43 stylish modern mandir design ideas for home living room walls

marble mandir, backlit mandir, intricate design
marble mandir, backlit mandir, intricate design

The mandir of our home is the most venerated space. Be it calm or chaos, you would be drawn to complete your pooja ritual every day and experience mindfulness. For a space of such significance, it is crucial to do the best that you can, design-wise. While we pour our artistic thoughts into home design, we focus on the modern living room, bedroom, or kitchen, while the mandir often gets overlooked. Consequently, the most revered corner of your home ends up looking modest and unwieldy. Amongst the material choices from marble to wooden, you can expect to have the most stylish & modern mandir design for your home hall or kitchen, fixed on your wall or standalone.

The design of your mandir coalesces with the stylish decor of the modern home. It does not imply that your mandir must always look grand or ultra-luxe. You can work your space limitations to strike the happy medium between the design and the dimensions.




Shop for stylish mandir designs


Mandir design #1 – D’Dass Multicolour Sheesham Wood & MDF Mandir

white and blue prayer unit with an idol

B U Y  H E R E 


Mandir design #2 – OMKARA Solid Wood Handcrafted Free Standing Temple

white prayer unit with idols, candles and storage

B U Y  H E R E 


Mandir design #3 – Devoto Solid Wood Free Standing Prayer Unit

brown prayer unit with decorative items

B U Y  H E R E 


Mandir design #4 – Saraf Solid Wood Aradhya Home Temple

brown prayer unit with a rug, plant and idols

B U Y  H E R E 


Mandir design #5 – ExoticIndia 96″ Super Large Designer Wooden Temple

brown prayer unit with dome

B U Y  H E R E 


Mandir design #6 – AtoZ India Cart Traditional Home Temple 

white prayer unit with dome

B U Y  H E R E 


Mandir design #7 – GKW RETAIL Mandir: Rajasthani Ethnic Handcrafted Wooden Temple

brown prayer unit with golden accents

B U Y  H E R E 


Mandir design #8 – Homecentre Chakra Prayer Unit – Brown

brown prayer unit with carved design

B U Y  H E R E 


Mandir design #9 – D’Das Blue Sheesham Wood & Mdf Pooja Mandir Without Door

blue prayer unit with curtains

B U Y  H E R E 


Mandir design #10 – Indie Krafts Mandir (Temple)

brown carved prayer unit with dome

B U Y  H E R E 


Stylish modern mandir designs for your home


Stylish modern mandir design #11 – Corner design


Stylish mandir design for living room wall for a modern home with a rug
A corner mandir arrangement

Image Source: DPA Design


You can get creative with your space and add an interesting separation between your living room and the pooja mandap. To store your pooja essentials, add a couple of drawers.


Stylish modern mandir design #12 – Portable mandir


brown Stylish mandir design for living room wall for a modern home
Small mandir with jaali doors

Image Source: Ignitus Architectural Studio


These are mini mandirs and are ideal for special occasions. These portable mandirs allow you to experience the joy of having a mandir at home for a grand pooja.


Stylish modern mandir design #13 – Wall mounted temple in the living room


brown Stylish mandir design for living room wall for a modern home
Graceful and divine

Image Source: Design Cafe


Wall mount mandir designs blend into decor of any kind. Your mandir design can be affixed to the wall, and you can place your idols and other materials in the allocated space.


Stylish modern mandir design #14 – Minimalistic vibe


brown Stylish mandir design for living room wall for a modern home
Simplicity redefined

Image Source: Design Cafe


Opt for a simple but stylish modern mandir design for home made out of the materials like wood or marble. You may settle this mandir in one corner, and it will dazzle you with its resplendence.


Stylish modern mandir design #15 – Traditional wooden mandir


brown Stylish mandir design for living room wall for a modern home with decorative lighting
Ornate details

Image Source: Megha Design Studio


Many hanker for a designated mandir space. You may go for a stylish modern mandir design for home with small wooden doors or a jaali pattern nestled in your hall, that fascinates your heart.


Stylish modern mandir design #16 – Space-saving idea


Stylish mandir design for living room wall for a modern home without a door
Optimize space

Image Source: 42 MM


You may also opt for shelving units to place your idol. For a grander look, install hanging bells around it for the true mandir appearance.


Stylish modern mandir design #17 – Backlit panel


Beautiful backlit panel

Image Source: Pinterest


Just because your mandir is in a small space does not mean it will not reflect your avant-garde tastes. You may experiment with different backgrounds like backlit panels that give a glow to your idol.


Stylish modern mandir design #18 – Wood and marble


dark brown Stylish mandir design for living room wall for a modern home
Marvelous marble mandap

Image Source: Pinterest


If you are flummoxed with the range of options and do not want to let go of magnificent marble and palatial wood, you may combine both. You can also install backlit panels to bring about that radiance in your mandir.


Stylish modern mandir design #19 – Temple theme


brown Stylish mandir design for living room wall for a modern home with bells and doors
Grand pooja room design

Image Source: ACE Associates


For an opulent design, install a false ceiling in your wooden mandir and experiment with different lighting options for a heartfelt temple aura.


Stylish modern mandir design #20 – Marble mandir


white round Stylish mandir design for living room wall for a modern home in a home with dining table and chairs
Distinct shape

Image Source: Milind Pai Architects


Marble will take the look of your mandir to a different magnitude with its regal look. Despite being simple and easy to maintain, their beauty in the space is outstanding.


Stylish modern mandir design #21 – Wood carved mandir


brown Stylish mandir design for living room wall for a modern home with white highlights
Wooden wonder

Image Source: Interior Workshop


The scaled-down version of a temple, carved with intricate details for your home, is sure to make a lasting impression. Additionally, these mandirs complement all sorts of home decors.


Stylish modern mandir design #22 – Mandir with bells


brown prayer unit with lights
Simple yet remarkable

Image Source: Furnicheer


If you have an eye for antique designs, you will fall in love with these mandir designs with bells on the wooden door. Moreover, the clanging bells when you open the door of your mandir would set off a soothing reverberation at your home.


Stylish modern mandir design #23 – Mandir with glass doors


all white Stylish mandir design for living room wall for a modern home
Encased in glass

Image Source: Artisticks


Glass doors instantly add grandeur and elegance to your meditation room while reflecting your penchant for exquisite design. Also, there are multiple door options, even if you have specifications regarding the opacity of the door.


Stylish modern mandir design #24 – Mandir with tiles


white prayer room with brown accents
Beautiful floral tiles

Image Source: Cube Architects


The addition of vintage or modern tiles to your mandir flooring can transmute your point of view about tile design. Also, you can add some fantastic 3D tiles to add a tinge of refreshment to your meditation room.


Stylish modern mandir design #25 – Mandir with pendant lights


prayer room with bells and pendant lights
Decorative lighting

Image Source: Furdo


Pendant lights in the mandir illuminate the sacred space with a warm and inviting glow, creating an ambiance of devotion.


Stylish modern mandir design #26 – Decorative candle holders


beige prayer room with pendant ligths and decorative candles
Stunning white marble mandir

Image Source: Tilak Mandirwala


The decorative candle holders in the mandir add a touch of spirituality and elegance, casting a gentle, flickering light that enhances the atmosphere.


Stylish modern mandir design #27 – Golden accents


Stylish mandir design for living room wall for a modern home with golden pendant lights
Modern living room with a unique mandir design

Image Source: 42 MM


The mandir adorned with golden accents exudes a divine radiance, infusing the space with a resplendent and reverential aura.


Stylish modern mandir design #28 – Floral decor


prayer room with white walls and floral decoration
Beautiful traditional floor tile pattern

Image Source: Design Studio


Floral decor in a mandir adds vibrance and fragrance to the temple while symbolizing devotion and purity.


Stylish modern mandir design #29 – Steamlined luxury 


brown luxurious living room with a small prayer unit
Modern opulence redefined in a living room mandir design

Image Source: Carafina Interiors


This mandir’s minimal yet luxurious style harmoniously combines simplicity and opulence, creating a serene sanctuary for contemplation and worship.


Stylish modern mandir design #30 – Monochromatic colour scheme


white mandir design
Intricate details

Image Source: Etsy.com


The all-white monochromatic mandir emanates purity and tranquility, offering a serene canvas for spiritual reflection and devotion.


Types of mandir designs


Mandir design #31 – With door


Modern mandir design in a living room

Image Source: Gundeti Rahul


A door in a mandir symbolizes a sacred boundary, separating the spiritual from the secular, fostering a sense of reverence and focus during worship.


Mandir design #32 – Without door


black mandir with idol, plants and decorative items
Bell details

Image Source: Divine Wood n Craft


This open mandir welcomes worshippers with an air of accessibility, inviting them to connect with the divine without physical barriers.


Mandir design #33 – With dome


white and yellow prayer unit with dome
Aesthetic colour combination

Image Source: Pepperfry.com


The dome’s graceful curvature and intricate architectural details add a sense of grandeur to the sacred space.


Mandir design #34 – Without dome


Wall mounted mandir design

Image Source: Furnicheer


The absence of a dome allows for a more intimate and cozy atmosphere, with the focus placed on the central deity.


Mandir design #35 – Closed cabinet 


white and red prayer unit
Additional storage space

Image Source: Pepperfry.com


It is a type of prayer unit that includes an enclosed cabinet or cupboard-like structure designed to house religious idols, statues and other ritual items.


Mandir design#36 – Freestanding 


white freestanding prayer unit with dome
Painted patterns

Image Source: Govindfoundation.com


A freestanding mandir refers to a self-contained and independent structure dedicated to prayer and worship.


Mandir design#37 – POP 


white pop prayer room with bells and candles
Tranquil space

Image Source: Etsy.com


These mandirs are typically lightweight and can be custom-designed to various shapes and sizes.


Price list of mandir designs available online – An overview


Brand Product MRP
D’Dass D’Dass Multicolour Sheesham Wood & MDF Pooja Mandir 7,493
OMKARA OMKARA Solid Wood Handcrafted Free Standing Temple 2,36,853
Devoto Devoto Solid Wood Free Standing Prayer Unit 19,599
Saraf Saraf Solid Wood Aradhya Home Temple 13,899
ExoticIndia ExoticIndia 96″ Super Large Designer Wooden Temple 3,82,910
AtoZ India Cart AtoZ India Cart Traditional Home Temple 73,873
GKW RETAIL GKW RETAIL Mandir: Rajasthani Ethnic Handcrafted Wooden Temple 11,299
Homecentre Homecentre Chakra Prayer Unit – Brown 20,907
D’Das D’Das Blue Sheesham Wood & Mdf Pooja Mandir Without Door 7,766
Indie Krafts Indie Krafts Mandir (Temple) 4,86,728


Selecting the right mandir design


Ganesh idol, mandir design for hall, marble temple
A reposeful pooja corner

Image Source: Tweak Interiors


While it is easy to get carried away with grand pooja units, they are not the most pragmatic choice. Rather than taking the hit later, you can observe a few considerations that will help you have a divine mandir. Draft up the amount of space you wish for the mandir to have. This will help you decide upon the size of the unit. Next, you may move on to choosing among the styles like wall mount, standalone, temple style, or just a ledge.

The area where you wish to set up the mandir is also essential. A mandir in the kitchen may not hold out as much space as a living room. Contemporary home designs would do well with the latest mandir style. In short, you require a clear plan of the setup before you finalize your home shrine.


Different material options for your mandir


Mandir design#38 – Glass 


glass door temple, large temple, indoor plants
Gorgeous mandir with glass door design for your home

Image Source: Pinterest


If privacy during your prayers is not a concern, your pooja room will look fantastic with glass panels enclosing it. The ambient sunlight hitting the idol creates a tranquil aura.


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Mandir design#39 – Wood


wooden temple, lit up background, wooden doors, tiled backgroud
Wall mandir design that blends into any space

Image Source: Interior Era


Wood gives temple vibes and allows you to incorporate earthy tones into your prayer nook. Furthermore, these wooden pooja mandir designs for home can be both wall-mounted and freestanding.


Mandir design#40 – Marble


wall marble mandir design photo for hall, intricate design
Marble marvel

Image Source: Tweak interiors


Marble is a relatively expensive material. So, if you have the budget and space for it, the marble would add loads of elegance to your pooja room.


Mandir design#41 – Stone


wall mount mandir design marble for hall, doors with bells
An elegant stone material mandir

Image Source: Aquire Acres


You can incorporate earthy textures into your pooja room by adding stone elements. Furthermore, stone can be used to make freestanding and wall-mounted mandir designs.


Mandir design#42 – Granite


white stone temple, U shaped mandir platform, ganesha idol, wall marble Stylish mandir design for living room wall for a modern home
Designer temple

Image Source: Bonito


Mandirs made of granite can easily become the best spot to perform pooja at home. Moreover, the easy maintenance makes it a practical addition.


Mandir design#43 – Veneer 


brown veneer prayer unit Stylish mandir design for living room wall for a modern home
Compact design

Image Source: Woodenmood.in


A veneer mandir incorporates veneer, a thin layer of fine wood, onto its surfaces to achieve an elegant and polished appearance.


Tips for idol placement

  • Refrain from positioning the idols in either the north or south direction and place them in the west or east direction.
  • Placing multiple idols in your mandir is acceptable according to Vastu. However, don’t place multiple idols of the same god.
  • Don’t keep idols facing each other in the mandir.
  • Remove chipped statues from the mandir.
  • Never place pictures of deceased near the idols.
  • As per Vastu, keep the idols on a hardwood platform.


Mandir decoration tips for an artistic interior design

  • Decorate the altar with a clean and auspicious cloth or fabric.
  • Place smaller idols or images of other deities if desired.
  • Consider using decorative lights for added ambiance.
  • Arrange offerings like fruits, flowers, sweets, and water on a plate or tray.
  • Add decorative elements like bells, garlands, trays or mats.


Vastu principles for mandirs

  • Build the mandir on the ground floor in the northeast corner.
  • Ensure that the deities face east or west. Also, use an elevated, clean platform for the deities.
  • Keep the main deity in the center.
  • Opt for soothing, light colours in the mandir.
  • Maintain cleanliness and purity.
  • Avoid mirrors or distractions.
  • Keep storage space under the idols.


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Guide to design a stylish mandir at home

  • Pick the desired location and assess the available space in your house and pick a mandir accordingly.
  • Decide on the design and materials for the mandir. Common materials include wood, marble, metal, or a combination of any of these.
  • Choose a design that complements your home decor and reflects your spiritual preferences.
  • Elevate the main deity’s idol or image on a clean, stable, and proportionate altar or platform.
  • Install a diya (lamp) or a candle holder in front of the main deity for daily lighting. Also, add decorative LED lights or hanging lamps for that stylish mandir.
  • Use incense sticks to create a pleasant and fragrant atmosphere.
  • Include cabinets, shelves, or drawers within the mandir area to store puja items and accessories.
  • Opt for soothing and auspicious colours like white, saffron, yellow, or light blue for the mandir area.


Maintenance guide for mandirs

  • Dust the mandir and clean the idols or images daily. For idol cleaning, we recommend combining salt and vinegar with a slice of lemon.
  • Clean the idol’s clothing by hand washing them in a solution of soap and water.
  • Clean the silver utensils in the mandir with a little bit of toothpaste and a toothbrush.
  • Wipe the mandir doors with cotton balls dipped in olive oil.
  • Maintain your mandir floors by sweeping and mopping it regularly.


Watch this video: Latest Pooja Room Designs (10 mins 05 seconds)




What is the significance of pooja rooms?

Pooja rooms hold immense significance as sacred spaces for prayer, meditation, and spiritual connection within a home. They facilitate religious practices, foster cultural traditions, and provide a peaceful environment.


How to turn a living room corner into a pooja room?

Clear the living room space, define the selected area with a modern rug or mat, and set up a small mandir design with deities, idols, and sacred items. Add suitable lighting, incorporate spiritual decor, and maintain cleanliness to create a pristine pooja space.


What are the best fragrances and scents for the mandir?

Popular choices include sandalwood, jasmine, rose, and lavender. These fragrances promote a spiritual atmosphere.


What are the best colours for a mandir?

The best colours for a mandir are traditionally white, saffron, yellow, or light blue. These colours symbolize purity and spirituality.



A lot of love and thought goes into the design of the mandir room. Regardless of the space available, you can make your mandir your own with wood, marble, or granite. Needless to say, this space is where one would lighten their heart and give into devotion. A room of such significance deserves the best composition of design and practicality.  Besides, these ideas for mandir designs will undoubtedly make your self-reflection time more profound.


* The featured image used in the article is by Mohammad Faisal on Behance


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