Toilet flushing solutions that make a good bathroom GREAT!

SCHELL WC flushing system, toilet flushing solution COMPACT II, Schellomat SILENT ECO for cistern tank
SCHELL WC flushing system, toilet flushing solution COMPACT II, Schellomat SILENT ECO for cistern tank

The bathroom is one of the most important aspects of any residential or commercial building. Therefore, you should think of every feasible way to make it not only comfortable but also highly functional, elegant, and spacious. Investing in high-tech toilet fittings and flushing systems such as concealed cisterns and WC flush valves are a better decision in today’s world.

A concealed tank toilet creates a sense of spaciousness in the bathroom and makes it appear opulent. The toilet flush or actuator, as well as the WC, are the only visible pieces of a concealed cistern, with the rest concealed behind walls or in a cabinet. Only the flush buttons are visible because the toilet bowl appears to be linked to the wall. The exposed cistern, on the other hand, has the top tank visible from the outside and is positioned at the back of the toilet bowl.

Due to its affordability, an exposed cistern is the most prevalent form of toilet found in households and offices. A concealed toilet, on the other hand, is one of the modern bathroom concepts that is gaining traction among bathroom enthusiasts.

Depending upon your requirements, this article will give you the best alternatives in the market with German technology and also highlight their advantages & tech specs.



SCHELL toilet flushing solutions


SCHELL plumbing solutions - Concealed WC flush valve Compact II
SCHELL WC flushing solution – Concealed flush valve Compact II


Ultimate hygiene, attractive design, high level of user frequency, or minimal investment – just a few examples of how the requirements for urinal and WC flush systems in public, semi-public, and commercial sanitary rooms can vary. SCHELL prepares you for everything.

Almost 90 years ago, SCHELL laid the foundation for a success story that continues to the present day. The first milestone was the production of angle valves, which began in 1949. To date, 500,000,000 angle valves have been installed worldwide. Synonymous with intelligent fitting technology, today, SCHELL is also the leading full-range supplier of Made in Germany plumbing fittings.


Concealed cistern – Function and design in perfect harmony


concealed cistern for flush tanks
SCHELL concealed cistern


​Proof that reliability and sophisticated design do not contradict one another can be found with the SCHELL cistern systems. We have the perfect solution for you – to suit whatever your wishes are for equipping private and particularly public, semi-public, or commercial sanitary rooms. Be it dual flush, start/stop function, the convenient contact-free and thus hygienic actuation via an infrared sensor, or be it the attractive control panels made of plastic, glass, or vandal-proof stainless steel, a wide choice of mounting modules for the most diverse of uses rounds off the range.


Montus modules

Drywall or masonry, barrier-free, actuation from the top or vertical drain? SCHELL MONTUS WC modules make sure you are ready for every eventuality. These concealed cisterns are also available without frames.


Advantages of cistern

  • Versions with water-saving dual-flush functionality as well as start/stop function.
  • Sophisticated design as well as robust quality.
  • Individually adjustable flush volume.
  • Modules for free-standing as well as wall-mounting installation
  • Also, suitable for wet installations


Technical specifications

  • WC concealed cistern 80 mm, operation from ahead
  • Small flush volume: 3/3 l
  • Large flush volume: 6 / 7 l as well as 5 l on demand
  • Factory setting: 3 and 6 l
  • Fitting connection R ½ ext. thread


Concealed WC flush valve


Compact II with Black glass plate
SCHELL WC flushing solution – Compact II with black glass plate


In high-traffic areas or where space is at a premium, we recommend the use of SCHELL concealed WC flush valves. They combine the flush-on-demand concealed COMPACT II fitting with an operating panel that is not only attractive but also hard-wearing and easy to clean. WC flush valves by SCHELL feature the self-closing SC cartridge. Moreover, it has reliable operation thanks to corrosion-resistant top-quality plastic. To prevent the build of deposits in the nozzle orifice, the WC cartridge additionally has an automatic nozzle cleaning pin. So, this activated with every flush. In addition, a filter provides extra protection against contamination.


Montus module for flush valve

SCHELL also offers the matching WC module MONTUS for the concealed WC fitting COMPACT II. As a result, not only the installation of the fitting but also the installation of the WC is made convenient.



  • Always ready to flush.
  • Cost-effective solution.
  • Durable cartridge technology with nozzle cleaning pin.
  • An attractive selection of compact control panels (153.5 x 124 mm)
  • Adjustable flush volume (4.5-9 l)
  • Suitable for 4.5 l WC economy ceramic units.
  • EDITION with numerous designs.


Technical specifications

  • Flow pressure: 1.0 -1.3 bar. However, from 0.8 bar for low-pressure designs.
  • Flush rate: 1 -1.3 l/s
  • Flush volume: 3/4.5 – 9 l, 3/4.5 -6 l, or low-pressure designs.
  • Noise class: I, II for low-pressure designs.
  • Valve connection: T 3/4 MT, T 1 MT for low-pressure designs.
  • Connection line: DN 25


Exposed WC flush valve


Exposed WC Flush Valve
Exposed WC flush valve


WCs with wall-mounted flush valves can be found in many sanitary rooms. When the task in hand is to make these rooms state-of-the-art, all roads lead to SCHELLOMAT. Then, with this product line, SCHELL offers a broad-ranging selection of solutions to suit your requirements. Beautiful in design, economic in water consumption terms, robust in everyday use, and reliable in operation for many years.


Schellomat Silent Eco (dual flush) & Schellomat Basic (single flush)



  • No concealed parts – Exposed installation.
  • No worries of liquid cement or dust getting inside.
  • Exposed and can be installed in 100 mm thickness x 800 mm height ledge valve.
  • No need to provide a stop valve
  • No alignment issues of push plates
  • One inlet and one outlet and minimum pressure on 1.2 bar
  • No initial investment or blocking of the funds.
  • No requirement of ledge wall.
  • LEED-certified dual flush valve with build shut off valve by SCHELL, Germany.
  • Product required after tiling is done.
  • No worries about theft.


Technical specifications – Schellomat Silent Eco flush systems

  • Brass push button for 2 flushes
  • Flush rate: 1.0 – 1.3 l/s
  • Flow pressure: 1.2 – 5.0 bar
  • Adjustable main flush volume: 4.5 – 9.0 l
  • Economy button: 3.0 l
  • Noise class: I
  • Optional: Integrated service isolating valve
  • Valve connection: T 3/4 MT
  • Recommended pipe size: Dia 25 mm Pipe inlet with 3/4″(20mm) FT


Technical specifications – Schellomat Basic flush systems

  • Brass push button for single flush volume
  • Water economy through need-based usage
  • Flush rate: 1.0 – 1.4 l/s
  • Flow pressure: 0.4 – 4 bar
  • Flush volume: 8 – 14 l (adjustable)
  • Noise class: II
  • Valve connection: T 1 MT
  • Recommended pipe size: Dia 32mm pipe inlet with 1″(25 mm) FT



Now that we’ve assessed the advantages and features of various toilet flushing systems, click here to view a wide range of solutions and submit your inquiries!


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