Display units to revolutionise modern home storage

Aristo Line Novelty Display units


All of us desire a home that is comfortable, safe and clean, however designing a home that is efficient with storage can be tricky. Storage is one of the most eminent concerns of homeowners these days. Not everybody can afford a bungalow to live in, thus homes of all sizes require an efficient storage system to keep things organised and arranged. Every home, apartment, duplex, villa or condo needs to be well organised to function smoothly. Clutter makes any space unattractive. An elegant solution that has revolutionised modern home storage is the display units. Display units cum storage with sturdy glass shelves are now being used for multiple purposes like crockery stands, bookshelves and dressers.

More and more homeowners and homebuyers are incorporating the latest storage and organisation trends in their homes. Beautifully organised homes save your time as you can find things at glance, also large storage means extra floor space for activity. Thus, display units can make your space more spacious and luxurious. However, finding the right type of display storage unit for your home can be challenging. But what if we say we have a solid display solution that is not just efficient but also attractive and cost-effective!



Designer display unit by Aristo – Linea Novelty



Aristo brings you possibly the world’s sleekest display cum storage unit that is slim, elegant and so vogue! Aristo is an international brand known for its world-class wardrobe and storage solutions. They design all their products with the latest and most advanced technology for adding convenience in use for their customers. Aristo is one of the leading manufacturers of furniture in India, thus the quality and design for all their products are unquestionable. The brand is globally credited for its innovations in sliding door technology and unique shelving system. Linea Novelty is one such range from Aristo. 


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Linea Novelty display units are designed to suit any interiors theme, they are sophisticated in look and have ample space for storing your belongings. The clear glass shelves and racks with sensor LED fittings showcases all your belonging aesthetically and also preserve your valuables from dust and humidity. The display unit is a great way of organising your belonging and turning them into a display that looks clean and elegant. The most interesting thing about Linea Novelty display units is that it is multi-functional in their application. Below we have listed a few ways you can use Aristo Linea Novelty display units. 


Where can I use Aristo Linea Novelty Display units?


Aristo Linea Novelty Display units, Crockery stand & bookshelves for home with glass shelves and sensor LED fittings
Designer display units for living room by Aristo


Make all heads turn with the living room display unit

All living rooms are incomplete without a designated display unit for all your precious decor and art pieces. Linea Aristo Novelty display units are just perfect for living rooms, their glass shelves are sturdy and neutral to make your decor pieces pop out more. 


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Bring the library home with bookshelves for the study room

If you are someone who loves reading and owns a mini library then the Linea Aristo Novelty display can change your life. The spacious compartments in the display allow you to store and preserve your books neatly as bookshelves. You can designate and label each compartment of bookshelves for each genre so navigating through your books gets easier and quicker. Therefore, these bookshelves cum display units are the perfect office furniture to store books, files and other important documents that you might need at a glance. 



Give the expensive crockery set the attention it deserves with a dining room crockery stand

As Indians, we love keeping collecting crockery sets. Now is the time to jazz up your dining area with a crockery display stand. Storing your most expensive and pretties crockery away from all other utensils is very essential. A crockery display stand reduces the chances of you losing a piece and its looks super aesthetic!


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Make your designer handbags & shoes stand out in your wardrobe 


glass shelves storage cabinet cum display unit for wardrobe
Customise height of shelves and compartments with flexible Linea Novelty


We can all agree on how there is never enough space in our wardrobe. Running out of space even in a walk-in wardrobe is a common issue. Aristo’s Linea Novelty display can be your buddy and add that extra storage space to your wardrobe. It can be a perfect storage unit for your accessories like handbags, shoes and belts. The concealed glass shelves can keep your leather goods away from dust and humidity, adding long service life to your belongings.


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Make your showroom a museum with the right display units

Showcase plays a crucial role in sales. Linea Aristo Novelty makes up for great commercial displays racks. These elegant and efficient display units can make any showroom look posh. Linea Aristo Novelty is very suitable for fashion stores, it can store and showcase any product and make it look appealing.


To know more about the Aristo Linea Novelty Display, contact on the following details:

Helpline: +91-8880 160160

E-mail: sales@aristo-india.com



Aristo Linea Novelty is flexible in terms of its functionality and design. The best part about the display unit is that it is timeless. Thus, investing in an efficient storage cum display unit is a wise decision. They not only make your space look super chic and put together but also boost the utility aspect. Moreover, the well-equipped shelves, partitions, sliding and hinged compartment doors optimise space like no other. Aristo prioritises their customer needs thus Linea Novelty display leaves a lot of scope for customisation too. So, get your home equipped with the sleekest display system now!



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