living room

living room

interiors of a living room
Interior Design

A homeowner’s guide to living room renovation

Homeowners commonly prioritize their living room when planning to renovate their houses. It’s not a surprise, especially since families spend most of their time bonding …

brown house with stylish new modern window grill designs for simple homes

Window grill design: Modern & stylish iron, wooden, stainless steel designs

Windows are the source of sublime natural light, and we cannot just do without them. Nor can we do without the window grill designs for …

Black and white modular kitchen setting
Interior DesignKitchens

Kitchen setting ideas: You definitely need to know these (37+ designs)

The kitchen is a crucial room in the house, and its setting is very personal. From a small kitchen setup to a big one, everything …

bohemian living room with macrame wall hanging
Interior Design

33+ Head-turning wall hangings for modern homes (Shop here!)

Any space can be defined properly with the addition of attractive artworks and wall hangings. All homes – small apartments or big mansions are incomplete …

Sunrooof living room
Ceiling Solutions

MAGPPIE launches SUNROOOF. A revolutionary Wellness Ceiling System that transforms any ceiling into the sky

In contemporary homes, many indoor spaces lack the luxury of natural light, rendering them dull, gloomy, and dispiriting. Basements, in particular, often remain underutilized due …

the latest modern TV unit designs for living room walls, hall & bedroom
FurnitureInterior Design

51 Modern TV unit designs to make online shopping hassle-free

Like any other piece of furniture, entertainment units or modern TV units are often huge and take up a lot of space. A unique TV …

Simple small modern white colour living room with neutral colour scheme
FurnitureInterior DesignLighting

29+ budget-friendly living room decoration ideas

The living room, more than any other room in your house, demands consideration in terms of interior design ideas and decorating items. You spend as …

mdf boards
Fiberboard | LaminatesFlooring SolutionsFurniture

MDF board: All you need to know about this engineered wood product (24 designs)

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is manufactured by grinding up residual hardwood or softwood pieces into fine particles, mixing them with wax and a resin binder, …

indoor plants in a living room
Interior Design

Indoor plants designing guide (+41 shopping options)

Indoor plants, also referred to as houseplants, have become an integral element of every house these days. These largely contribute to the home interior design. …

Best Decorative Lights

Decorative Lighting- A “how to” digest that interior designers swear by (39+ images)

So, your room has natural lights entering from the proper doors and window systems and some dull decorative lights as well. But, there’s something amiss. …

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