Ms. Renu Mishra's guest post banner for an article on plumbing industry, plumbers in india and global plumbing professionals

From generational code to global leadership: Transforming plumbing into a recognised profession

Plumbing as a skill and profession has been taken up in a generational code in India. Most plumbers come from the families who had acquired …

Industry Talks with B&I – Plumbing Solutions Market in India

Industry Talks with B&I – Plumbing Fittings Market in India

Plumbing is a crucial aspect of modern infrastructure that plays a fundamental role in ensuring the safe and efficient distribution of water and the removal …

Exposed Schellomat valve by SCHELL
Bathroom Fittings, Accessories & FurniturePlumbing

SCHELL plumbing products for residential and commercial bathrooms

When it comes to plumbing products for bathrooms, SCHELL stands out as a leading manufacturer renowned for their innovative solutions. With a strong focus on …

Ms. Renu Mishra's guest post banner for an article on pivotal role of specifiers like architects and contractors in India

Pivotal role of project specifiers in the building material industry

Leading as a CEO of an international company in the building material industry, I recognized the crucial role specifiers play in shaping the landscape of …

Modus shower in a grey themed bathroom
Bathroom Fittings, Accessories & FurniturePlumbing

SCHELL MODUS shower thermostat: The ideal solution offering optimum level of safety

As we increasingly seek out smart and innovative products to avoid the problem of anti-scalding, SCHELL has answered the call by developing a sleek and …

Mr. C. V. Dilipkumar, MD SCHELL plumbing specialist, German plumbing brand
Bathroom Fittings, Accessories & FurniturePlumbing

SCHELL is India’s most affordable German plumbing brand: Mr. C. V. Dilipkumar

German plumbing solutions specialist SCHELL has been in India for over a decade. Having impressed the market with its high-quality solutions, the company is getting …

Angle valve thermostat with scald protection
Bathroom Fittings, Accessories & FurniturePlumbing

Avoid scalding and other injuries with SCHELL thermostatic angle valves

Unwanted temperature changes are both annoying and dangerous. For instance, when a toilet is flushed, cold water enters the tank of the toilet and reduces …


Water Hammering in Piping Systems and Water Hammer Arrestors – An article by Mr. Gautam Ghosal

Mr. Gautam Ghosal is a subject matter expert in the plumbing discipline and foremost authority on issue relating to plumbing systems installed in buildings. This …

stainless steel pipe system

Pipe: A detailed technical guide for a sound plumbing system

In building construction, plumbing pipes are designed to transport treated drinking water/potable water to end-users or consumers. These, aided by pipe fittings like steel, copper, …

washbasin mixer taps in chrome finish, electronic sensor fittings and products for sustainable plumbing
Bathroom Fittings, Accessories & FurniturePlumbing

SCHELL electronic sensor fittings are the new standard for hygiene

Modern sensor technology has made bathrooms more reliable. Contactless fittings and technologies have become necessary over time to maintain a clean atmosphere, particularly after the …

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