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Our bathrooms have grown in tandem with the ever-evolving market. From simple taps and minimum mechanics to modern and sophisticated designs, they have evolved into luxurious spaces. Similarly, toilet flushing systems have changed over time. Now, even a minor innovation can make a big difference. Most people don’t pay attention to their bathroom’s flush and let the plumber choose it for them. In such cases, a lack of awareness of a suitable flush system can lead to a range of issues, and you may eventually end up sacrificing hygiene. In order to overcome these problems, SCHELL has created the ideal flush valves for dual flush toilets with a variety of alternatives to pick from. These toilet flushing solutions range from WC exposed flush valves such as SCHELLOMAT to concealed urinal flush valves.

In order to combat the requirements for daily use in public and commercial sanitary rooms, SCHELL has developed a special range of elegant and, simultaneously, robust control panels and flushing solutions.

High-quality basic materials and automated manufacturing processes are the foundation for quality fittings Made by SCHELL in Germany. Furthermore, SCHELL continuously tackles new topics and turns them into innovative products which genuinely benefit the user. This includes the economical use of resources such as drinking water, as well as high demands on design, uncompromising quality, easy installation, and comprehensive service tailored to the requirements of the customer.

Thus, this article will highlight the numerous advantages of the German technology SCHELL exposed flush valves in comparison with conventional flush valves.


SCHELL Exposed WC Flush Valve

Many public, semi-public, and commercial sanitary rooms still have WCs with proven exposed flushing fittings.

Optimum hygiene, appealing design, high user frequency, or low investment are just a few instances of how the WC flush system needs in public, semi-public, and commercial sanitary rooms might differ. All roads lead to SCHELLOMAT dual flush toilet fittings when it comes to making these rooms state-of-the-art.

SCHELL is the leading full-range supplier of Made in Germany plumbing fittings today and is synonymous with intelligent fitting technology.


Exposed WC Flush Valve – SCHELLOMAT




Good arguments for the installation of SCHELLOMAT wall-mounted WC flush valves are easy mounting, high functionality, extreme robustness as well as low installation and operating costs. The corrosion-proof plastic cartridge and integrated automatic jet cleaning needle provide reliable continuous operation. Due to the easy accessibility of the system, servicing is possible without any problems at all times. Thereby, the fittings with an isolating valve provide the advantage that individual flush valves can be individually shut off in the event of a blocked bowl. In comparison to the wall-mounted cistern, other plus points of SCHELLOMAT dual flush toilet fittings include the compact dimensions and all-metal design, the improved protection against vandalism.


So, all the above-mentioned points make SCHELLOMAT the perfect solution for renovation and new installation.



  • Exposed installation. Therefore, no concealed parts.
  • In addition, there are no worries of theft with these toilet flush valves.
  • No need to provide a stop valve.
  • Can be installed in a 100 mm thickness x 800 mm height ledge valve.
  • No worries about liquid cement or dust getting inside.
  • Also, there are no alignment issues with push plates.
  • One inlet and one outlet and min pressure on 1.2 bar.
  • Additionally, no initial investment or blocking of the funds is required.
  • Due to the bend pipe installation, there is no requirement for a ledge wall.
  • LEED-certified dual flush valve with build shut off valve by SCHELL, Germany.
  • Moreover, the product is required after the tiling is done.


Silent Eco – Dual Flush

SCHELL plumbing fittings

  • Flush rate: 1.0 – 1.3 l/s
  • Flow pressure: 2 – 5.0 bar
  • Main flush volume adjustable: 4.5 – 9.0 l
  • Economy button: 3.0 l
  • Flush pipe connection: 28 x 26 mm
  • Noise class II, at 100% flow
  • Inlet connection: 25 mm x 3/4″
  • Also, LEED-certified


SCHELLOMAT Basic – Single Flush

flushing solutions for dual flush toilets

  • Flow pressure: 0.4 – 4.0 bar
  • Flush flow: 1.0 – 1.4 l/s
  • Flush pipe connection: 30
  • Inlet connection: 32 mm x 1″



SCHELLOMAT Basic – Single Flush (with isolating valve)

flush valve for dual flush toilets

  • Flow pressure: 2 – 5.0 bar
  • Flush flow: 1.0 – 1.3 l/s
  • Flush pipe connection: 30
  • Isolating valve
  • Noise class II, at 100% flow
  • Inlet connection: 25 mm x 3/4″


Comparison of conventional flush valve with SCHELL flush valve


Description Conventional Flush Valve SCHELL Flush Valve
Design Concealed Exposed
Product required During plumbing stage After tiling is done along with sanitaryware
Inlet size (piping) 32mm or 40mm 25mm
Water pressure required 1-2 bar Min. 2 bar – Max. 5bar
Inlet connector 32’ x 1¼” MTA: Additional cost 25” x 1” FTA: Additional cost
Outlet to WC 32 x 1¼”: Additional cost Included
WC outlet pipe and elbow Additional cost Included in product cost + WC connector with washer
Flush Volume

3/6 liters: Claimed, no control of the measurement, as the flush valve operates on spring technology.

3/6 liters: Precise as it is a cartridge system. So, clear identification dual flush.
Push actuation Push type – Very hard, not easy for kids as well as elders Press type. Hence, very smooth.
Isolation valve Inbuilt Inbuilt visible. Therefore, easy to operate.
Maintenance Fairly difficult Very easy; no need to dismantle the valve
Theft issue High No chance, as the product is required after tiling and before handover.
  • Everything in the beginning as concealed part + plate is supplied together.
  • MTA, FTA, Elbow and outlet pipe, and WC connector costing need to be considered.
  • Only for WC outlet pipe which is supplied during plumbing. Also, the cost is included in the product.
  • The main product is required after tiling is done, so no funds are blocked.
  • No additional cost of MTA; Elbow as well as outlet pipe, and WC connector are all supplied by SCHELL, included in the product cost.



SCHELL offers a complete range of bathroom solutions that not only meet your needs but also make your bathroom distinctive and perfect. Although a flush valve may appear insignificant, they serve a critical function in bathroom hygiene. So, why jeopardize one of your most valuable assets in the bathroom?

Thus, depending on what you’re looking for, you’ll definitely find multiple options with SCHELL. Despite being faster & more effective, SCHELL flush valves for dual flush toilets are also way easier to maintain and install.


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