Industry Talks with B&I – World Environment Day Special

industry Talks with B&I on green buildings - World Environment Day banner
industry Talks with B&I on green buildings - World Environment Day banner

As we celebrate World Environment Day (June 5), BuildingandInteriors spoke to some of the thought leaders in the building materials industry to understand their take on this very important day and the subject. As we move into the future with ever-expanding built-up spaces, the environment is becoming the common ground for the entire value chain, ranging over manufacturers, brand custodians, architects, designers, consultants, and end-customers. It’s quite interesting to see that players across different categories in the building materials market are actively working towards offering more and more environment-friendly solutions such as green building products in the Indian market for a sustainable future. In their own words:

World Environment Day Special

Gaurav Malhotra, MD, Hansgrohe India

Gaurav Malhotra talking about a sustainable future“hansgrohe, a world-class trusted brand known for its innovation & excellent German quality in CP fittings and sanitaryware has been confronting climate change since 1990. We’re developing water-saving technologies and researching sustainable materials ensuring our products save resources without compromising on the water experience.

For the building materials industry, we offer sustainable and green solutions like water-saving EcoSmart technology in showers & taps, energy-saving CoolStart technology in taps & AquaHelix flush technology in WCs to ensure minimum wastage of precious resources.

300+ products from our portfolio are IGBC certified ensuring reliability for our customers. Our commitment to using sustainable materials and energy-efficient manufacturing processes further minimizes the environmental impact of our products.

By offering green products & eco-friendly technologies, Hansgrohe supports builders and architects in their green constructions & sustainable buildings. This not only helps the industry meet environmental objectives but also encourages a broader adoption of sustainable practices across India. Through these efforts, we are driving a positive change towards a more sustainable future.”

World Environment Day Special

Pranesh Chhibber, Country Director, Canadian Wood

Pranesh Chibber“Wood is the only natural material that is renewable and can be used for a wide variety of applications. However, responsible consumption is what will make this wonderful material available for generations to come. All it requires is to ensure that the wood being used is certified and comes from sustainable sources. This also helps mitigate the carbon footprint.

India is a wood fibre deficit country, and its forests are protected by law, so it must depend on imported wood to meet its demand. In contrast, Canada is a forest nation with close to 10% of the world’s total forest cover and it cares for its biodiversity. Canada is thus well positioned as a long-term reliable source of eco-friendly, wood species legally harvested from its sustainably managed forests. Ever since “sustainable forest management” and “certification” emerged in the 1990s, they were adopted quickly across Canada. Today, it is a world leader in sustainability with over 41 million hectares of certified forests, roughly 37% of certified forests globally.

FII (Forestry Innovation Investment), a crown corporation of British Columbia, the westernmost province of Canada, promotes its species in the overseas markets through educational seminars and training workshops besides sharing best practices for upskilling of reman and structural applications. It provides handholding and technical assistance to the woodworking industry and facilitates sourcing of Canadian wood species by connecting buyers with suppliers, either directly in B.C. Canada for larger loads or locally with 40+ Canadian wood stockists in over 20 cities across India to meet frequent requirements of smaller volumes.”

World Environment Day Special

Husain Quettawalla, Executive Director, STIEBEL ELTRON INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED

Husain quettawala - speaking on their products focusing on green buildings“Climate change is not only making our daily lives more complex but also threatening our daily lives and our very existence. Population growth added to higher income and lifestyle changes is creating more demand for water and energy, especially in a growing and aspirational country like India. At Stiebel Eltron, we believe in a sustainable future for everyone and have continued to work on path-breaking technologies since our founding in 1924. Over the last 100 years, our innovation in technologies for hot water, space heating, ventilation, and water filtration have helped customers enjoy a better quality of life while at the same time, reducing the consumption of energy and water.

We have been one of the pioneers globally in heat pump technology for over 50 years. Heat pumps are increasingly recognized as a critical technology for the decarbonization of heat, receiving increasing policy support in several countries over the last few years. The International Energy Agency, estimates heat pumps globally have the potential to reduce global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by at least 500 million tonnes in 2030 – equal to the annual CO2 emissions of all cars in Europe today. We continue to invest in India and aspire to be an influential figure in the facilitation of the country’s energy transition for a sustainable future. The future is now!”

World Environment Day Special

Faiz Ahmed – MD, Rehau (South Asia)

Faiz Ahmed“I am proud to be part of REHAU, a leader in the Indian building materials sector. Our forward-looking sustainability initiatives, such as improving waste reuse and regeneration methods and exploring innovative recycling ideas like polymer blends for enhanced recyclability, highlight our commitment to environmental stewardship. By adhering to standards like ISO 14001, an international environmental standard, we actively engage in local environmental initiatives, aiming to reduce environmental risks and preserve natural resources. Our radiant heating and cooling systems, which can save up to 30% energy compared to regular air conditioners, showcase our dedication to innovation in creating sustainable solutions.”

World Environment Day Special

C.V.Dilipkumar, Managing Director, SCHELL India Pvt. Ltd.

CV Dilipkumar - opinion on world environment day and their products focusing on green buildings and sustainable future“In the modern era of sustainability, the construction industry is increasingly focused on incorporating practices that conserve water and energy. The plumbing industry plays a critical role in achieving these goals.

Projects in India are increasingly seeking LEED certification or adherence to IGBC norms and standards. Achieving these certifications ensures that projects are more sustainable, water efficient, and have reduced carbon footprints.

Products like the Schellomat WC flushing system are adjustable to 2/4L, which also supports LEED certification and IGBC standards. This cartridge-based system is installed post-tiling and prevents foul smells from STP water by avoiding stagnation. It’s simple to install and maintain, featuring an integrated isolating valve. The system supports three types of installation: niche, ledge, and exposed (via bend pipe).

We have a strong portfolio of sensor products, including the Compact II WC flushing solution with sensor plate, sensor-based washbasin draw-off taps, self-closing taps, and sensor urinal flushing solutions. These are great for commercial bathrooms.”

World Environment Day Special

Rakesh Awasthi, Business Head Projects & Business Development, Ozone Overseas Pvt. Ltd

Rakesh Awasthi talking about a sustainable future on world environment day“Ozone is significantly impacting the building materials industry in India by prioritizing environmental conservation and efficient resource utilization. Offering a vast range of over 5000 products, Ozone’s portfolio includes glass fittings, shower enclosures, glass partition systems, glass railing systems, automatic doors, door hardware, kitchen & furniture fittings, and security solutions. These products are extensively designed using materials like stainless steel, aluminium, and mild steel, featuring a recycled content ranging from 60% to as high as 90%. Ozone’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its strategic avoidance of materials with low recyclability, such as plastics and rubber. This approach underscores the company’s dedication to conserving natural resources.

Ozone’s manufacturing plants in Kala-Amb, Himachal Pradesh and Ghiloth, Rajasthan adhere to sustainable manufacturing practices. Notably, the Ozone Ghiloth Factory has been certified as a 4-star rated Green Building by ASSOCHAM, highlighting its dedication to a sustainable future. Furthermore, the facility is accredited for Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), ensuring minimal impact on water resources.

Ozone’s commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices positions the company as a leading example in the industry, inspiring others to follow suit.”


As India carries on its march towards progress, we can draw a fair conclusion that quality brands in the building materials industry are well-tuned to play their roles responsibly by manufacturing sustainable products. Green buildings, water-efficient faucets, and flushes have made an impact in the Indian market and that’s a subtle yet reassuring message for our common future.

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