Elegant, effortless, durable furniture fittings by Godrej Architectural Fittings and Systems: The perfect solutions for modern living

Godrej furniture fittings comprises of wardrobe hinges and drawer channels
Godrej furniture fittings comprises of wardrobe hinges and drawer channels

Today, every space, be it a home or an office, has become an arena for modern living. Every space has to seamlessly bring together the most modern technologies, styles, trends, and cultures. This fulfills modern ambitions, modern lifestyles, and modern ways of family, business, and social life. Within these modern spaces, every square inch must equally provide a sense of comfort, peace of mind, and evolved aesthetics. Additionally, it should offer ease in performing the various functions that collectively define modern living. Godrej Architectural Fittings and Systems is deeply rooted in the Godrej legacy of high quality and trust. Godrej offers advanced furniture fittings, perfect for modern homes and offices, embodying the essence of contemporary living. The Godrej Furniture Fittings range encompasses those objects within modern spaces that discreetly and quietly champion a refined living experience. The range includes cabinet hinges and drawer channels.


Godrej Cabinet Hinges

Godrej Cabinet Hinges blend technology and craftsmanship to ensure a superior user experience. These cabinet hinges offer soft-close, adjustable angles, and easy installation, achieving a perfect blend of form and function. Cabinet hinges meet the industry standard for quality and performance by being certified by BIFMA and ASTM certification. Be it any cabinet, these hinges provide quiet operation and precise alignment.

Godrej cabinet hinges are a type of furniture fittings

Godrej Drawer Channels

Godrej Drawer Channels are precisely designed for smooth operation and reliable performance. With robust construction and corrosion-resistant finishes for long-lasting durability, these drawer channels are available in varied load-bearing capacities: from light-duty to heavy-duty. This product boasts both BIFMA and ASTM certifications, attesting to its exceptional quality and industry-standard compliance. With innovative features such as soft-close technology and full extension capability, Godrej drawer channels add immeasurable by the flawless functionality of modern storage needs.


Types of Godrej Drawer Channels:

  • Regular Drawer Channel
  • Soft Close Drawer Channel
  • Heavy Duty Drawer Channel

Godrej furniture fittings - slides

Introducing the Movino channel

A concealed under-mount drawer slide option for kitchen drawers to create a sleek, space-saving and effortless slide opening and closing feature. Being suitable for both wooden as well as SS wire baskets with dynamic load-bearing capacity, it provides a complete solution for kitchen drawers.

To know more about how Godrej Hinges and Drawer Channels can add both functional and sensorial appeal to your home and office, consider visiting their website. Browse through the entire range and technical specifications to determine which fitting best suits your current and future requirements.

In your modern home and office, as you strive to raise the functionality, elegance and ease of use quotients, Godrej Furniture Fittings are your trustworthy, high-quality allies.


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