At Index Fair Mumbai 2023, Canadian Wood showcases its 5 certified wood species

Index fair Mumbai 2023
Index fair Mumbai 2023

FII, the crown agency of the provincial government of British Columbia (B.C.), widely known as Canadian Wood’s sustainable wood species, actively participated in the Index Fair Mumbai 2023 exhibition. The exhibition was held at the Jio Convention Centre, BKC, Mumbai, from 26th to 28th May 2023.

At Pavilion P3, Booth P4, Canadian Wood showcased its high-quality, sustainably-managed wood species. Additionally, the exhibition featured a diverse range of furniture for both indoor and outdoor use, including bedroom furniture, living furniture, island kitchen, bar cabinet, dining area, lumber wall, solid wood door, glass door, stain walls, and louvers screen. Furthermore, the exhibition also featured a collection of outdoor furniture, including wooden benches, pergolas, and outdoor seating areas.

Through active participation in the exhibition, Canadian Wood seeks to promote the sustainability and versatility of its five distinct wood species: Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock, Western Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar, and Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF). In addition, the company’s involvement highlights the limitless design possibilities offered by these wood species. It also aims to showcase British Columbia, Canada’s sustainable forest management practices.


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Furthermore, at Index Fair, Canadian Wood actively participated in a panel discussion on “Furniture for the Future” on May 27. Mr. Pranesh Chhibber, the Country Director of Canadian Wood, joined other industry leaders as a panellist. The discussion shed light on current furniture design trends and emphasized the importance of sustainable materials in the industry.


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Speaking on the Index Fair, Mr. Pranesh Chhibber, Country Director of Canadian Wood said- 

“We are delighted to participate in the prestigious Index Trade Fair, a premier exhibition focused on furniture. Canadian Wood has always had a profound association with furniture. And this exhibition allows us to showcase the incredible applications of our wood in furniture manufacturing. Our presence here signifies our commitment to promoting not only the versatility of wood but also the principles of sustainability and certification.  We are proud to showcase five distinct species of Canadian Wood in various applications, crafted by different Indian manufacturers. Through this exhibition, we aim to inspire and educate our target audience about the endless possibilities that Canadian Wood species offer, and provide them with a glimpse of the exceptional work curated by Indian manufacturers.”


Mr. Pranesh Chibber at Index Fair Mumbai 2023 exhibition talking about sustainable wood species
Mr. Pranesh Chhibber at Index Fair Mumbai 2023 exhibition


For over 30 years, Index Fair Mumbai has been a leading international trade fair, showcasing diverse interior products and services. Additionally, the exhibition occurs annually in different cities, fostering connections and interactions between buyers and suppliers.


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About Forestry Innovation Consulting India Pvt Ltd (Canadian Wood)

FII India is a crown agency of the government of British Columbia (B.C.), the westernmost province of Canada. Its mandate is to promote wood products from B.C. Canada in the offshore markets and to position it as a global supplier of quality, environmentally responsible wood products from sustainably managed forests by creating awareness, spreading education through information and technical support on the wide variety of timber products available from B.C. Canada. Its brand/logo Canadian Wood was established in 2013 to reach out to the ease of understanding of its activities by its target audience globally.


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