiling at different heights with tissue lighting fixture for hall
Layered hall ceiling at different heights.

Image Source: bocadolobo


Idea #19 – False ceiling design for hall


hall with black stripes for LED lights and intricate pendant lights
White ceiling for hall with black strips

Image Source: behance


Idea #20 – False ceiling design for hall


Suspended modern false ceiling design for hall
Suspended ceilings for halls

Image Source: Behance 


Kids’ room ceiling designs 

Transform your kids’ room into a whimsical wonderland with a playful false ceiling design that sparks imagination and joy. From vibrant colours to imaginative shapes, this design element adds a touch of enchantment, creating a delightful and engaging space. 


Idea #21 – Kids’ room ceiling design


orange and white walls, kids room designer ceiling, bed in the centre of bedroom, rug under bed, lights
Star-shaped ceiling design

Image Source: Pinterest


Idea #22 – Kids’ room ceiling design


beautiful ceiling for kids room, stars, printed walls, stary lights, bed
The beautiful ceiling for the kids’ room

Image Source: Pinterest


Idea #23 – Kids’ room ceiling design


mathematical decor for kids room, lights, mathematical symbols, tree, chairs, football, bedrrom
Ceiling design for kids’ room

Image Source: Pinterest


Idea #24 – Kids’ room ceiling design


creative kids room decor, interior decor, spaceship on the ceiling, lights, blue colour
Creative and dreamy ceiling

Image Source: Ubuy.com


Kitchen ceiling designs 

One of the most prominent and active spaces of the household, the kitchen needs highly functional and productive false ceilings. The ceiling designs for the kitchen must cater to the requirements of the kitchen. Also, it should be waterproof, fire-retardant, non-toxic, and durable. The best false ceiling design for a kitchen is one that enhances the overall productivity of the kitchen.

In addition to that, the designer ceiling designs for the kitchen must not make it more congested and cluttered. Also, it should be placed according to normal standards and complement the look and resourcefulness of the kitchen.


Idea #25 – Kitchen ceiling design


blue kitchen ceiling with walls and yellow cabinets with pastel peach doors
Blue kitchen ceiling design

Image Source: The Nord Room


Idea #26 – Kitchen ceiling design


grey false ceiling for kitchen cum dining room with two pendant lights
Grey and white kitchen-cum-dining room ceiling design

Image Source: home bunch



Idea #27 – Kitchen ceiling design


wood and gypsum kitchen ceiling design with wooden furniture and flooring
Rustic wooden kitchen ceiling design

Image Source: Rugh design


Idea #28 – Kitchen ceiling design


pendant lights for kitchen
A beautiful blue kitchen with a white designer ceiling and pendant lights

Image Source: Hola


Dining room ceiling designs 

Create an intimate and cozy dining experience by lowering the ceiling, fostering a sense of warmth and personal connection. In a harmonious design approach, the ceiling material mimics that of the dining table, creating a cohesive visual experience within the room.


Idea #29 – Dining room ceiling design


sophisticated dining room ceiling, wooden material, hanging light, dining table setting, indoor plants
Chic dining room with textured ceiling design

Image Source: asianpaints.com


Idea #30 – Dining room ceiling design


designer ceiling, intricate, wooden, dining room, decorative lighting above, flowers on the table
Ceiling with intricate design in the dining room

Image Source: Pinterest


Idea #31 – Dining room ceiling design


Elegant dining room with multiple layered, wooden, chairs, table, flooring
Elegant dining room ceiling

Image Source: Unsplash


Idea #32 – Dining room ceiling design


luxurious dining room, multiple layered, designer ceiling with hanging lights, chairs, table, rug, flooring
Opulent dining room ceiling design

Image Source: cbvalueaddrealty.com


Bathroom ceiling designs

The bathroom remains an underrated element of every household. So, it needs equal if not more attention than the rest of the house. Also, the bathroom has to be perfect in terms of comfort, functionality, and look. So, when we come to think of it, your bathroom is actually the place that offers you the space to be yourself completely. It must be relaxing and pleasant.

In addition to that, the bathroom interiors must be waterproof and sturdy to handle the weight of the free-standing, wall-mount, and ceiling sanitary ware items and other bathroom fittings. Therefore, the ceiling designs for the bathroom should have all such properties. Additionally, it must be aesthetically pleasing to complement the rest of the interiors.


Idea #33 – Bathroom ceiling design


simple white false ceiling for bathroom with light and dark wallpapers
Simple bathroom with designer ceiling design

Image Source: twitter


Idea #34 – Bathroom ceiling design


white wallpaper in marble texture with bathroom ceiling design
Luxury look bathroom ceiling design

Image Source: essential home


Idea #35 – Bathroom ceiling design


Dual tone white and green false ceiling for bathroom
The dual-tone white and green ceiling for the bathroom

Image Source: Behance


Idea #36 – Bathroom ceiling design


bathroom false ceiling design
Single-layer designer ceiling with continuous lighting.

Image Source: Behance


Lobby ceiling designs

A lobby is the entryway of the house. Thus, you already understand how essential it remains to give a perfect look to the lobby. The new ceiling designs for the lobby must suit the overall look and feel of the house. But do not forget to add a unique touch to it. The ceiling designs for the lobby should be laced with sufficient ceiling lighting so as to provide ample brightness and warmth as soon as someone enters the house.


Idea #37 – Lobby ceiling design


white POP false ceiling with cornices for lobby with black and white walls and check-patterned flooring
POP ceiling design for the lobby

Image Source: flickr


Idea #38 – Lobby ceiling design


High ceiling with ceiling design and heavy lighting
Lobby ceiling design in a chequered style

Image Source: redirect viglink


Idea #39 – Lobby ceiling design


Glass panels with white LED lights for lobby
Glass panels with white LED lights for the lobby

Image Source: behance


Idea #40 – Lobby ceiling design


Decorative light Chandelier
Lobby ceiling design with decorative chandelier.

Image Source: Morpheus London


Pooja room false ceilings

The pooja room ceiling designs must be such that they offer peace and composure. Every Indian house has a place of worship and the occupants hold it in high regard. Therefore, the pooja room ceiling designs must look appealing and serve the purpose properly.


Idea #41 – Pooja room false ceiling


wood frame profile for white ceiling for pooja room
White pooja room ceiling design

Image Source: internal affairs


Idea #42 – Pooja room false ceiling


pooja room design with cove lighting and pendant lights
Perfectly lit up pooja room ceiling

Image Source: aangan architects


Idea #43 – Pooja room false ceiling


pooja room with led strip lighting and centre light fixture
The designer ceiling for the pooja room with intricate designs and decorative lights

Image Source: the karighars


Idea #44 – Pooja room false ceiling


cove lighting for pooja room
Cove lighting for Pooja room ceiling design

Image Source: Urban Company


False ceilings for offices and shops

The offices and shops have entirely different requirements from those of residential settings. There is a need for more formal yet welcoming, soberer, and more disciplined ceiling designs for offices and shops. Moreover, the office has different zones, such as the conference room, hallway, cabins, work floor, reception, cabin, etc.

Additionally, the shops and stores have their own requirements. Therefore, the designer ceiling designs for offices and shops have to be specific and unique.


Idea #45 – False ceiling for office


glass panels with LED lights for office with dark walls and furniture
Glass panels for office ceiling design

Image Source: wattpad


Idea #46 – False ceiling for office


white panels for false ceiling in conference room
Conference room-Office false ceiling design

Image Source: trendir


Idea #47 – False ceiling for office


black planks on office ceiling design with modern pendant lighting
Black office ceiling design

Image Source: insplosion


Idea #48 – False ceiling for office


false ceilings for office
White false ceiling design for office.

Image Source: Unsplash


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Advantages of false ceilings

The designer ceiling is not only about aesthetics; without a doubt can be advantageous too:

  • Easy to install and cost-effective.
  • Additionally, it provides a smooth and homogenous surface.
  • Conceals unpleasant elements giving a clean look to the room.
  • Provides sound and thermal insulation.
  • Easy to repair or replace.
  • Hides ducts of air conditioning, electric cables, and pipelines.
  • Fire and corrosion-resistant.
  • Lights can be added for a creative look.


Disadvantages of false ceilings

Every Coin has two faces; there are a few disadvantages of the ceiling:

  • Reduces headroom by several inches or feet. 
  • Requires timely maintenance as it is prone to sagging and discolouration over the years.
  • It can’t bear load or pressure. Hence, it can succumb to natural calamities such as earthquakes.
  • House pests may breed in the space between the ceilings damaging the material.


Purpose of designer false ceilings

There are various reasons for the increasing popularity of new false ceiling designs in different materials and prices, such as: 


Aesthetic of new ceilings

It can be used to jazz up a bland ceiling or to conceal ugly piping or wirings. It supports amazing features such as recessed lights, classy chandeliers, or just to add an elegant statement for room display. 


Acoustic of false ceilings

The latest ceiling designs can not only provide a soundproof space but also absorbs excess sound to provide a good sound environment. It can be used in workspaces, theatres, auditoriums, and so on. 


Thermal insulation by false ceilings

As per science, the air gap between the ceiling traps heat, preventing it from flowing into the room.  The ceiling is a great method for better optimization of air conditioning, thus helping to save electricity bills. 


Durability of simple ceiling designs

Engineers can modify the material of false ceiling designs as per the requirement to make it corrosion-resistant, prevent water leakage, and also fire-protected as it creates compartments. 


Things to consider while investing in a false ceiling design 

When investing in a false ceiling design, consider factors such as  

  • Ensuring that the process is seamless and efficient. This not only saves time but also reduces any potential disruptions during the installation phase. 
  • Prioritize fire resistance to enhance safety and peace of mind within your space. 
  • Opt for sound isolation features to create a tranquil and peaceful environment. 
  • Choose a durable design to ensure long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance. 
  • Consider the economic aspect, seeking a design that offers value for money. 
  • Embrace the versatility of a false ceiling design that allows for various styles and customization options. 


Factors that determine the cost of false ceilings

Several factors determine the cost of designer ceilings per sq. ft.

  1. Design: The cost of the ceiling increases with the complexity of the design.
  2. Measurements: Contrary to popular belief, larger ceilings cost less than smaller ceilings. The reason behind this is that you can buy material in bulk at wholesale prices for larger areas.
  3. Material: High-quality materials are costlier. But they also offer more durability and longevity.
  4. Availability: Consider the availability of materials in the market when choosing a ceiling design, as this can help reduce transportation and logistics costs. 
  5. Additional cost: This includes installation, cutting, fitting, finishes, lighting, etc.


False ceilings price list


Price of false ceilings – Gypsum

Gypsum ceilings are supported by 12 no. Galvanized channel or Gypsum channel or Aluminium pipe, generally comes in the range of Rs 50 to Rs 150/ square foot. The 3D Gypsum ceiling can cost up to Rs. 350/ square foot.


Price of false ceilings – POP 

They are usually available in the range of Rs. 35 to 120/ square feet.


Price of false ceilings – PVC 

They are usually available in the range of Rs. 20 to 80/ square feet.


Price of false ceilings – Wooden ceilings

Wooden ceilings are supported by aluminium pipe or plywood (4’ x 8’, 4’ x 6’, 3’ X 7’). The wooden false ceiling price also depends upon the thickness of the wooden board.

Thickness Minimum Price Maximum Price
10 mm Rs 110/Square Feet Rs 1000/Square Feet
12 mm Rs 450/Square Feet Rs 900/Square Feet
16 mm Rs 200/Square Feet Rs 250/Square Feet
8 mm Rs 180/Square Feet Rs 180/Square Feet


Price of the false ceiling – Glass

Mirror glass is generally used for glass thicknesses 5mm to 8mm. The price of the false ceilings may vary according to the type. This remains available in the range of Rs. 350 to Rs. 600/ square feet.


Price of false ceilings – Fibre

This remains available in the range of Rs.65 to Rs 450/ square foot.


Price of false ceiling – Cloth and leather

Tensile fabric price falls in the range of Rs. 900-1200 per square foot. Furthermore, the price of all types of designer false ceilings can increase with the add-ons that you choose, such as grids, designs, etc.


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False ceilings – Value additions

Although ceilings in themselves are a valuable addition to a room, they can be enhanced by adding certain elements.

The designer ceilings serve four main purposes:

  1. Aesthetics
  2. Functionality & productivity
  3. Maintenance & durability
  4. Cleaning

Hence, we present to you two ways by which the designer ceilings can become more efficient at accomplishing these two purposes:


False ceiling lighting for better functionality


Decorative light for foyer
Beautiful ceiling lighting

Image Source: Raypom


Lighting is an essential aspect of new ceiling designs. It enhances the look of the designer ceiling. Additionally, it enhances the functionality of the space by making it brighter, lit up, and more efficient. But, you must choose the false ceiling lighting and other decorative lights very carefully as per your price and need. Moreover, their installation should be done with great precision as well.

When we talk about designer ceiling lighting, we get an endless variety of lighting solutions, such as:

All these lightings serve one of the other purposes. Thus, you must understand the application and features of each before installing it on your ceiling. In addition to that, the designer ceiling lighting also depends on the space for which it has to be used.

The bedroom designer ceiling lighting differs from the hallway ceiling lighting. Hence, you must take care of the characteristics and application areas of each kind of ceiling lighting so that it gives your space sufficient brightness with sustainability.


False ceiling colour options for better aesthetics


suspended ceiling colour
Blue ceiling colour

Image Source: Veranda


The designer ceiling ideas come in several designs and ceiling colour options. Moreover, the range of ceiling ideas is endless. On the same note, you also get many designer ceiling colours to pick from. The designer ceiling colours can be chosen according to the rest of the interiors of the space. So, you can either match the ceiling colour combinations with the four walls of the room. Or, you can give it a contrasting look. However, whatever you do, you must ensure that it doesn’t hamper the comfort, size, productivity, and efficiency of the room. Choosing ceiling colours seems like an easy and fancy job. However, it needs a detailed study of the room.

Many ceiling colours make the room dull and damp. However, many ceiling colours make the room too bright for the eyes to adjust. Therefore, your choice of ceiling colours must consider and accommodate all the requirements of the room. Additionally, you can choose from a wide range of ceiling designs as well. The ceiling designs for the lobby differ from the false ceiling designs for the pooja room. Also, there are many options for drop ceiling ideas, such as coffered design, extended panels, canopy ceilings, layered ceilings, asymmetrical ceiling designs, minimalistic ceiling designs, tray ceilings, and so on. You can also choose from many ceiling wallpapers to give a more dramatic look to your designer ceiling.


False ceiling maintenance & durability 

The appeal of the ceilings lies in their hassle-free maintenance, making them a popular choice for interior design. To preserve their aesthetic and longevity, regular dusting is essential to combat dust accumulation. Also, moisture control measures must be implemented to prevent damage to the surface finish and materials. 

Similarly, durability hinges upon the selection of appropriate materials, as their composition directly influences their lifespan. With optimal conditions and proper installation, a well-crafted and high-quality ceiling can endure for up to two decades. 


False ceiling cleaning tips 

To maintain the beauty as well as longevity of your ceilings, follow these expert cleaning tips: 

  • Regularly dust with a soft cloth or feather duster 
  • Spot clean with a mild detergent solution  
  • Avoid excessive moisture 
  • Consider professional maintenance for thorough cleaning and inspections. 

By implementing these practices, you can ensure that your ceilings remain stunning and in optimal condition for years to come. 


Top false ceiling companies/ brands:


 Company #1 – Armstrong World Industries 

Armstrong world industry (AWI) manufactures residential and commercial ceilings. Moreover, they offer an interior solution that enhances comfort, saves time, improves efficiency, and creates beautiful spaces. The headquarter is located in Gurgaon, India.


 Company #2 – Dexune 

Dexune is a supplier of ceiling systems and acoustic systems in India. Moreover, it offers premium quality metal ceilings, mineral fiber ceilings, wood-wool ceilings, PVC laminated gypsum ceilings, soft fiber ceilings, acoustic clouds, fabric acoustic panels, and so on. Their head office is based in Noida, India.


Company #3 – Durlum India Pvt. Ltd

Durlum is a manufacturer of metal ceilings, open-cell ceilings, expanded metal ceilings, raft ceilings, chilled and heated ceilings, illuminated ceilings, luminaries, and lighting systems. Moreover, their products are an integral, functional, and enduring component of modern ceiling designs and emotional architecture. The head office is located in Gurgaon, Delhi.


Company #4 – Hunter Douglas 

Hunter Douglas manufactures ceiling systems for the utility sector in a wide range of metal, aluminium, textile, and wood. Moreover, they offer premium quality textiles, interior metal, interior wood, exterior metal, and exterior wood. Their office is located in Varadaiah Palem, Mumbai.




What types of false ceiling lights are available? 

When it comes to illuminating false ceilings, a plethora of lighting options are available, each offering a unique ambiance and enhancing the overall design. Here are some popular types of false ceiling lights: 

  1. Recessed Lighting 
  2. Pendant Lights 
  3. Cove Lighting 
  4. Track Lighting 
  5. Chandeliers 
  6. LED Strips


Does a false ceiling absorb heat? 

False ceilings do not directly absorb heat. Rather, they can contribute to thermal insulation and help regulate the temperature within a space.


What is the best option for a false ceiling? 

Gypsum board is the favoured material for false ceilings due to its heat-resistant property, making it a reliable and durable choice. This versatile material can withstand high temperatures without compromising its structural integrity. 


What are the advantages of fibre false ceilings? 

Fiber false ceilings offer a range of advantages that make them a popular choice in the realm of interior design. Here are some notable benefits of opting for fiber false ceilings: 

  1. Lightweight and easy installation 
  2. Versatile design options 
  3. Moisture and termite resistance 
  4. Excellent durability 
  5. Acoustic and thermal insulation 
  6. Easy maintenance


Does the false ceiling absorb sound? 

False ceilings can decrease noise levels within a room by absorbing sound waves. They are particularly beneficial in spaces characterized by high ceilings where sound tends to reverberate. This acoustic advantage ensures a more peaceful and serene environment. 



False Ceiling has carved itself a niche in modern architecture. So, owing to its versatility, it is quite popular amongst home decor enthusiasts. Just with a little bit of imagination and innovation, one can create endless inspiring ceiling designs for the master bedroom, modern office, etc. These ceilings are a prerequisite as far as luxury interiors are concerned.

In addition to that, the different false ceiling designs, materials, and application areas redefine the interiors of the space. The article gives a comprehensive study of ceilings so that you can make the best choices. So, it is your one-stop destination for all false ceiling-related queries. From all the different types of ceiling designs to ceiling colours and ceiling installation, you must know everything correctly so that you deliver the best results to your clients.


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