SCHELL concealed and exposed toilet fittings – The right choice for modern bathrooms

Due to the pandemic, most people have been spending a lot of time at home. Today, one cannot help but notice everything that needs to be improved, including how the old toilet design takes up too much space. People are looking for modern and spacious bathrooms with minimalist yet highly functional solutions. Public sanitary facilities need reliable functionality and hygienic conditions. This means that in high-traffic public bathrooms, designers and installers need to consider a lot of user-focused and technical/functional needs. In such cases, both exposed and concealed toilet fittings and flushing solutions come in handy. Both of these come in manual actuation variants and contactless models that are activated by sensors.


SCHELL concealed toilet fittings


WC flushing solution – Concealed cistern


plumbing solutions - MONTUS cisterns and mounting modules for bathrooms, concealed plumbing
SCHELL plumbing solutions – MONTUS WC fitting


Proof that reliability and sophisticated design do not contradict one another can be found with the SCHELL cistern systems. They are the perfect solution to suit your requirements for equipping private and particularly public, and/or commercial sanitary rooms. Be it dual flush, start/stop function, or the convenient contact-free and thus hygienic actuation via an infrared sensor. If the infrared control does not work in the event of a power cut, the flush can also be actuated manually. Be it attractive control panels made of plastic, glass, or vandal-proof stainless steel, a wide choice of mounting modules for the most diverse of uses rounds off the range.


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WC flushing solution – Concealed WC flush valve


Compact II plumbing solution with Black glass plate
SCHELL Compact II with black glass plate


In high-traffic areas or where space is at a premium, we recommend the use of SCHELL concealed WC flush valves. They combine the flush-on-demand concealed COMPACT II fitting with an operating panel that is not only attractive but also hard-wearing and easy to clean. As there is no storage of STP water, there is no stagnation.


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Concealed urinal flush valve


SCHELL concealed flush valve with sensors, concealed toilet fittings
SCHELL concealed flush valve with sensors


From smaller-scale facilities in a restaurant to high-traffic areas in a sports stadium: urinals are always a practical, user-friendly, and hygienic option – and especially with our fittings. The sensor-activated fittings mean that absolutely no contact is required at all. This makes urinals an attractive option for individual use – such as in hotels – and not least because of the timeless design of our operating panels.


SCHELL exposed toilet fittings


WC flushing solution – Exposed WC flush valve


SCHELL WC flushing system, toilet flushing solution COMPACT II, Schellomat SILENT ECO for cistern tank
SCHELLOMAT Silent Eco exposed WC flush valve


If a modern-day solution is to be effective, it must be quick and simple to install. The SCHELL exposed flush valve aims to accomplish this. Sanitary applications used in public and commercial settings have rigorous requirements for robustness. Due to this, the SCHELLOMAT fitting features an all-metal housing that can withstand a significant amount of harm during normal operation. In addition, this adaptable toilet flush valve has a contemporary, self-closing cartridge design and an integrated, continuously operating nozzle cleaning needle.


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Urinal flushing solution – Exposed urinal flush valve


SCHELLTRONIC urinal flush valves from SCHELL
SCHELLTRONIC urinal flush valves from SCHELL


This classy brass urinal fitting features a durable SCHELL cartridge design and is the perfect option for use in any project requiring simple yet effective solutions. This specifically includes remodelling projects in the trade and hospitality industries, as well as in schools and gas stations. The fitting’s distinctive features include water-saving technology, robustness, and dependable operation.


We may conclude from the above information that exposed and concealed fittings have their particular benefits. It is up to you to choose one over the other depending on your priorities.

For your bathrooms, SCHELL provides comprehensive solutions that not only meet your needs but also give you a flawless, one-of-a-kind bathroom.

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