Wardrobes: How to customize by picking the right elements?

walk in wardrobe with lighting and wooden texture
walk in wardrobe with lighting and wooden texture

Wardrobes are one of the most functional pieces of furniture in a house. It remains an inseparable part of every household. Also, wardrobe elements include hinged and sliding doors, interior design, panels, fittings, handles, lights, drawer systems, and other accessories.

For most people, cupboards are just general closets where we keep our clothes and other important items. Also, we go for an appealing cupboard design that pleases our eyes as well as serves our utility purpose.

But, the manufacturing of cupboards needs detailed attention to every aspect of the cupboards.

Today, everyone prefers customized cupboards. So, a young working couple would have different storage requirements and colour preferences as compared to that of a teenage student’s requirements.

Similarly, different user groups have different demands and expectations from their cupboards. Hence, a modular approach is required for designing a customized cupboard vis-à-vis the “one size fits all” kind of traditional design approach.

There are multiple elements that go into designing and manufacturing a cupboard.

Architects, Interior Designers, and Manufacturers need to clearly understand the requirements & preferences of a client. Also, then pick & choose the right elements from the options available to deliver customized cupboards as per the client’s tastes.

So, what are these elements that lend a modular approach to the cupboard designing and manufacturing process?

A good cupboard requires excellent material, compatible fittings, desired accessories, accurate dimensions, and precise installation. Also, all of these elements have multiple options and the skill is to pick the right option from each of these elements to match the customer expectations.

So, in this article, we have taken up a modular approach to offer customized cupboard solutions to all professionals and users alike.




Best wardrobe materials

The main purpose of cupboards definitely remains storage. But, it does not imply that it has to remain dull and boring.

That said, the perfect cupboard material balances amazing aesthetics with flawless functionality.

Here is a list of our most preferred cupboard materials for you:


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Plywood wardrobes


One of the sturdiest and most durable alternatives to solid wood is a plywood cupboard.

Also, the plywood cupboard makes use of sheets of wood veneers stuck together in solid layers of even strength. Generally, plywood works as a base for laminates.

So, you can use a variety of colours and designs.


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Beautiful plywood wardrobe images:



Wooden wardrobes


The age-old traditional wooden cupboard still holds the supreme spot when it comes to aesthetics.

Also, the knots and colour differences in solid wood give the most lavish exterior and interior design to the wooden cupboard. Moreover, the rich natural texture of the wooden cupboard enhances the richness of the wardrobe interior design.


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Stylish wooden wardrobe images



c. Glass wardrobes


Glass cupboards are trending in the world of interiors. They have a modern touch which gives a contemporary appeal to the space they are kept in.

Also, the glass cupboards come in two types:


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Full Glass wardrobes

In a complete glass cupboard, the external surface does not have any other visible material barring glass. Even the edges have a glass finish. So, this type of glass cupboard is ideal for a minimalist look.



Framed glass wardrobe 

In this glass wardrobe interior design, the frame is made of wood, plywood, or MDF with glass fixed in it.


Laminate wardrobes


Generally, laminate remains on the external surface of a plywood or MDF cupboard. So, a laminate cupboard is, originally a plywood cupboard or an MDF cupboard.

The surface of a laminate wardrobe exterior and interior design remains easy to clean. So, you do not have to paint or polish the laminate cupboard. It comes in numerous finishes, colours, and designs.

Hence, it is safe to say that laminate cupboards remain one of the most efficient cupboards.


Elegant laminate wardrobe images



e. Plastic wardrobes


The demand for plastic cupboards has significantly increased over a period of time. Also, among several reasons, the variety in wardrobe colour, interior design, shapes, designer handles, drawer systems, and sizes remain on top.

But, stains and marks are more noticeable in plastic cupboards. Also, these do not make eco-friendly furniture items.


Spacious plastic wardrobe images



Steel wardrobes


Speaking of traditional wardrobe interior designs, steel cupboard definitely holds a major place on the list.

The steel cupboards last quite long. These come with fireproofing and waterproofing features. Also, the frame and the carcass of steel cupboards use minimal space. So, you get ample wardrobe interior design space.


Durable steel wardrobe images



Ideal wardrobe dimension based on wardrobe types


The wardrobe interior design involves several elements such as cupboard shelves, baskets, racks, hanger rods, drawer systems, hinged or sliding doors, and much more. Moreover, there are different types of cupboards and each has its own standard cupboard dimensions.

Also, a good wardrobe interior design layout will offer ample space for storage as well as proper placement of the interior design elements.

Let us have a look at the ideal cupboard dimensions of these furniture pieces.


Hinged wardrobes


The hinged cupboards remain one of the most common types of cupboards in every household.

Also, these cupboards have simple front doors with dimensions that are attached to the closet carcass with hinges and are called swing doors.


Standard depth: 24 inches.

If you have a smaller room, you can consider 22 inches.


Standard height: 84 inches.

Ideally, the height should match the lintel level of the doors. Also, you can install a full-height cupboard design too.


Width of wardrobe door panels: 24 inches


Sliding wardrobes


The sliding wardrobes have panels that slide on tracks. Instead of opening like shutters, the doors run on tracks, sideways. Also, the movement of sliding doors can be from the middle or from end to end.

Sliding wardrobes are modernistic wardrobes for customized, space-efficient furniture.


Standard depth: 26 inches, including 2 inches running track

This gap allows a free movement of the sliding wardrobe doors without the risk of getting clothes stuck within them


Minimum length of a sliding wardrobe door: 7 feet (3.5 feet each)


Width of wardrobe door panels: 4 feet


Walk-in closet


A walk-in closet offers a closet space with enough room for a person to enter the closet and walk around.

Also, it can be a small one with space for one person or an oversized walk-in cupboard that can accommodate multiple people and furniture.

If the cupboards are on both sides, there should be a clearance of 54-60 inches between them. Also, the idea behind this distance is to offer enough space to pass even if one cupboard door remains open.

If the cupboard remains on only one side of the wall, the clearance must remain at least 3 feet. But, if you have a narrow space, consider sliding wardrobes for your walk-in closet.


Wardrobe accessories


There are several cupboard accessories that enhance the functionality and productivity of the cupboards. Not just that, the cupboard accessories also give more aesthetical appeal to the furniture.

So, some of the common wardrobe accessories are:



Wardrobe mirror


wardrobes mirror for a wooden closet with interior design, lights, and drawer system
Full-length mirror.


Wardrobe hanger peg


Wardrobe drawer organizer


drawer organizer in white colour with golden handles for wardrobes
A white drawer system organizer.

Image Source: Venace


Wardrobe mirror pull-out

hettich pull out mirror by buildingandinteriors


Wardrobe pull-out for clothes

Pull Out Clothes Hanger


Ironing board for wardrobes

wardrobe ironing board


Wardrobe basket


pull out basket cabinet
pull out basket

Image Source: GVI Hardware


Wardrobe hanger


hangers for glass wardrobes with wooden cabinets
Beautiful hangers

Image Source: Wayfair


Shoe rack for wardrobes


white shoe rack
white shoe rack

Image Source: Hi iN Concepts


Rail fittings, and much more


wardrobes hanger rail to hang shirts
Durable hanger rail.

Image Source: Kitchen Source


Wardrobe lights


In order to make full use of the cupboards, you must optimize them with cupboard lights. Also, a combination of thoughtful wardrobe lights will take the user experience to another level.


Some useful wardrobe lights are as follows:


LED lights for wardrobes


LED wardrobe light for all wardrobes
Bright LED wardrobe light.

Image Source: opensky


The simplest and most useful lighting option for wardrobes is installing LED lights in them. Also, these LED lights emit extremely low heat.

As a result, you can safely place them even behind glass cabinet cupboard doors.


Recessed puck lights


Recessed puck light for closet with rails and hangers
Subtle recessed lights for wardrobe.

Image Source: kitchen source


These lights are installed around the top perimeter of the cabinetry. So, these lights change the overall lighting scheme of the wardrobe. Also, you can even use them as spotlights.


Wardrobe light bar


Light bars wardrobes lights
Light bars for wardrobes.

Image Source: Shop Home Life LED


These are generally adjustable light bars. So, you can fix the amount of light emitted according to your need.


LED strip lights for wardrobes


Vertical LED strip lights for wardrobe
Vertical LED strip lights for wardrobe

Image Source: amazon


Another wonderful option for wardrobe lighting is to install LED strip lights with an adhesive backing.


Ribbon lighting for wardrobes


ribbon lighting in yellow colour for wardrobe
Bright ribbon lighting for wardrobe.

Image Source: amazon


Ribbon lights are running recessed lights placed along the length of the closet rod. Also, these make the cupboard pleasantly bright.


Wardrobe fittings


Just like the material, the cupboard fittings remain an integral part of the furniture. Also, if the cupboard fittings are loose, left dangling, low quality, or inadequate for the job, the cupboard will fail to deliver optimal results.

Also, many hardware brands offer exceptionally futuristic and advanced cupboard fittings as well.

The scope of innovation increases in hardware systems such as door opening systems or drawer systems. Hence, it remains important to understand the wardrobe fittings properly.

Let’s go through the fittings one by one:


Wardrobe handles


The cupboard handles not just govern the movement of the doors but also determine the look of the cupboard design. Moreover, many cupboards replace a conventional cupboard handle with push-to-open buttons.

Also, an antique cupboard handle looks wonderful with a traditional cupboard design. A minimalist wardrobe will have a seamless wardrobe handle.


Stylish wardrobe handle images



Wardrobe locks


digital wardrobes lock
Digital wardrobe lock

Image Soucr: Wenzhou Akada FT


Just like the cupboard handles, locks have undergone immense transformation. These have upgraded quite a lot.

Also, the smart cupboard locks work using fingerprints. But, the traditional lock and key cupboard lock still prevail widely. So, you can always go for them.

Many cupboard locks work on pin codes. These offer advanced security.


Wardrobe hinges


The type of hinges must be suitable for your project. Also, it must look visually appealing too.

The following types of cupboard hinges are commonly used these days:



Soft-Close hinges


As the name suggests, these hinges close and open effortlessly no matter how hard you slam the door.


silver soft close hinges with white wardrobe interior design drawer systems
Soft-close hinges

Image Source: Porchdaydreamer


Find out the working of soft-close hinges here:



Self-Close hinges


These hinges close the doors with the slightest push. Also, the spring built on them takes over and pulls the door gently.


black self close hinges
black self close hinges

Image Source: Burning Warehouse


Clip-on hinges

These hinges allow smooth movement of the door. Also, they offer great stability and ensure a good hold of the doors. These are not visible from the outside.

Moreover, some other names for these hinges are concealed hinges, face frame hinges.


Clip on hinges for wardrobe interior design with smooth opening of doors and drawer systems
Clip-on hinges

Image Source: Amazon


Check out the working of these hinges:



Slide-on hinges


These hinges keep the door steady and firm. So, you get a smooth opening and closing.


slide on hinges
slide on hinges

Image Source: Rosi


Some other types of conventional hinges are patio hinges, butt hinges, flag hinges, rebated hinges, barrel hinges, ball bearing hinges, etc.


Door opening systems


Cupboards come with two kinds of doors- hinged doors and sliding wardrobe doors.

Hinged cupboards are conventional storage furniture pieces where the swing doors remain attached to the closet with hinges. Sliding doors glide horizontally along the channels.

Also, the mechanism of both doors remains distinctive. As a result, they use different door opening systems as well.

Hinged cupboards doors simply work on hinges. So, you can install different types of hinges based on your requirements. Also, sliding wardrobes, but need an entirely different opening system. Also, sliding doors come in different types as well.

Some of them are arcadia doors, pocket doors, and bypass doors. All of them have a unique working mechanism.


Top hung system



In this system, the sliding wardrobe doors remain fitted on two concealed trolleys. Also, the hangers carry the entire weight of the sliding doors. Moreover, track stoppers are used to absorb the momentum coming from the doors.

Also, these stoppers hold the door in position.


Bottom rolling mechanism for cupboards



Sometimes, the weight of the sliding doors remains too heavy for top-hung mechanisms to be used. So, the bottom rolling system comes into use. Also, this system bears the weight of heavy doors and the sliding door moves easily.

Two rollers known as sheaves remain positioned at the bottom of the door. These rollers sun over the track. Also, two adjacent guides remain positioned on top of the sliding door.


Barn doors for wardrobes



This mechanism requires a frame and a guide for the door. Also, the door is not concealed by the frames. It moves parallel to the wall.


Pocket doors for wardrobes



In this mechanism, the door remains concealed by the double wall of concrete or drywall.


Below is a list of some popular brands and their slider door opening systems:


S. No. Brand Product
1 Hafele Sliding systems
2. Salice COPLANAR SYSTEM slider
3. Aristo Sliding Wardrobe Doors
4. Blum Pocket Systems and Blumotion
5. Sugatsune (LAMP) Folding Pocket Door System
6. Hettich Topline

Drawer systems


Well-structured and designed cupboards always remain a pleasure to look at and to use. So, the drawer systems for cupboards hold great importance. Also, without efficient, spacious, and functional drawers, more than half of the cupboard’s efficiency is lost.

So, you need to be very particular about the drawer systems you choose.


Below is a list of some popular brands and their drawer systems:




  1. AvanTech YOU
  2. ArciTech
  3. InnoTech
  4. MultiTech
  5. SysTech, and more





  1. Matric Box P
  2. Nova Pro Scala, Classic, and Deluxe
  3. Vionaro





  1. Metabox
  2. Tandembox
  3. Legrabox


Also, other famous brands that manufacture and sell drawer systems are GRASS, KAFF, and more.

FUN FACT: The price of manufacturing a fully functional cupboard ranges from Rs. 650-750 per square feet. But the final cupboard price (MRP) ranges from Rs. 850-950 per square feet.


Our top wardrobe recommendations (Click on “Buy Here” to purchase)


Zurina Wooden Wardrobe by Godrej Interio

Zurina Wooden Wardrobe with interior drawer system
Wooden Wardrobe by Godrej Interio
B U Y  H E R E


Robinson by Durian

4 Door Standard Interior 8ft Wardrobe with interior drawer system
4 Door Standard Interior 8ft Wardrobe
B U Y  H E R E


Wakefit Plaid 4 Door Wardrobe

Wakefit Plaid 4 Door Wardrobe With Side Drawer and Mirror for interior
Wardrobe With Side Drawer and Mirror
B U Y  H E R E


Nilkamal Mozart 4 Door Mirror Wardrobe by Nilkamal Furniture

Nilkamal Mozart 4 Door Mirror Wardrobe with interior drawer system
Mozart Mirror Wardrobe
B U Y  H E R E


Classical Openable O-Series Wardrobe by Aristo

Aristo openable wardrobe for bedroom in blue colour
Openable wardrobe for bedroom
B U Y  H E R E


PABLO WHITE Wardrobe by Iota Furniture

Beautiful white
B U Y  H E R E


Kubera by Wall Kit

kubera white sliding closet
White sliding closet
B U Y  H E R E


Multi Forma sliding cupboard 

sliding wood and white cupboard
Multi forma sliding cupboard
B U Y  H E R E


Antibes Sag by Boffi

sliding door cupboard interior design
Boffi Sag designer cupboard
B U Y  H E R E


Porro by Esperiri

open cupboard interior design
Open cupboard Porro Esperiri
B U Y  H E R E


Designer wardrobe by Lissoni Associati

lissoni asociati cupboard interior design
Beautiful white cupboard
B U Y  H E R E


Canova white stylish cupboard

Canova white stylish cupboard
White designer cupboard
B U Y  H E R E


Wurfel L’Or Walk-in Cupboard

wurfel light and drawer system cupboard interior design
Wurfel designer wardrobe
B U Y  H E R E


Impressions Sliding Wardrobe by Aristo

Aristo wardrobes
Aristo wardrobe
B U Y  H E R E


Wardrobes design and installation hacks


  1. Install cupboards with drawer systems to make full use of the space.
  2. Include thinner design hanger rods and rails along with drawer systems to easily store full-length clothing.
  3. Utilize the lower area of the cupboards by installing a pull-out shoe rack or laundry bag.
  4. Cupboard lights are very important elements of any space. Also, a wide range of sleek wardrobe light options such as downlights, strip lights, etc. remains available.
  5. You can also install sensor lights for smart energy-efficient cupboard lighting.
  6. Fitted cupboards make for a better choice than freestanding cupboards. Also, they do not leave gaps to the side and above. Moreover, they optimize even the tightest corners of the space.
  7. Use mirror cupboards for small rooms. They give the illusion of a bigger room.
  8. Install foldable or sliding cupboards doors in small rooms for space optimization.
  9. Take proper measurements before determining the cupboard dimensions. Also, wardrobe furniture must meet the dimensions of the room accurately.
  10. Do not install a fitted cupboard onto a carpet. Also, you must have a hard floor so that the furniture gets a flawless finish,
  11. Also, if your room has coving and skirting boards, make sure that you measure them appropriately. So, if these elements remain unaccounted for during measurement, they hamper the positioning of the cupboards.
  12. Reposition the electrical plugs before installation if need be.



People stress a lot over getting the perfect cupboards. But, more often than not, they get so involved with the basic visual aspects of a cupboard like colour or pattern on shutters, that they completely ignore the interior design of the wardrobes.

Although the above factors affect their efficiency, with careful planning, you can get the best cupboard design that suits both your aesthetic preferences and utility.

Cupboard material remains the foremost point of consideration. Moreover, without the use of the appropriate material, you cannot expect durability, effective functionality, and longevity. Also, there are plenty of wardrobe materials from plywood and MDF to glass, plastic, and steel. You can make your pick according to your needs.

Also, the cupboards should have accurate measurements and dimensions. A lousy cupboard structure fails to give the desired efficiency.

The dimensions vary from one cupboard type to another. Hence, you must understand the math properly.

For an efficient cupboard, the use of accessories also holds great importance. Also, from hangers to pullouts, you must ensure that all the cupboard interior space is utilized optimally.

Now that we are moving towards effortless, smart, and innovative homes, why not give a taste of the same to our cupboards?

So, we must use the right modern hardware items for our cupboards. Also, many brands offer amazing cupboard fittings that can raise the efficiency levels of your cupboards exponentially.

The comprehensive detail offered in this article will definitely help you plan the right cupboards for your clients.

If you want to buy top-quality wardrobe solutions from the best brands, click on the link given below to check your options and submit your inquiries:

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