18 Best farmhouses in India for a weekend getaway (with inspirational designs)

The best farmhouse design
The best farmhouse design

Have you ever thought of going somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, polluted air, phone calls, and, of course, the internet? If yes, then a getaway to a countryside farmhouse in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Karjat, etc, seems like an ideal weekend plan for you. These farmhouses are generally designed on vast plots of land, and the interior design is simple and modest, with lots of exposed wood and splendorous decor. A farm house stay is an excellent way to experience the authentic feel of a simple yet satisfying lifestyle. Also, renting a farmhouse would be a good option for weekend gateways. Furthermore, farmstays allow us to reconnect with nature by encouraging activities we would never do otherwise, such as milking a cow, walking through the orchards, riding horses, etc. Farmstays in India provide us with an insight into our agriculture. 


Farmhouse front view with garden
A perfect farmhouse for a weekend getaway

Image Source: Destiny farmstay


In this article, we have listed the farmhouses with the best interior designs in India. Also, if you want to build your own farmhouse, you can get inspiration from the below-mentioned farmhouse designs. Thus, we start from the north and go down south exploring ecological, organic, and contemporary farm stays that offer the most rejuvenating getaways.



Destiny Farmstay, Ooty 

Destiny Farmstay is located in Ooty, surrounded by natural greenery. This farm stay offers breathtaking views of the Nilgiris and Lake Emerald. Also, the country-style rooms of this resort with beautiful wooden flooring and cozy throw rugs are themed in four ways: Planet Savers, Great Explorers, Wild West, and Men of Nature. 

Moreover, they offer fun activities such as hiking, horse riding, and other indoor activities. All this makes this farm stay fun, welcoming, and one of a kind. 



Farmhouse rent: INR 9906 per night 

Address: Vakkiel Thotum, Muligur Village, Emerald Post, Ooty, Tamil Nadu 


Dewalokam Farmstay Retreat, Kodikulam

If you want to escape from the mundane life, Dewalokam farm stay is ideal for you. Yogacharya Paul Madathikandam, the best yoga guru in central Kerala, leads yoga and meditation sessions every morning at 7:15 a.m. The various programs available here are tailored to meet specific needs. Moreover, they aim to provide a detoxifying and rejuvenating experience. Also, the vibe of the rustic wood interior, vintage charm, and cozy interior decor are what make this farmhouse different from others. Thus, the Dewalokam farm stay definitely has to be on your go-to list. 



Farmhouse rent: INR 10,000 per night 

Address: XQ7V+87C, Koduveli P O, Karimannoor, Kodikulam, Kerala 


Red Stone Farmhouse, Kashid 

The Red Stone Farmhouse is a lavishly furnished farmhouse in Kashid, Maharashtra. The farmhouse’s interior has a stunning combination of red brick walls and marble floors, with extravagant interior design. It also includes contemporary-style rooms and decor. Moreover, Redstone Villa is perfect for you if you’re a professional who wants to host a meeting with clients or colleagues.  



Farmhouse rent: INR 2,200 per night 

Address: ​​At chikani post kashid Tal Murud janjira, dist, Kashid, Maharashtra


The Village House, ​​ Almora 

If you want to get away from the urban hustle to unwind yourself, The Village House is perfect for you. Also, the farmhouse is a few km away from Noida. So, if you are planning a farmhouse stay near Noida, this cozy farmhouse is an ideal place for you. ​​The cottage is entirely built with stone, exuding a rustic and authentic Kumaoni charm. Moreover, the farmhouse is perched on top of a hill that offers magnificent views of the verdant valley below and the high Himalayas above.  Thus, the cozy Oak and the beautiful Kafal room offer a luxurious experience to its travelers.



Farmhouse rent: INR 10,502 per night 

Address: JMCF+5GP, Hawal Bagh, Almora, Uttarakhand 263601


Omera The Farm Stay, Gurgaon

Omera Farmhouse, Gurgaon offers a rural yet luxurious experience, with a restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool, a bar, and a garden. It is one of the best farmhouses to visit near Delhi. Also, the old-fashioned rural farmhouse design represents a casual and cozy village theme decorating style, which eludes the feeling of simple country life. The colour palette incorporates pastel and bright colours, as well as design elements such as vintage wares, second-hand accessories, wall art, and bamboo furniture. 

Thus, one of the best things about staying at this organic farmstay is that you can bring your pets here without a second thought.


Farmhouse rent: INR 4,500  per night 

Address: Bajghera Road, 122017 Gurgaon, India 


Prakriti Farms, Rupnagar

The design and concept of Prakriti farm mainly focus on cottages and camps. These cottages are built on the hilltop by the locals using traditional practices. Also, Prakriti Farms is an ideal wilderness getaway. Prakriti farms are one of the most charming farmstays in India, providing a rural living experience. The farmhouse is located 5 hours and 20 minutes from New Delhi. 

Also, they offer various activities such as local pottery and the farm sits on the path of a bird migration that lasts from October to April. So, don’t forget to bring your binoculars.



Farmhouse rent: INR 6,451  per night 

Address: Village and Post Office Rail Majra, District, Rupnagar, Punjab


Green Beauty Farmhouse, Noida 

Green Beauty Farm House is a magnificent and gorgeous farmhouse in Noida that would bring a peaceful halt to your daily life. The farmhouse in Noida is located 70.9km away from Delhi. Also, this property’s white exterior with lush greenery gives it a gorgeous appearance, making it a picture-perfect location. 

Moreover, if you are planning a farmhouse stay near Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon, this place is ideal for you.



Farmhouse rent:  INR 17,276  per night 

Address: Green Beauty Farms, Old Club House, Sector 135, Noida, Uttar Pradesh


Maachli Farmstay, Parule

The Samant family is the creator of this beautiful farmhouse. The concept behind the venture is to connect the human chord with nature. The cottages are based on minimalist design. Moreover, Maachli farmhouse architecture has not cut a single tree while making the cottages, which offers it a beautiful, rustic charm. Also, if you love nature and want to spend your weekend with friends or your loved ones, the Maachli farm unquestionably remains the top choice. In addition to that, the delectable traditional food options, peaceful environment, and classic yet simple interior make the Maachli farm favourite for all age groups. 



Farmhouse rent: INR 9,440 per night 

Address: Tal-Vengurle, Dist, Parule, Maharashtra


Tathagata Farm, Darjeeling

Tathagata Farm will give you a complete rejuvenating experience with a wonderful dose of nature, surrounded by greenery and offering a seasonal outdoor swimming pool. The Farm is located in a certified organic village in Darjeeling. ​​The farmstay is simply made of wood and decorated with mini statues of Buddha. If you love the vibe of camping in the woods, this place is undoubtedly for you. 



Farmhouse rent: INR 3,918 per night 

Address: Aanp Botay, Mineral Spring, P.O, Lebong, Darjeeling, West Bengal 


Vanilla County, Vagamon

Vanilla County farmhouse is a 75-year-old Dutch-style Heritage Plantation Bungalow nestled in the Vagamon Valley. The bungalow is a family boutique inn set amidst the unspoiled rural countryside. The farmhouse layout and the use of white tones for its interior, exterior, and Dutch door make it welcoming. And, the greenery around the bungalow gives beautiful glimpses that add to the overall look of the bungalow. Also, it is well-known for home-cooked traditional Kerala cuisine. 

​​The stately bungalow remains the top choice for unwinding yourself with your family and friends.



Farmhouse rent: INR 8,222 per night 

Address: Mavady Estate, Teekoy, Vagamon, Kerala


Bon Farmhouse, Ravangla

If you want to experience village life, Bon farmhouse is the one for you. It’s a typical farmhouse in the monastery-dotted mountain village of Kewzing in scenic Sikkim. Moreover, the beautiful traditional Sikkimese interior design made of wooden interior and furnished with the contemporary design matches the vibe of Sikkim culture. The lamps, paintings, and wall designs add extra charm to the farmhouse design. Also, you should not miss their freshly made dumplings, if you are in Bon farmhouse.



Farmhouse rent: INR 3,593 per night 

Address: Bonfarmhouse, below Kewzing Gumpa P/O Kewzing Baazar Kewzing, Village, Ravangla, Sikkim 737139


Pratapgarh Farms, Jhajjar

Pratapgarh farms and resorts are ideal for those looking to escape city life. This incredible natural destination features a charming ethnic village and farm theme, made with mud huts, cattle barns, ponds, and traditional activity areas. Also, the Pratapgarh Farms is one of the best farmhouses near Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon, for a day outing. Pratapgarh Farms’ backdrop of lush green fields adds a distinct charm and transports you to another world. Furthermore, the farm is a botanical garden with over 150 plant and tree species. You can also try your hands at pottery, tend cows, and participate in a variety of other activities.




Farmhouse rent: INR 1140 per day  

Address: Near Railway Station, Gwalison Rd, Jhajjar, Haryana 


Golden Turtle Farm, Manesar

Aamod at Manesar, popularly known as ‘Golden Turtle Farm’,  is a perfect combination of luxury and comfort, which will make the stay ultimately pleasant. The Golden Turtle Farmhouse Gurgaon will surely whisk you to a different world. Also, each room is designed professionally, with ultra-modern facilities and handpicked exclusive furniture from unique handicraft stores across India. Also, the big French windows make this farmhouse of Gurgaon look vast and spacious, and the unique design of the stairway is an eye-catching feature here. The farmhouse is located 79.5 km from Noida and a mere 20 km from the Gurgaon. 

The Golden Turtle Farmhouse Gurgaon offers a swimming pool, a lush green lawn, a small soccer field, and delectable cuisine. Thus, all the fun activities and delightful food are what make Golden Turtle Farmhouse Gurgaon your second home.



Farmhouse rent: INR 7000 per night 

Address: Uppal Farms, Bilaspur Chowk, Manesar, Gurugram, Haryana


The Country Retreat, Bankli 

Rustic, regal, and mysterious are how the Country Retreat introduces itself. Located between Jodhpur & Udaipur. The interior is a perfect blend of vintage and modern elements. Also, the regal touch offers the quintessential experience of Rajasthan. However, the interior of the farmhouse design ensures you don’t feel the absence of any modern-day amenities. The rooms are rustic and royal, from the wooden ceiling to the French window and white wood cupboard. Each room offers aesthetic decor. Thus, it offers romantic hideaways, family getaways, and adventurous escapes. From planning an action-packed adventure holiday to spending lazy days reading books, the farmstay has something for everyone.



Farmhouse rent: INR 9,141 per night 

Address: Bithiya, Bankli, Rajasthan


Philipkutty’s Farm, Kottayam

This family-run 35-acre farm, set on a beautiful island, is your perfect hideout in God’s own country. With its laidback retreats and waterfront villas, Philipkutty is the perfect farmstay in the backwaters of Kerala. Also, the lovely ridges and canals add to the charm of this haven. The luxury villas depicting fine architecture are traditionally styled and decorated with antiques. Also, the farm is equipped with all modern facilities, but what makes it blissful is the excellent circulation and spellbinding views of the garden, farm, and the backwaters. Thus, the adventurous ambiance and fascinating food menu will instantly make you fall in love with this place. 



Farmhouse rent: INR 16000  per night 

Address: MC75+4RV, Pallivathukal, Ambika Market P.O, Vechoor, Kottayam District, Kottayam, Kerala


SaffronStays Casa Manga farmhouse, Karjat 

If you want to spend quality time beside hygienic swimming pools and delicious food with your family or loved ones, SaffronStays’s Casa Manga Karjat has to be your first choice. Also, the SaffronStays’s Casa Manga Karjat is a well-managed contemporary farmhouse with modern-day amenities. Thus, minimalist room decoration, colorful exterior walls, a garden, and an open seating area by the bonfire will make your stay pleasant and pretty. 



Karjat farmhouse rent: INR  25,920 per night 

Address: W76M+5G2, Unnamed Road, Bhilvale, Maharashtra 410102


Mango Tree Farm, Karjat 

Looking to spend some quality time with your loved ones in the great outdoors? Mango Tree Farm (Farm & Resort in Karjat) is a spectacular property that will provide the perfect setting for your event. Located in Karjat, Jambhivali, District Raigad, Maharashtra, this farmhouse remains surrounded by lush greenery, ensuring a relaxing and delightful stay. On an area of over 8 acres, Mango Tree Farmhouse sits nestled in Karjat amid a lovely farm of mango, chikoo, and coconut trees. Also, the location of this Karjat farmhouse offers traditional Cottages and Villas with a variety of amenities such as a swimming pool, free WiFi, a children’s play area, air conditioning, and television. It’s a terrific place to stay with your family and friends. Moreover, it offers a safe and eco-friendly environment. Also, the farm stay serves wonderful Maharashtrian vegetarian and nonvegetarian thalis.



Karjat farmhouse rent: INR 6210 per night 

Address: Jambhivali, Karjat, Opposite Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram. , District Raigad, state Maharashtra,


Farm of Happiness, Parchuri Road

The farm couple Rahul and Sampada left their successful careers behind in Mumbai and adopted a simple, rural lifestyle. The Farm of Happiness, also known as “Anandache Shet,’ is the pleasant result of their hard work and determination to make a difference. One of India’s most soul-pleasing organic farmstays, Farm of Happiness is a popular farm stay near Mumbai. The ethnic design of the farmhouse is accentuated with clay floors, wooden interiors, and antique furniture. The cosy interior offers a homely feel. Thus, Farm of Happiness is the place to spend peaceful quality time with your family and friends.

So, if you live in Maharashtra, you can enjoy a farmhouse stay at Parchuri Road or Karjat and enjoy the natural bliss.



Farmhouse rent: INR 5000 per night 

Address: Off, Parchuri Road near Kaatal Wadi, Phungus, Maharashtra



A vacation home is a place where you can enjoy your leisure time while sustaining the feeling of being at home. However, it is essential for these farmhouses to provide a pleasant experience and a relaxing interior. If you want a vacation that is quiet, calming, and provides you with that much-needed respite from busy city life, you should go for a farmhouse stay in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Karjat, etc. Also, the sounds of birds chirping and the gushing of water with the cool breeze will be the only things around you.


The best farmhouse in India and their rent
A beautiful farmhouse to unwind yourself

Image Source: gonyaehomes.com


The perfect farmhouse has everything from a good interior to good food. Moreover, if you are looking for a vacation at a farmhouse or want inspiration for your own farmhouse design, you must try the above-mentioned best farmhouses in India.


*The featured image used in this article is from Squarespace-cdn.com

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