living room

living room

brown modern bedroom with hanging lights, chandelier, simple white room rug design, side table and indoor plants, door design
Interior Design

Simple bedroom design: 35+ Opulent ideas, mistakes & remedies

The right design elements in home decor can have a positive impact on your mental health and well-being. An effective home design can reduce stress, …

Nature themed wall mural art for outdoor walls
Interior DesignWall Coverings (Paints)

Painting a mural: DIY step-by-step digest (19+ Designs)

Mural painting is a beautiful and impactful way to transform a dull and uninteresting wall into a stunning work of art. One can depict a …

Hall colour combination with peachy hues
Interior DesignWall Coverings (Paints)

Hall colour combination: 15 ideas & tips for amazing transformation

Colours hold a world of meaning, conveying emotion and speaking a language unique to each of us. So, it is pertinent that we give the …

metal console table with marble tabletop for storage
FurnitureInterior Design

Buy console table online at best price (29 Designs & styling ideas)

One of the most versatile pieces of living room furniture, console tables reflect a perfect balance of style and function. They are ideal for everything, …

A large houseplant downstairs
Interior Design

21 Affordable large planter & pot designs you must buy online!

A lot of people enjoy gardening as a hobby. However, not everyone has enough room in their homes to set up a garden. Large planters …

Interior Design

Spider Plant: Guide to style, care for & grow indoors (Buy online)

Chlorophytum Comosum, known as spider plant or airplane plant, is one of the most adaptable indoor plants. It is the easiest to grow, as care …

round wall lights adding beauty to your space can be used in bathroom and bedroom
Interior DesignLighting

Buy wall lights online for every room at best price in India

The perfect lighting can do wonders for your house by transforming dull and gloomy rooms into vibrant and gorgeous spaces. Whether you are illuminating your …

beautiful and classic living room with designer ceiling lights, sofa, coffee table, rug
FurnitureInterior DesignLighting

20 modern living room design ideas, mistakes & decor images

Whether you’re working on an empty space while designing or a crowded room while remodelling, knowing where to start can be difficult. Although professionals make …

Graceful Christmas decoration ideas and decor items for your tree and home
Interior Design

Christmas decorations: 19+ decor ideas to amplify the festive vibes

Christmas is around the corner. Hence, there is no better way to get into the season’s spirit than by gathering all the best decor ideas …

Colourful exteriors
ArchitectureInterior Design

Vastu Shastra: Design principles & tips to invite positivity in home

A house becomes a home when it radiates the right kind of energy. Vastu Shastra helps you to attain this energy in your house. Hence, …

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