Gypsum false ceiling : A definitive guide for you (Prices included)

gypsum false ceiling


boards go by many names. You have probably heard of them before as drywalls, plasterboards, or wallboards. So, let us now understand the importance of these designs for bedrooms, bathrooms, halls, & kitchens.



What is a gypsum board?

Gypsum board is a common word for a group of panel products. Also, these products are used for walls and ceilings. Such panel products comprise a gypsum core with paper surfacing on the front, the back, and the edges.

All used in building and construction consist of a gypsum core. The gypsum core is non-combustible. The different types of depend on the exterior covering. Also, fiberglass and paper are a few of the materials that can cover the gypsum core.

The non-combustible core and paper facers of the gypsum board separate it from other panel products like plywood, fibreboards, and hardboard.



Benefits of

There are several benefits of choosing a gypsum false ceiling:

  • Gypsum board false ceilings come in a ready-to-install form. Also, they are fixed with screws to a metal frame that is attached to the ceiling slab. Screws can fix the gypsum board to the ceiling.
  • A gypsum ceiling has a fast and mess-free method of installation that lessens the dirt during the process of installation.
  • A gypsum board has a continuous, smooth surface. Since these boards are large in size, the number of joints is less. The joints are also covered with a compound that dries quickly.
  • are easy to design, mould, and paint because of their smooth, finished surface.
  • They are manufactured in a factory. As a result, the quality of the gypsum board is consistently good.


Drawbacks of

The designs for bedrooms, halls, kitchens, etc. has a few demerits too:

  • Ceilings made from have to be completely dismantled to repair the damage.
  • Cracks start appearing in the joints of the gypsum ceiling with the passage of time.
  • The ceiling is prone to fungal growth in heavy moisture conditions.
  • are more expensive as compared to some other materials.



Types of False Ceiling

Regular/Standard Gypsum Board

This type of gypsum board is perfect for making false ceilings. Also, the face side is covered with ivory cardboard, the backside with gray cardboard, and the edges with blue tape.


regular gypsum board

Regular gypsum board


Fire Resistance Gypsum Board     

Fire resistance is an important feature people look for in building materials. Also, the fire resistance gypsum board has a pink cardboard face side, pink or grey backside, and red tape-covered edges. This gypsum board is suitable for both residential and commercial buildings.


fire resistant gypsum board

Fire-resistant gypsum board


Moisture-resistant gypsum board

This gypsum board is best for areas that experience heavy moisture. Moisture can turn gypsum board ceilings mouldy. To prevent that, use the moisture-resistant gypsum board.

moisture resistant gypsum board

The face side is covered in green, the backside in grey, and the edges in green tape. This board is suited for both residential and commercial buildings.


Fire and Moisture-Resistant Gypsum Board

As is evident from the name, this gypsum board combines the powers of the fire-resistant and moisture-resistant board. It is resistant to both fires and moisture.


fire and moisture resistant drywall

Fire and moisture-resistant

The fire and moisture-resistant gypsum board is covered by green cardboard on the face side and also the backside. Black tape covers the edges.


Abuse-Resistant Gypsum Panels

These gypsum panels are much better than the standard ones. They offer the following advantages:

  • Resistant to surface indentation
  • Abrasion-proof
  • Damage-free after penetration


abuse resistant drywall

Exterior Gypsum Soffit Board

This is suitable for outdoor areas like canopies and porches. It is resistant to weather exposure.


exterior gypsum board soffit

Soffit board is good for lining the eaves.


Foil-Backed Gypsum Board

To make this gypsum board, laminated aluminium foil is used to cover the back surface of the regular gypsum board. The foil acts as a barrier to vapours.


simple tray ceiling

Impact-Resistant Gypsum Panel

The impact resistance provided by these panels is required for false ceilings in flats. Also, the does not face damage from the activities of the occupants of the flat above.

impact resistant drywall

Sag-Resistant Board

A sag-resistant gypsum board is resistant to the sagging of the ceiling in high-moisture areas.

sag resistant drywall



Water-Resistant Gypsum Board

The gypsum core in this gypsum board is water-resistant. The paper cover is also waterproof.


water resistant gypsum board

Water-resistant gypsum board


Which is better for false ceiling- gypsum or POP?

This is one of the most sought-after answers while building a false ceiling. So, do not fear if you are also confused between gypsum and POP false ceilings. We will try to answer this question in the best possible way.

designs for halls, kitchens, and bedrooms offer easy installation as they are prefabricated. Alsom the installation of a is quite messy and can leave a lot of space.

While POP ceilings offer more flexibility in terms of design, the designing itself is a cumbersome project.

POP false ceilings need to be handled by experts. Otherwise, you may not get the desired result. The building of a also leaves a lot of wastage.

With gypsum, there is less for experiment. However, the installation is fast and simple. No mess is created during installation.

The look of the is elegant. Plus, come in many types to provide protection against various difficulties.

For the reasons discussed above, gypsum false ceilings are the latest emerging trend in metropolitan cities. POP false ceilings, though cheaper, are less preferred.

To understand this, we need to understand the buying capacity of homeowners. buyers want a better finish and longer durability for their ceiling. Hence, they don’t mind the slightly higher price of gypsum.


Click here to read more on POP false ceilings.


Here are some beautiful designs for bedrooms and halls you can take inspiration from:


Hall gypsum false ceiling

Add a touch of elegance to your hall with this curved gypsum ceiling. are a good match for gypsum false ceilings.


gypsum false ceiling design


Bedroom gypsum false ceiling

A circular gypsum for the master bedroom looks stylish.


gypsum false ceiling



This geometric gypsum false complements the hall & sitting room.


gypsum false ceiling design sitting room


Kitchen gypsum ceiling design

Make your space look polished with a plain white ceiling design.


gypsum false ceiling kitchen


Bathrooms look lovelier with a design.


bathroom gypsum false ceiling


Office reception area gypsum false ceiling

Transform an office space with this majestic design.


gypsum false ceiling reception area


Children’s bedroom

Use bright colors and fun designs for a kid’s bedroom ceiling.


kids bedroom ceiling design



are great for corridor ceilings. They give a clean, polished look to corridors.


gypsum false ceiling corridor



Use appropriate decorative to enhance your ceiling.


decorative gypsum ceiling design


Simple gypsum false

Straight lines are always a good choice for a simple ceiling design for halls & bedrooms.


simple tray ceiling

Precautions to take during the installation of

    • Level the original ceiling first.
    • Be accurate in the marking for the false ceiling.
    • Complete the wiring before the are installed.
    • The section joints should be covered with joint fillers for a smooth look.
    • Install the lights after the gypsum ceiling is installed.
    • Paint the ceiling in the end.


 Best brands for gypsum false ceiling solutions in India

The most successful enterprises dealing in gypsum board products in India are:



Gyproc is one of the market leaders in the building construction industry in India for the last 30 years. Also, the products manufactured by Gyproc are a functional, essential, and sustainable part of modern architecture.

Gyproc is owned by the Saint-Gobain group. Also, it provides plaster and plasterboard solutions for buildings in 67 countries. Gyproc is a popular choice.



Armstrong World Industries (AWI) is an solutions enterprise. With the experience of over 150 years, Armstrong offers some of the best ceiling products in the industry.

The products of Armstrong increase building efficiency and enhance comfort. Also, Armstrong solutions are used throughout the world in residential, commercial, educational, and healthcare facilities.



SHERA is a Thai company that provides solutions for raising building standards. It is an environmentally-conscious organization.

SHERA products are eco-friendly. The construction procedures are low-waste and energy-efficient. The products ensure faster and cleaner construction.


USG Boral

In October 2013, two major companies- USG Corporation and Boral Limited- embarked on a joint venture. USG Boral was the name of this joint venture.

USG Boral delivers innovative and technological solutions for better buildings. It offers safe, quick, and less expensive options for construction.

Aslo, sustainability is an important concern of USG Boral. The company’s and ceiling solutions are aimed at sustainable innovations.



Gypcore provides durable, practical, and cost-efficient gypsum solutions to contractors and designers.

It has emerged as one of the leading suppliers of and gypsum-based plasters. They also manufacture joint-fillers.

The brand relies on the latest technologies which are green and sustainable.


price in India

The price depends on the thickness of the board. So, the below consists of the information pertaining to false ceilings.


Thickness (in mm) Minimum Price (Rs. per sq. ft.) Maximum Price (Rs. per sq. ft.)
1 40 450
10 20 240
12 40 150
16 50 110


For example, for a 10×10 room, the total area of the ceiling is 100 square feet. So, suppose you use a 16 mm thick gypsum board. In that case, the price of your would be anywhere between Rs 5000 and Rs 11,000.


Gypsum false ceilings –  Image gallery



A for bedrooms & halls is made with gypsum boards. Also, remain prefabricated materials used for building walls and ceilings.

They come in large in size and the joints remain covered with joint fillers. Also, gypsum ceiling boards come with several benefits. The installation is easy, quick, and clean.

There are a few disadvantages that pose. However, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

There are several types of for ceilings. So, each of them has a specific feature that provides more protection to the board.

A frequently asked question is which is the best for bedrooms & halls between gypsum and POP. Both materials remain commonly used in the construction of false ceilings.

The has a time-consuming installation process. It is also messy and causes waste. It is more flexible and less expensive than Gypsum.

Nevertheless, the benefits of are more. Gypsum is, therefore, the more preferred material for ceilings.

There are many beautiful and elegant options for gypsum board designs. Also, they can suit residential as well as commercial buildings.

The best brands for gypsum products are Gyproc, Armstrong, SHERA, USG Boral, and Gypcore.

The price differs from brand to brand. It also depends on the thickness of the gypsum board.

A gypsum designer ceiling is one of the best choices. The elegant and functional efficiency of a gypsum board for bedrooms & halls are worth the investment.


If you want to buy top-quality ceiling solutions from the best brands, click on the link given below to check your options and submit your inquiries:

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