False ceiling designs for office and shop to improve productivity (30+ most popular)

false ceilings for offices and shops


decoration for residential and commercial establishments needs different treatment. A residential setting like a bungalow or flat demands a more intimate and informal setting. However, a commercial setting like that of an office or a shop must have a formal look. The unique and simple designs for the office, conference room, reception, and shop must give a soothing and welcoming look. But they should not feel too homely.

Talking about commercial settings, we already know that there are different kinds of commercial establishments. From factories to offices and shops, every workplace comes with different needs and purposes.

Therefore, as an Architect or an Designer, it becomes essential for you to understand the requirements of each setting and give it the appropriate treatment.

You spend most of your time in your office. Therefore, you would want it to be interesting and comfortable. Moreover, you would also want it to be productive. To get all these benefits, you must install the most appropriate for the office.

designs for offices and shops have numerous benefits and uses. They come in a wide range of designs and styles.

Making the office too homely or too stern would not give the right feel to it. Furthermore, you also need to look into the utility of an office or a shop’s ceiling.

Unless and until the for offices and shops does not cater to all the uses and requirements of the space, it would not be the ideal choice.

Therefore, we have compiled this article to offer options.




False ceiling designs for different zones of an office

An office compromises many rooms and spaces. No matter how big or small the office is, it will have important zones such as a conference room, a reception, a work floor, a washroom, etc.

All of these zones serve a unique purpose. As a result, they require unique ideas too. A in an office must cater to the functional and aesthetic needs of the place.

Moreover, if you are looking for a for a small office, you must ensure that it adds to the look and utility.

Let us take you through each of the zones of an office and give you some modern designs in the office:



A conference holds great importance in every office. The staff makes all the important decisions, engages in discussions, talks about future plans and strategies, connects with other partners and rivals, and makes official announcements in a conference room.

Why do we need false ceilings for the office conference room?

  1. Proper
  2. Complete aesthetic look
  3. To conceal the electrical fittings
  4. Sturdy support for projectors and other devices
  5. Energy-efficiency
  6. To create an environment conducive to concentration &  higher productivity

Therefore, it becomes paramount that you pick the best and unique office for the conference room.


for office conference room #1


false ceiling design for office conference room
White and brown for office

Image Source: Vaaz Interiors


Get a luxurious look for your conference with a combination of white and wooden modern false ceiling design.

To give uniformity to the conference room, match the unique wooden for the office with the walls and furniture.

Furthermore, add decorative false ceiling lighting to make the space brighter and more efficient.

A unique office not only gives a beautiful look to space but also makes it more energy-efficient with its insulating properties.

Additionally, you can use these ideas for small office designs as well.


for office conference room #2


false ceiling lighting for conference room
idea for conference

Image Source: Salex


If you do have a very huge conference room, install a single-layer with bright for a refreshing and wholesome look.


for office conference room #3


Single layer ceiling solutions for conference room
for office conference

Image Source: Wattpad


False ceilings offer strength to support the projectors used in conference rooms. Furthermore, installing cove lighting and other false ceilings with lights brightens up the space.



The hallways remain an inseparable part of the office. A hallway is basically the first thing you see in an office. It’s the area between the entrance and the reception design.

Additionally, the pathway between the different zones of an office such as the work floor, conference room, meeting areas, etc. is also called the hallway.

Therefore, for a for the office hallway, you need a that compliments the overall office. It must be unique but it shouldn’t look out of place.

Thus, choose your in an office hallway with great attention to the overall look of the office.

Why do we need unique false ceilings for the office hallway?

  1. Brightly lit-up hallways
  2. To complement the rest of the office space
  3. to hide the wires and other electrical fittings
  4. For a vibrant feel


for office hallway #1


wooden false ceiling for hallway leading to conference room
Wooden for office hallway

Image Source: Tumblr


The hallway should be such that it makes the area look spacious and neat. Do not overdo it. Keeping it simple would be the ideal choice. Therefore, go for simple designs for hallways.

The single-layered wooden texture office with warm gives a beautiful, posh look to the hallway.

Give it a uniform look by using the same texture for the flooring and walls too.


for office hallway #2


simple ceiling ideas for hallway leading to conference room
Simple for office hallway

Image Source: Behance


Install simple for office hallway with recessed lights for ample brightness.


for office hallway #3


false ceiling lighting for hallway leading to conference room
Office for hallway

Image Source: ARK Renovation


Install straight and zig-zag continuous ceiling and in your for the office hallway.


for office hallway #4


false ceiling design for office
Unique for office

Image Source: Behance


Install stylish strip lights in your for the office. This will give a creative touch to space.



You enter a new commercial building, be it an office, a hospital, a bank, or a hotel, what’s the first thing you look for?

The reception and the receptionist!

So, it becomes quite evident that a reception holds great importance in an official setting. If you believe in the idea that the first impression is the last impression, it becomes even more essential that the false office for reception remains catchy and a delight to look at.

Why do we need false ceilings for office reception?

  1. Bright
  2. Concealing electrical fittings
  3. Impactful first impression of the office
  4. To make the reception look professional, warm, and welcoming


for office reception #1


false ceiling design for office reception
Unique and walls of reception with continuous

Image Source: Behance


The continuous extends to the walls.

Give a refreshing and unique look to your reception by installing an electrifying office false ceiling. This modern with eliminates the gap between the four walls and the fifth wall.

As a result, you get a monochromatic look for your reception design. Furthermore, you can also add matching white to make it even more minimalistic.


for office reception #2


LED false ceiling lighting for reception
LED for the reception

Image Source: 1000bulbs


This modern idea for reception gives it a modern and minimalistic look.


for office reception #3


modern false ceiling design for office
3D for office reception

Image Source: Exyd


Install a 3D for office reception to give it an extremely different and exciting look.



A work is the area of an office where the major action takes place. The complete staff from different departments and teams sits here.

Therefore, it becomes quite understandable that the work has to be the most happening, energetic, and comfortable area of the office.

Thus, you must pick the right and latest for this area.

Additionally, you must also ensure that if you have a small space office, you pick the for the office that gives a wider look to the work floor.

Why do we need false ceilings for the office work floor?

  1. A work requires good lighting. This can be achieved with the help of lighting.
  2. There are many wires, device fittings, etc. in the work area. The can help conceal all the electrical fittings safely.
  3. False ceilings offer energy efficiency with their insulating properties.


for office work floor #1


multi-layer false ceiling design
Black and white for work

Image Source: Gyproc


Install a double-layered for the office in contrasting shades to give a depth effect to your work floor. This will jazz up your office and bring the otherwise insignificant ceiling space, an exhilarating lively look.


for office work floor #2


simple ceiling ideas for work floor
Grid for work with panel

Image Source: bestLEDlighting


For small office designs, you can install LED panel and get two in one benefits.

This for a small office will not only serve the work aesthetically but also offer sufficient and brightness to the space.


for office work floor #3


best false ceiling design for office and shop
Work floor for office

Image Source: 313 stuff


For a unique look, match other elements of your work such as the or the walls with your for the office work floor. For optimum lighting, you can install decorative lights too.


for office work floor #4


Single layer ceiling solutions for work floor and conference room
White for office

Image Source: Inclined Studio


Installing suspended and recessed offer optimum and energy-efficient solutions for the work floor.


Resting area

Most offices have a resting or recreation area where the staff goes to take a break. This area aims to offer relaxation to the occupant. As a result, you must ensure that the offers this desired unwinding feeling.

Why do we need false ceilings for the office resting areas?

  1. Comfortable
  2. Concealing of electrical fittings
  3. Strong ceilings to suspend objects
  4. To create a fun and relaxing environment


for office resting area #1


latest false ceiling for office conference room, cafeteria, resting area
Blue for office resting space

Image Source: Wikisala


Make a small library-cum-resting space in the office. This recreational area offers a relaxing atmosphere for the employees. To make it different from the rest of the office space, use a darker tone.

Give a contrasting look with the blue for the office resting area with matching flooring and furniture.


for office resting area #2


simple ceiling ideas for office conference room, cafeteria, resting area
Simple for office resting area

Image Source: Behance


Install a single-layer office for the office resting area. Use a variety of decorative lights for sufficient lighting.


for office resting area #3


modern false ceiling design for office conference room, cafeteria, resting area
with lights for resting and play areas

Image Source: Luxury Accommodations


You can install metal false ceilings for office resting areas. These ceilings offer a great aura to the room. As a result, you can enjoy your time playing and resting in this space.



The washrooms belonging to commercial spaces differ from those of homes. The employees must receive reasonable access to the facility. Therefore, there must be a sufficient number of toilet cubicles.

Additionally, the washrooms must look neat, tidy, and hygienic. The washrooms must have simple false ceiling designs that give refreshing appeal.


for office washroom #1


Single layer ceiling solutions
Simple for office toilet

Image Source: JP Toto


The simple with and makes the washroom bright and accommodating.

Therefore, it is an ideal modern for office washrooms.


for office washroom #2


false ceiling for small office washroom
Small office washroom

Image Source: Taxitarifa


If you want small office designs, go for panels with lighting. Additionally, this will make your washroom look bright and clean.



The cabins hold a place of the high regard in an office. The executives, dignitaries, and higher authorities have their personal cabins. Therefore, it becomes clear that office cabins must exhibit power, authority, royalty, and control.

As a result, you need to install such a for office cabins that present all such characteristics.


for office cabin #1


wooden planks on ceiling for cabin and conference room
Layered for office cabin with wooden planks

Image Source: Gaurav K


Install multi-layered modern for office to get a stylish look. This false ceiling idea comprises wooden planks and white-coloured panels. Moreover, the primary grey layer looks wonderful with contrasting wooden and white shades.


for office cabin #2


backlit ceiling solutions for cabin and conference room
Layered backlit for office cabin

Image Source: Behance


The office cabin must look different and feel like royalty. Hence, what better way to achieve it than with smart false ceilings?

Install a backlit for the office to give your cabin a unique look.


for office cabin #3


wooden plank false ceiling for cabin and conference room
Wooden plank for office

Image Source: Team PRJ


The wooden planks make the office cabin look bigger and more spacious. Therefore, this for a small office is ideal to give the much-needed space.


for office cabin #4


false ceiling cove lighting for office cabins and conference room
Two-layered for office cabin

Image Source: Wattpad


Install in your office cabin to give it more brightness and depth.


designs for shops

Being places that entertain countless people and potential customers, it becomes quite obvious that shops have to be welcoming and impressive.

A shop with dull and bland interiors would not be able to catch the attention of the masses. On the contrary, a brightly lit, dazzling store with unique interiors will draw everyone’s eyes.

Moreover, for the owner of the shop, it becomes even more essential that the shop’s interiors be efficient and productive. A is the aspect that can offer maximum productivity.

Therefore, you must choose the designs for shops very wisely.

The shop’s must ensure the following points:

  1. Less space-consuming
  2. Must not make the shop look suffocating
  3. Offer sufficient
  4. Complements the flooring and other interiors of the shop
  5. Must be productive and efficient


Unique designs for shops


Ceiling for shop #1


false ceiling designs for shops
Suspended for shop

Image Source: Alibaba


Beautiful suspended for a shop with lighting. This makes the stores vibrant and lit up.


Ceiling for shop #2


tray false ceiling designs for shops
Tray for shop with

Image Source: Just Dial


Tray shop for a lavish store. The as well as the recessed lights make the shop bright.


Ceiling for shop #3


track light shop false ceiling design
SImple shop

Image Source: Premier etage


The simple shop with track looks aesthetic. Moreover, these track lights for give sufficient brightness and highlight the products of the store.


Ceiling for shop #4


Shop false ceiling design
Shop with track lights and pendant lights

Image Source: Unsplash


A simple for shops with different types of is ideal for bakeries. Moreover, these designs for shops are simple to install and durable.


Ceiling for shop #5


multi-layer false ceiling design
Multi-layered grey and white for shop

Image Source: Azulacocsa


This grey and white for the shop gives a unique look to the store. Furthermore, installing track lights and other decorative lights make the shop bright.


ideas for small shops


Ceiling for small shop #1


panel false ceiling designs for shops
Baffle for shop

Image Source: Edge homes


These baffle designs for shops give a spacious look to the store.


Ceiling for small shop #2


simple ceiling solutions for shops
White simple for shop

Image Source: Flickr


This simple for the shop gives a minimalist look and makes the shop bright.


Ceiling for small shop #3


ceiling solutions with ceiling lightings for shop
White and brown for shops

Image Source: Maashagoort


This brightly lit brown and white for the shop is ideal for stores that need a spacious as well as warm look.


Ceiling for small shop #4


shop false ceiling
So, opt for this double-layered for shop

Image Source: Jove


This simple for the shop in black and white false ceiling colour gives a unique look to the shop. Moreover, the different kinds of enhance the shop’s look and brightness.


Ceiling for small shop #5


latest false ceiling for shop
Black for shops with beautiful

Image Source: Behance


The for a shop with bright lights enhances the shop’s functionality. Similarly, the black with decorative chandeliers and other gives a dramatic look to the store.


Final Thought on Office & Shop Designs

Every office and shop comes with a specific set of requirements.

Hence, your choice of designs for shops and offices must suffice these demands.

In addition to that, your ideas must be creative and innovative. They should remove the boredom from the workplace.

Boredom not just inhibits the working pace but also challenges the overall productivity.

Therefore, choose the right for office conference rooms, restrooms, cabins, hallways, and other zones.

Your workplace is the place where you spend most of your day. Therefore, it should be interesting, comfortable, and efficient. The best false ceilings for offices make it possible to achieve all of that.

The ideas given in the article will help you give a new and offbeat look. Also, we believe that the options will help you select the right for your shops and offices.


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