SCHELL MODUS shower thermostat: The ideal solution offering optimum level of safety

Modus shower in a grey themed bathroom
Modus shower in a grey themed bathroom

As we increasingly seek out smart and innovative products to avoid the problem of anti-scalding, SCHELL has answered the call by developing a sleek and efficient solution offering anti-scalding protection to elevate the showering experience. Introducing the latest addition to SCHELL’s collection – the MODUS shower thermostat. Designed to provide you with the ultimate showering experience, the state-of-the-art shower faucet thermostat allows you to easily control the water temperature, flow rate and pressure for a truly customized and luxurious experience. The surface-mounted shower faucet for temperature control also offers an attractive price-performance ratio and combines high-quality materials with innovative technology. In this article, we will delve into the features and benefits of the MODUS shower thermostat by SCHELL. Get ready to discover the perfect blend of functionality, style, and convenience – all in one device.


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Schell Modus shower thermostat in a grey themed bathroom for temperature control
SCHELL MODUS shower thermostat is the ideal solution for modern bathrooms



For more than 90 years, SCHELL bathroom fixtures have ruled the market. The company offers a wide range of products, including washbasins, urinals, WCs, and showers. Their fixtures are durable, hygienic, and energy efficient. Therefore, these are compatible for us in all kinds of settings including public, semi-public, and commercial sanitary facilities where high traffic is observed.

The brand is known for its sustainable products that are marked by superior quality and high performance. Their products tend to be cautiously designed ensuring a balanced blend of functionality and beauty. Over the years, the brand has managed to establish its roots firmly in the industry making it a well-known brand among the specifier community.


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SCHELL MODUS shower thermostat for all-round protection



It is a well-known fact that people who have reduced motor function are more susceptible to scalding injuries. Kids and the elderly also face an enhanced risk because their skin is thinner in comparison. Therefore, anti-scalding protection becomes especially necessary in private and public nursing facilities. The risk of injury is not only present in washbasins but also in the shower. SCHELL has, therefore, recently launched its first shower fitting in the MODUS series which provides anti-scalding protection.

The SCHELL MODUS shower thermostat comes with ThermoProtect – Technology that prevents hot burns by limiting the water temperature at the outlet even if the cold water supply dwindles or the line fails. The thermally insulated housing of the fitting is armed with IsoBody – Technology which does not allow the fitting to get perceptibly hot. Thus, any physical contact will not cause any nuisance or injuries. This is crucial for children and others with slower reaction times, especially in settings like nursing homes, schools, and hospitals where shower facilities must be as safe as possible.

Therefore, the SCHELL MODUS shower thermostat, which ensures a steady water temperature when showering and can also be precisely regulated by the user, provides the utmost convenience and legitimate safety.


The product is priced in an affordable range which makes it accessible to those on a tight budget. Furthermore, the resilient all-metal design renders it vandal proof making it ideal for use in both residential as well as commercial settings.


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MODUS shower thermostat and sustainability

Staying true to the core philosophy of sustainability, the plumbing fitting by SCHELL is BREEAM and LEED-ready. It manages to remain sustainable by reducing the litre flow volume thereby conserving water, a crucial renewable resource. Also, the MODUS shower thermostat is a well-designed fitting that comes with easy-to-use handles and control markings. All in all, the product serves a supremely functional role and is marked by the unquestionable quality of SCHELL plumbing fittings.


Unique features

1. Reliable protection with ThermoProtect technology: The shower thermostat features ThermoProtect technology for scald protection. While the water temperature can be regulated up to 38°C in normal usage, the rise to a maximum of 43°C is only achievable by pressing a button on the unlockable temperature lock. The water does not heat up over 43°C under any circumstances, including a failure of the cold water supply or changes in system pressure.

2. IsoBody technology that reduces the risk of burns: Even while taking a hot shower, the thermally isolated casing of the Modus shower thermostat does not heat up. As a result, it is a secure option for barrier-free construction, such as in healthcare facilities or hospitals.

3. Robust and easily adjustable: The shower thermostat mode particularly stands out for its simple and comfortable operation; even with wet hands, users can easily grasp the ergonomic sash handles. With a quick rotation of only 90 degrees, quantity management is already available. In addition, the shower thermostat is particularly strong and long-lasting due to its resilient all-metal design. It is vandal-proof, which is helpful in (semi-)public and commercial spaces that see a lot of foot traffic.


Product specifications

  • Exposed SCHELL shower fitting for mixed hot and cold water with thermostat, according to EN 1111, comes with unlockable temperature limiter (that is factory-set to 38°C)
  • Offers anti-scalding protection (43°C), even if the cold water supply diminishes or fails
  • Open/closed 90° ceramic cartridge
  • 2x backflow preventer
  • Outlet: DN 15 G 1/2 male thread (bottom)
  • Flow pressure (min.–max.): 1.5–5.0bar
  • Fitting flow volume: max. 20/min, conversion for BREEAM/LEED certification is possible
  • Material: Metal handles and housing
  • Finish: chrome-plated



  • Concealed S-connections and IsoBody-Technology offer anti-scalding protection because the housing does not get heated up.
  • Anti-scalding protection at 43°C and temperature limiter at 38°C, even in the event of cold water supply failure.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly operation with intelligent handle design, short rotation path (90°–ceramic head part), and self-explanatory pictograms.
  • Durable and rugged thanks to all-metal design for housing and handles.
  • Conserves water when used in conjunction with SCHELL flow restrictors or SCHELL hand showers.
  • Optional reduction in litre output for building certifications to BREEAM or LEED.
  • Optional vandal-proof thermal disinfection that restores drinking water hygiene to proper levels.
  • Timeless design shower thermostat faucet with high-quality haptics and temperature control.

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