white washbasin with a silver sensor SCHELL tap with automatic stagnation flushing technology, electronic fitting and plumbing system
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Advanced SCHELL stagnation flushing technology prevents bacteria growth and promotes sustainability

Facilities managers, building supervisors, maintenance personnel, and business owners should prioritize the safety of building water systems as many places that have remained closed for …

schell leed certified product, electronic sensor fittings, touchless washbasin faucet, energy efficient sustainable bath fittings
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With its LEED certified products, SCHELL is achieving greater heights in sustainability

Bathrooms are among the most important spaces in our homes and commercial buildings, but sadly, they may also be among the most water and energy-consuming …

washbasin mixer taps in chrome finish, electronic sensor fittings and products for sustainable plumbing
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SCHELL electronic sensor fittings are the new standard for hygiene

Modern sensor technology has made bathrooms more reliable. Contactless fittings and technologies have become necessary over time to maintain a clean atmosphere, particularly after the …

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SCHELLOMAT exposed toilet flush valves – The ideal choice for modern toilets

Our bathrooms have grown in tandem with the ever-evolving market. From simple taps and minimum mechanics to modern and sophisticated designs, they have evolved into …

concealed flush valves
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SCHELL concealed and exposed toilet fittings – The right choice for modern bathrooms

Due to the pandemic, most people have been spending a lot of time at home. Today, one cannot help but notice everything that needs to …

Angle valve thermostat with scald protection
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Avoid scalding and other injuries with SCHELL thermostatic angle valves

Unwanted temperature changes are both annoying and dangerous. For instance, when a toilet is flushed, cold water enters the tank of the toilet and reduces …

angle valve display at the schell head office and display & training center in Bangalore
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Unveiling the all-new SCHELL Display Center & Head Office in Bangalore

Bangalore is India’s second-fastest-growing metropolitan city. Its economy is predominantly service-oriented and industrial, and it is driven by information technology, and the production of electronics, …

Puris Quad
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Regulating angle valves by SCHELL offer the perfect combination of form & function

All over the world, people are looking for improvements in hygiene and water saving as well as reliability and durability. In terms of products, SCHELL …

Filter angle stop valve for toilets and sink with a picture with maroon background
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SCHELL COMFORT regulating angle valve with filter protects your fittings & appliances

Water is a basic necessity essential for the everyday function of human life. Not only do we require water for basic survival, but we are …

plumbing system with actuator

Valves: Know A to Z for making an efficient piping system

A well-designed piping system needs different types of valves and pipe fittings. They synchronize the flow of fluid within the plumbing system. One can either …

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