living room

living room

ViClean-IH+ - intelligent shower toilet by villeroy & boch in a beige bathroom with a shower and washbasin
Sanitaryware Products

Villeroy & Boch ViClean-IH+ intelligent shower toilet: Unrivalled hygiene for daily needs

The ViClean-IH+ provides unrivalled hygiene and guarantees maximum cleanliness and safety. It is an integrated intelligent toilet by Villeroy & Boch that merges elegant design …

Pranesh Chhibber, Country Director, FII (Canadian Wood) India
ArchitectureFiberboard | LaminatesFurniture

Canadian Wood appreciates the passion, skill, and craft of partners like MAS Furniture: Pranesh Chhibber

In a recent interaction, spoke to Pranesh Chhibber, Country Director of FII India, and Shabbir Vagh, Chief Executive Officer of MAS Furniture – a …

white soft close telescopic drawer channel and slide manufacturers and brands in india to buy in bulk
Architectural, Furniture, Kitchen Fittings & Hardware

Top telescopic channel / drawer slide manufacturers & brands in India

Drawer slides play an important role in enhancing the durability and functionality of drawers. While they are often neglected, they facilitate the opening and closing …

Blum furniture & fittings display experience centre inauguration in Bangalore in partnership with Fabluxe Home Solutions
Architectural, Furniture, Kitchen Fittings & Hardware

Blum India inaugurates an outstanding Experience Centre in Bangalore

Blum, the global frontrunner in inventive furniture and kitchen fittings, has announced the inaugural of its newest Experience Centre in Bangalore to display its expansive …

godrej modular kitchen fittings and storage solutions, SKIDO drawers, pantry unit, tall unit, and organiser
Architectural, Furniture, Kitchen Fittings & HardwareKitchensModular Kitchen Accessories

Godrej modular kitchen fittings: Smart storage solutions for the modern Indian kitchen

As a modern Indian kitchen user, you may have many expectations from the kitchen in your home. At the core, your kitchen should be an …

World wood day discussions by candian wood in collaboration with Building Material Report to promote wood as a sustainable building material
ArchitectureFenestrationFiberboard | Laminates

Canadian Wood celebrates World Wood Day 2024 with architectural community in Mumbai

Canadian Wood officially known as Forestry Innovation Consulting India Pvt Ltd (FII India) is the British Columbia (B.C.) provincial government’s crown corporation. The distinguished company …

Industry Talks Banner - premium Fenestration market industry in india

Industry Talks with B&I – Premium Fenestration Market in India

Premium fenestration market in India has come a long way. The doors and windows market, essentially comprising the fenestration market, has had major challenges due …

hanging lights in a dining space with marble top dining table and accent chairs
Interior DesignLighting

Hanging lights simplified: Dimensions, drawings & designs (Buy now!)

Proper lighting is an absolute essential that makes any space workable and liveable. Whether it’s your office or home, a proper lighting plan is a …

Nilesh Shah, KPC distributors LLP, Racold water heater distributor
Channel Partner Talk

Channel Partner Talk (Racold water heater distributor in Bangalore) – KPC Distributors LLP

Water heating solutions offer comfort and convenience to households and businesses alike. They are essential in maintaining proper hygiene in regions with colder climates or …

premium modular switches market in India
Electrical Products | Electrical Accessories

Industry Talks with B&I – Premium Modular Switches Market in India

The Indian modular switches market has come a long way over the last 2 decades. Gone are the days when modular switches meant plain white …

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