Shop for modern chairs at best price (66 Designs & buyer’s guide)

Beautiful blue peacock design sculptural furniture placed outside, surrounded by trees and plants.
Beautiful blue peacock design sculptural furniture placed outside, surrounded by trees and plants.

Although a chair is one of the most basic pieces of furniture in any setting, it can add a distinctive character to your space. While it serves an essential function, it can also be an aesthetic addition to your room, enhancing its overall look and vibe. Searching for chairs that offer a balanced mix of functionality and aesthetics that complement your home, office or commercial space is a worthwhile investment. Apart from being attractive, it is important to ensure that your choice is comfortable and practical for your space. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of all the different types available in the market, such as plastic, metal, study, gaming, or office chairs.

So, to make your job easier, we have compiled a comprehensive guide classifying them based on the material and the purpose they serve along with convenient buying options for hassle-free shopping.




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Urban Ladder DSW Side Plastic Chair Replica

A plastic chair with wooden legs and fabric upholstery set against a wooden wall complementing a wooden stand.

B U Y  H E R E 


Sirohi Beige Acapulco Upcycled Plastic Chair

furniture item with upcycled seat and steel frame placed in a garden.

B U Y  H E R E 


BoConcept Adelaide Plastic Chair

a modern and minimalistic living room with wood furniture

B U Y  H E R E 


Jaypore Brown Solid Wooden Armchair

brown solid armchair set inside a modern white room complementing a stand with an indoor plant

B U Y  H E R E 


BoConcept Charlotte

a modern living room with white furniture and a white textured rug underneath.

B U Y  H E R E


Vyom Pentagon Wood Chair

Wooden chair with blue cushioning and eccentric pentagon design

B U Y  H E R E 


At-Home Ariel Occasional Chair

Beautiful white rattan chair placed in a home setting over a multicolored rug complementing a black metal lamp

B U Y  H E R E 


DTALE Modern Caroline Rattan Accent Armchair

a lviing room with wooden floors with a mix of wooden and rattan furniture.

B U Y  H E R E 


Freedom Tree Butterfly Accent Chair

Multicolored rattan chair with metal legs and an eccentric butterfly design

B U Y  H E R E 


BoConcept Imola 

a modern living room with white and black color furniture, an indoor plant and a rug underneath.

B U Y  H E R E 


West Elm Modern Petal Fully Upholstered Dining Chair

a modern room set in a white room with a bowl of fruits and a lamp in frame.

B U Y  H E R E 


BoConcept Ottawa

a dining room with black plastic chairs, bookshelf, lamp and wall painting in frame.

B U Y  H E R E 


Herman Miller Embody Office Chair

blue office or study chair in an office with a black desk, a desk plant and a glass door.

B U Y  H E R E 


Artline Meshchair 

office set up with working station, wall painting and indoor plants, office and study chair

B U Y  H E R E 


Herman Miller Sayl Task Armchair

working station with wooden flooring and desk accessories.

B U Y  H E R E 


Adiko Systems Elegant Designer Gaming Chair

plastic office study gaming chair and work station with lamp and indoor plants.

B U Y  H E R E 


Casa Moderna Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair With Led Lights

Gaming chairs with Led lights

B U Y  H E R E 


Pepperfry Panther Gaming Chair

gaming plastic office study chair with wooden flooring and white walls.

B U Y  H E R E 


Home Centre Quadro Aero Mesh Office Study Chair

study station with wooden flooring and indoor plants, plastic office chair

B U Y  H E R E 


Freedom Tree Wicker Office Study chair

wicker study station with wooden flooring and patterned rug, wood office chair with plastic wheels

B U Y  H E R E 


West Elm Finley Office Study Chair

white office and study chair in a home setting with wooden flooring, a multi colored rug, white desk and white lamp

B U Y  H E R E 


Wooden Street Manual Single Seater Recliner With Swivel And Glider

white recliner in a living room with wooden flooring, white walls, house plant and white bookshelf

B U Y  H E R E 


Evok Elimo Fabric 1 Seater Manual Recliner In Blue

blue recliner in a home setting with a brown side stand, lamp and a house plant


Boconcept Athena With Reclining Back Function And Swivel Base

living room with monochromatic white furniture and a textured rug.


Oncarnival AF-C02B Dining Chair

A dining room with a white center-table, wall decorations and a house plant


BoConcept Adelaide With Swivel Function

A modern room with black rug, a black cabinet and a black sidetable


Hokybo 91 Model In Mahogany Glossy Finish Rosewood Color

multicolored dining furniture placed in a home setting with wood flooring, wall painting, lamp and an eccentric table


GKW Retail Heated Full Body Massage Armchair & Recliner

Gray massager in a home setting with a textured rug, house plant, side table and a small wall painting


Robotouch Zest Full Body Massage Armchair

Red seat in a home setting with small wall paintings set on a white wall


GKW Retail Black Leatherette Heated Massage Armchair

black massager chair in a home setting with textured rug, side table and small wall paintings


Carrter Rachel Bean Bag

attractive yellow bean-bag with footrest, side table, guitar and a house plant


Pepperfry Tierra XXXL Printed Bean Bag With Beans In Multicolour

multicolored bean-bag in a home setting with wooden flooring, side table, blue cabinet and a house plant


Godrej Interio Comfy Bean Bags – XL

Bean-bag placed on a textured rug in a home setting with a metal lamp and a houseplant


Craftshades Retro Handmade Leather Butterfly Chair

brown leather folding-chair with metal legs placed in a home setting with wooden flooring and a lamp


Home Centre Helios Zoho Brown Sheesham Wood Folding Dining Chair

brown wooden foldable chair placed in a home setting with wooden floors, a side table and a house plant


Urban Ladder Bellucci Folding Chair

wooden furniture in a living room with a lamp, side table and a textured rug underneath


Godecor Hub Ruggustóll Recliner Wooden Rocker

a bedroom with wooden furniture and a rug underneath.


Casa Moderna Plush Lazy Rocker

bedroom with wooden flooring and metal furniture with padded seats.


Orange Tree Jeyo Rocker

living room with wooden furniture, bookshelf, window view and a rug underneath.


Base 53 Nordic Living Room Wrought Iron Armchair Table Coffee Shop

Mock cafe set up with metal furniture, wooden flooring and green curtains.


West Elm Portside Outdoor Bistro Folding Chairs, Weathered Gray, Set of 2

Mock cafe outdoors setup with wooden furniture, plants and trees.


BentChair Lucia

eccentric furniture and wall paintings in a cafe.


Magnolia Seher Armchair

Beautiful Armchair in a living room with a n eccentric wooden box used as a table, with potted flowers and a lamp


The Happy Hogar Euclid Accent Armchair

living room with beige colored furniture and metal stand.


BoConcept Fusion

living room with bookshelf, lamp and indoor plant.


GKW Retail Kids Armchair

kids room with patterned rug, bookshelf and wall painting.


Pepperfry Guava Chair In Green Colour

green colored kids plastic chair placed in a home setting with a potted flower and a wall painting.


GKW Retail Ultra Comfort Kids Chair

kids sofa with green rug and red kids toy.


Freedom Tree Trapeze Accent Armchair

living room with a grey chair, floor lamp and orange wall


Evok Atmos Accent Chair In Black Colour

black accent chair placed on a carpeted floor

Price list of chairs available online – An overview


Brand Product MRP
Urban Ladder Urban Ladder DSW Side Plastic Chair Replica 12,899
BoConcept BoConcept Adelaide Plastic Chair 52,450
Vyom Vyom Pentagon Wood Chair 39,490
BoConcept BoConcept Charlotte 2,89,600
At-Home At-Home Ariel Occasional Chair 17,900
DTALE Modern DTALE Modern Caroline Rattan Armchair 59,900
BoConcept BoConcept Imola 7,30,900
West Elm West Elm Modern Petal Upholstered Dining Chair 27,500
BoConcept BoConcept Ottawa 36,950
Artline Artline Meshchair 21,300
Adiko Systems Adiko Systems Elegant Designer Gaming Chair 29,059
Casa Moderna Casa Moderna Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair 13,999
Pepperfry Pepperfry Panther Gaming Chair 36,000
Home Centre Home Centre Quadro Aero Mesh Office Study Chair 12,165
Freedom Tree Freedom Tree Wicker Office Study Chair 44,600
Wooden Street Wooden Street Manual Single Seater Recliner With Swivel And Glider 55,000
BoConcept Boconcept Athena With Reclining Back Function And Swivel Base 2,96,450
Hokybo Hokybo 91 Model In Mahogany Glossy Finish 38,400
GKW Retail GKW Retail Heated Full Body Massage Armchair 52,999
Robotouch Robotouch Zest Massage Armchair 4,49,000
GKW Retail GKW Retail Black Leatherette Heated Massage Armchair 39,999
Pepperfry Pepperfry Tierra XXXL Bean Bag 6,799
Godrej Interio Godrej Interio Comfy Bean Bags 5,023
Craftshades Craftshades Retro Leather Butterfly Chair 8,999
Home Centre Home Centre Helios Zoho Brown Folding Chair 14,995
Urban Ladder Urban Ladder Bellucci Folding Chair 9,499
Godecor Hub Godecor Hub Ruggustóll Recliner Wooden Rocker 35,000
Casa Moderna Casa Moderna Plush Lazy Rocker 35,000
Orange Tree Orange Tree Jeyo Rocker 26,199
West Elm West Elm Portside Outdoor Folding Chairs 40,000
Magnolia Magnolia Seher Armchair 67,750
The Happy Hogar The Happy Hogar Euclid Accent Armchair 1,20,000
BoConcept BoConcept Fusion 4,30,800
GKW Retail GKW Retail Kids Armchair 14,999
Pepperfry Pepperfry Guava Chair 4,300
GKW Retail GKW Retail Ultra Comfort Kids Chair 16,999
Freedom Tree Freedom Tree Trapeze Accent Armchair 35,200
Evok Evok Atmos Accent Chair 29,990
BoConcept BoConcept Adelaide 1,39,400


Basic guide for chair selection

First, let’s have a look at some basic things you must consider before buying one for yourself-



First and foremost, consider the amount of money you are willing to spend. It is relevant to note that a chair is, in a way, a long-term investment. So, investing a little extra money in a good quality, aesthetic yet comfortable chair may be worthwhile.


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Some chairs are designed to serve a specific function and their overall look differs according to the purpose they serve. For example, a basic plastic chair inside an office setting would be a misfit and affect the overall vibe of your workplace. Similarly, a café adorning office chairs would also ruin its comfy and cosy vibe. Therefore, it is important to be mindful of the purpose for which you are making the purchase and ensure that you buy accordingly.


Space available

Another basic factor to consider is the space you have available to work with. Chairs come in all shapes and sizes, therefore, they must be proportionate to the size of the room, otherwise, it will be an impractical choice. A simple rule to follow is, that a compact room must not be filled with big, space-consuming furniture as it will not look aesthetically pleasing.


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Chairs serve a very basic function and are used regularly. Therefore, it is important to invest in a good quality piece that would last you a long time.



An ergonomically designed chair will prove to be a sensible investment for your long-term health. Keeping in mind factors like comfort, health, and posture, an ergonomic chair is specially made to provide the best possible support to the body. For that reason, ergonomics is specially used in designing office, gaming, and study chairs.  Consider the following factors while purchasing one for yourself:


Seat height

The seat height must be fully adjustable; this will allow people of varying heights to sit comfortably in it. The ideal seat height is when your feet lie flat on the floor, your knees form a 90-degree angle when bent, your elbows also form a 90 to a 100-degree angle and your forearms are parallel to the desk.


Seat width and depth

The width and depth of the seat must be sufficient to support any person comfortably. The typical width is 17 to 20 inches and the depth should be sufficient to enable the user to be seated with his back against the backrest while allowing for a space of around 2 to 4 inches between the back of the knees and the seat.


Lumbar support

It is essential that the lower back is adequately supported. Since, around this area, the spine has an inward curve and if it is not properly supported, it stresses the lower spine. An ergonomic office chair must have flexible lumbar support allowing adjustment of both height and depth.


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It should offer complete upper and middle back support to the user, ensuring that injury or back pain is avoided. The backrest must have a width of around 12 to 19 inches allowing it to support the natural curve of the spine. It must be adjustable at a forward and backward angle along with a locking mechanism to secure the adjusted angle in place. A reclining angle between 110° and 130° results in the lowest backpressure.


Seat material

The seat should be suitably padded to ensure comfort while sitting for extended periods. Breathable cloth fabric is favoured over a hard surface.



The armrest should be such that the user’s arms are comfortably placed and their shoulders are relaxed. While typing, the elbows and the lower arms should be lightly rested and the forearm should not rest on the armrest.


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It must possess the ability to rotate easily allowing the user a wider range of motion to reach for different areas of their desk without causing strain.


Types of chairs based on material

When we make a distinction based on material, we have to note that sometimes more than one kind of material is used in the manufacturing process. For example, a plastic chair may be a blend of metal legs and a plastic seat or a gaming chair may have steel legs along with a padded plastic frame. The blend of various materials in one piece, at times, produces striking results adding to its overall appeal. This intermingling of materials is also reflected in the number of buying options we have carefully selected and displayed.


Plastic chairs

Plastic chairs are commonplace in every household, office, or commercial space. The reason behind their popularity is simple; these are cheap, durable, and lightweight which makes them affordable and portable. Plastic chairs are also easy to maintain requiring only soap and water to clean them. These can withstand natural elements such as the sun, snow, and rain a lot better as compared to other materials like wood. Their durability makes them versatile and fit to be used both indoors as well as outdoors. However, one of the downsides of plastic chairs is that it does not look elegant or expensive.


Wooden chairs 

These are also quite popular and common in households. They are strong, long-lasting, and make for attractive additions to a room. Moreover, they give a classic yet elegant look and can be styled and designed easily.

While these are perfectly capable of surviving daily wear and tear, they need to be maintained with varnish and other chemicals as they are susceptible to termite infestation.


Rattan chairs

Rattan is a fibrous plant-like bamboo and can be used as wood to make furniture. Furniture made from rattan is making a comeback this year! With increasing popularity, it is also a good option to add to your space. Moreover, these are lightweight, durable, and can be used outdoors.


Metal chairs

These are made using various metals including stainless steel, carbon steel, iron, and aluminium. These are stronger and sturdier as compared to other materials such as wood or plastic. In addition, these are highly durable with the ability to withstand daily wear and tear. These are also relatively easy to maintain. However, their weight is a downside making them less convenient to carry.


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Types of chairs based on functionality 

When it comes to functionality, office, study, and gaming chairs are the most sought-after options. However,  due to changing trends, people have now started taking a more holistic approach toward furniture by opting for pieces that offer both comfort and style.

There are several ways to put this holistic approach into practice-


Chairs come in all sorts of designs to match the overall theme of a home or commercial space. For example, as the name suggests, an egg chair is very unconventionally styled without compromising comfort or practicality. Similarly, a Panton chair sports an S-shaped design ditching the traditional 4-legged model. On the other hand, a peacock design is elegant yet eccentric. In the same way, armchairs can be given a classier, more premium feels by using leather to complement the wooden frame.


Using funky patterns is another way to add visual appeal. Pieces sporting large geometric patterns or nature-inspired patterns such as birds or flowers can make for an attractive option. Likewise, an intricately carved pattern on wood gives a graceful and classy feel.

Taking into account the above-mentioned approach, here are a few types of chairs classified on the basis of their functionality:


Ergonomic office chairs 

Since you will be spending the majority of your working hours in an office chair, great caution must be exercised before selecting it. Remember, the more comfortable you are in your office chair, the more productive you will be.


Gaming chairs

Gaming chairs are specially designed keeping in mind the comfort of a gamer. Sporting a high backrest, gaming chairs provide adequate support to the back, shoulders, arms, and neck.


Study chairs

A study chair is designed to ensure that a good posture is maintained while studying. Students nowadays are under a lot of pressure due to their hectic schedules and the increasing competition. Sitting and studying for extended periods strains the body. Therefore, it is important to buy a good quality, comfortable study chair that can adequately support the body for maximum productivity.



Recliner chairs

In a recliner, the user can lower the back of the chair which either simultaneously raises its footrest or it may be manually raised. They provide a lot of comfort and support to the user.


Dining chairs

These are placed around a dining table and are generally used during meals. Therefore, they are mostly used in homes and commercial spaces like restaurants and hotels. They must have an elegant or classy look as this area of your house needs to look presentable and aesthetic when guests come over for lunch or dinner.


Massage chairs

Typically, these are of two types- traditional and robotic. A traditional massage chair is designed to provide the masseur access to the head, shoulders, and back of their clients. A robotic massage chair, on the other hand, is equipped with electronic vibrators and motors which imitate the hand motions of a masseur.


Bean bag chairs 

Bean bags are simply cloth or fabric filled with beans. These too provide comfort and support to the user and can be a quirky addition to your space. These are affordable with a minimalistic design and come in a variety of colours and sizes, and can quickly liven up your room.


Folding chairs

These are convenient options for commercial spaces such as restaurants, hotels, or venues that cater to different events. These are lightweight and collapsible making them a good option for easy storage and convenient transportation.


Rocking chairs

These have a curved band attached to their legs that acts as a rocker and produces a calming back-and-forth motion which causes relaxation to the user. They can be used to ease back pain or by newbie parents since the back-and-forth motion can calm babies and help them fall asleep faster.


Café chairs

The popularity of a café depends upon the quality of the food offered and its overall ambience and aesthetic appeal. In this day and age where people are determined to document every second of their life and post it on social media, an aesthetically pleasing café can quickly become an attractive destination. Therefore, the chairs must complement and go along with the overall vibe or theme of the café otherwise they will seem like a misfit and affect the aesthetic appeal of the space.



An armchair is a variation of chairs with fixed sides that support the arms or elbows of the user. These are comfortable and the arm support enables the user to easily sit in, or get out of the chair. Therefore, these are preferable options for the elderly or people with medical problems.


Kids chairs

When looking for a chair for kids, apart from factors like comfort and durability, one must also look for fun, kid-friendly designs in beautiful bright colours as these are more attractive to kids. These generally appear in small sizes and are used mainly by kindergartens or schools.


Why shop from B&Is list?

Buying from our list would be worth your money because we have scoured the internet to come up with a diverse list of buying options. Furthermore, we have displayed a minimum of three buying options for every type of chair available on our list and have also provided you with a convenient overview of their prices.


15+ Elegant and quirky chair ideas to fit your style (Image gallery)





Which type of chair is best for long hours of sitting?

The high-back chair is ideal for sitting for extended periods of time. These chairs are ideal because they give your neck and vertebral column additional support. So, if you have back issues and need continuous back support, consider buying a high-back chair.


How to choose chairs for your living room?

Any furniture item for the living room has to be carefully selected based on several factors. It must be appealing enough to complement the home decor while also being supportive and sturdy enough to support the weight and antics of both young and old people.


Which type of chair is best for the spine?

Saddle chairs are best for the spine as they encourage improved spinal alignment across the body, especially the upper body. These chairs, even when compared to other ergonomically designed chairs, lower the risk of injury.


What are the qualities of a good chair?

A good chair is made up of strong and durable material. Moreover, the seat and the back should have enough padding, specifically in the area where the lower back comes in contact with the chair. The best materials to go for are those that are breathable. Consider having a chair with armrests because that reduces the pressure on your lower back.


How to adjust your office chair to get the best posture?




A direct consequence of technological advancement is that most of us have now embraced a sedentary lifestyle. We spend long hours sitting on a chair either working or studying. Therefore, it has become important to invest in a chair that is conducive to good posture and by extension good health. Apart from being highly functional, it can also be used to add to the visual appeal of a room. It comes in all sorts of trendy, quirky, or elegant designs to match your style. So, whether you are looking for a study chair, gaming chair, or something futuristic, mid-century, utilitarian, or modern, use this article as a guide to select and shop for your best fit.


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