False ceiling designs for hall to make a lasting impression (50+ images)

false ceiling designs for hall


Everyone dreams of making the perfect for themselves one day. So, choosing the right interior is a crucial task. Also, there are a thousand decisions to make while building or renovating a room, including the choice of designs for hall with or without one or two fans in modern & simple styles.

We understand your confusion regarding design. Hence, we always strive to bring to you the best interior ideas that are functional as well as aesthetic.

designs are an important aspect of design. Also, more and more homes are opting for false ceilings because of the benefits they offer.

It is then a fruitful exercise to discuss why we should use false ceilings for hall and what the different options you can go for are.



Why use a for hall?

False ceilings are the trendiest way to transform a into a piece of art. Also, you must have heard the old saying:  first impression is the last impression.  In a way, the hall is the first impression of a home. So, you have to make sure that it is good by designing a for hall.

Besides, a hall, by its very nature has bigger dimensions and hence offers a tremendous opportunity for designers to experiment with the look of the room. Also, false ceiling, being the biggest element that influences the overall language of the room, is a must-have feature.

False ceilings for hall come in a range of materials, according to their functions and suitability for a particular place. There are several features that come with a for hall. It provides insulation and hides the imperfections of the original hall.

Also, many false ceilings also come with specific features like sound absorption, moisture resistance, and fire resistance. Gyproc false ceiling plasterboards provide many of these features.

So, this article will help you in making the right choice when it comes to the material and the of a modern for hall.


Types of materials


  • POP false ceiling for hall

POP false ceilings are popular for the versatile options they offer. So, from plain designs to elaborate ones, POP is the go-to choice for Indian homes.

Click here to read more about POP false ceilings.


  • PVC false ceiling for hall

PVC false ceilings are a great and durable option for false ceilings for hall.

Click here to read more about PVC false ceilings.


Gypsum board false ceilings offer a ton of features optimized for preventing all safety hazards. Also, from fire resistance to moisture resistance, a offers more than just an aesthetically pleasing look.

Click here to read more about gypsum false ceilings.


Wooden false ceilings for hall are the best option when it comes to a luxurious or rustic look for your ceiling.

Click here to read more about wooden false ceilings.


Best Ideas for Hall

The greatest benefit of false ceilings is a variety of designs. Also, good designs for hall can entirely change a drab and dull hall into an aesthetically pleasing place.


designs for hall

In the world of modern design, less is more. Also, going by this motto, these white ceiling tiles make for a modern and simple false ceiling for hall. Moreover, the white ceiling balances the dark colors of the and furnishing.


stylish contemporary living room
A plain white ceiling is a classic solution for a simple and stylish ceiling.

Image source: armstrongceilings.com


For a simple yet attention-grabbing modern idea for hall, a suspended ceiling with cove is perfect. Also, add an eye-catching lighting fixture at the centre of the simple false ceiling to make the hall false ceiling more stylish.


stylish contemporary living room
This is a classic simple tray ceiling design.

Image source: recommend.my


Another simple hall false ceiling idea is outlining the with a different color.


stylish contemporary living room
A white with gold accents is a simple yet royal design.

Image source: pinterest.com


Wallpapers for designs in hall

Bring the beauty of the night sky to your hall. Also, in an inverted tray false ceiling for hall, make use of realistic wallpaper in the hollow area.

Wallpapers offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to colors and patterns. Also, depending on the theme of the rest of your hall, the wallpaper for your main hall false ceiling can be luxurious or fun.


grey designer wallpaper
This wallpaper has a metallic sheen that makes it look grand. mrkate.com

Image source: pinterest.com


Another idea is to imitate the sky on your hall ceiling. For example, this ethereal night sky wallpaper looks no less than a mural. The dark blue theme with a forest and the moon are intriguing. Also, it looks all the more magnificent with a crystal chandelier.


false ceiling designs for hall
This dark wallpaper looks magical.

Image source: pinterest.com


Grid designs for hall

The grid is always a safe choice for a hall design. They are a classic because of the simplicity they offer.  at the center of each grid maintain the orderliness of the grid hall design.


grid ceiling
This hall false ceiling in pastel colors is beautiful.

Image source: pinterest.com


Geometric designs for hall

There is a wide array of designs to go for if you’re looking for a geometric spin on your for hall.

So, you may opt for multiple square-shaped blocks overlapping each other as the false ceiling. Also, the square blocks may also be placed strategically to complement each other and form a bigger square.


false ceiling designs for hall
These white squares installed in a diagonal manner look great.

Image source: pinterest.com


Honeycomb false ceilings for hall look pretty and neat as well. Cove is best for these geometric patterns.


False ceiling designs for hall
This honeycomb pattern is a refreshing idea.

Image source: pinterest.com


You can play with a lot of shapes in the same manner. Also, triangular cuts on a square idea for hall look sleek.


false ceiling designs for hall
Neat cuts in the false ceiling are enhanced with coved lighting.

Image source: pinterest.com


Unique shaped designs for hall

Here is an experimental idea for your hall design. Also, it is a layered look with a wooden ceiling as the base and a circular curved beneath it in a unique fashion. Accentuate the look with chandeliers and recessed lights.

Curved ideas for halls give an illusion of space and flexibility. The seems fluid and is awe-inspiring.

This curved hall style looks like the swoosh of an artist’s brush, lending an artistic touch to your hall.


false ceiling designs for hall
A curved ceiling looks grand with impressive lighting.

Image source: world max


Layered designs for hall

Speaking of layered styles, they are a great way to add depth to false ceilings for hall. Alternate the materials or colors to bring attention to the layering.

For example, in this design, a is layered with a square POP panel. Also, the makes it seem like the wooden panel is sandwiched within the POP panel. The square-shaped on the plain border add to this square-focused look.


false ceiling designs for hall
A hybrid wood-and-POP false ceiling gives a layered look.

Image source: pinterest.com


designs for hall with strip lights

False ceilings with LED strip lights are a sight to behold. They look simple and sleek. White is the usual choice. But, you can go for unconventional options like blue if that matches with the theme of the hall.

strip idea for halls is easy on the eyes. Also, they evenly up the hall and protect you from the harsh glare of a single source.


false ceiling designs for hall
This strip ceiling gives a fluorescent style to the hall.

Image source: blog.chinavision.com


Futuristic designs for hall

You can mix up a few design elements as shown in the picture below. So, in this main hall design, geometric cuts meet wooden panels sporadically fitted with ones.


futuristic false ceiling designs for hall
panels enhance the sleek look of this design.

Image source: Paradise decorators


In this design, the ripples make the for hall look futuristic.


false ceiling designs for hall
This gray-toned hall is a modern paradise.

Image source: therugseller.co.uk


Carved idea for hall

If you are looking for false ceilings for hall for a grand and luxurious aesthetic, carved ceilings are the way to go. So, be it POP or wood, intricate carvings look royal, they make your stand out.

Also, you may go for elaborate-patterned carvings for your hall idea.


false ceiling designs for hall
A carved lends a royal atmosphere to your hall.

Image source: woodcabinet.ru


Another great option is latticework, in case you are looking for designs for hall.


false ceiling designs for hall
The carved makes this hall look luxurious.

Image source: behance.net


A consistent craving pattern in one color is a sophisticated false ceiling idea.


false ceiling designs for hall
This off-white carved hall false ceiling is as classy as it gets.

Image source: pinterest.com


Wavy designs for hall

 A with a wavy is unique and modern. Also, these false ceilings for hall are suitable for simplistic interiors so that the idea really stands out.


false ceiling designs for hall
Use blue and white cove lights to set the calm mood you want your hall to reflect.

Image source: pinterest.com


Zigzag designs for hall

 For a small hall, you can use a zigzag to make the hall look elongated. This makes the hall seem never-ending. Also, it is an excellent choice when you want to make a small look larger.


zigzag wooden ceiling
This wooden ceiling with a zigzag pattern looks attractive.

Image source: pinterest.com


Canopy false ceilings for hall

Add a twist to your hall false ceiling by making it look like a canopy from the inside. This can be achieved with wooden planks installed in an arched shape.

Also, hang a huge pendant at the center to complete the look. This wooden false ceiling adds a rustic charm to your interiors.


false ceiling designs for hall
A polygon-shaped with wooden beams gives a rustic look.

Image source: justdiydecor.com


Factors to consider before installing a in hall


The hall should ideally be at a height of 9 feet from the ground. Also, the area of the must be calculated according to its size and shape. This helps to order the correct amount of material required.


  • Acoustics

The for hall must provide acoustic control. Also, sound absorbency should be a priority for a comfortable experience in the hall.


  • Electrical wiring

There must be enough space between the and the original ceiling to allow safe wiring for lights and fans.


  • The look of the hall

The hall look must be in tandem with the rest of the hall interiors. Also, there must be harmony among all style elements in the hall, including the false ceiling.


  • Fans

The hall false ceiling with one or two fans differs from a general ceiling style without fans. Also, this gives ample space for installing fans efficiently without hampering the overall look of the false ceiling.


Image gallery: Modern designs for hall

Images sourced from pinterest.com (unless mentioned otherwise)




With the increasing popularity of false ceilings in residential buildings, there is an increasing demand for false ceiling ideas for every aspect of urban homes.

One such aspect is the hall false ceiling with or without one or two fans. Also, options are abundant even when it comes to designs for hall with two fans. Moreover, weigh all your options before jumping into the style of a for your hall.

POP, PVC, Gypsum, and wood are the materials commonly used for designs. All of these materials are suitable for a hall false ceiling.

Also, there is a great variety in styles for hall. From simple and minimalist to royal and luxurious, you can successfully achieve any look for your hall with the correct hall false ceilings.

A lot of careful planning needs to go into the styles for hall. Also, you must keep in mind the dimensions, features, and the already present elements. So, all of these factors need to be considered before shortlisting your designs.

ideas in hall make it look remarkable. Beautiful homes infuse joy into your life. Also, halls need to have the best possible interiors for they are the part of the house visible to guests.

You will definitely make a strong statement with the best modern designs for halls with one, two, or no fans discussed in this article.


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