SCHELL special angle valves and connection fittings reduce appliance maintenance costs

bathroom fittings in a white bathroom


The cumulative impact of man-made activities has resulted in a fragile reality where environmental pollution has caused enough damage to show its effects in various forms. Therefore, terms like sustainability, resource conservation, etc. have filled the news. The leading German brand, SCHELL, has come up with a reliable product range that provides bathroom fittings that save water, maintain water hygiene, and offer utility.

Their products are extremely reliable and long-lasting. In this article, we are going to discuss the connection fittings and special angle valves with filter and thermostat offered by SCHELL in detail.



SCHELL bathroom fittings have dominated the market for more than 90 years. The brand has a diverse product portfolio including washbasins, WCs, urinals, and showers. Their fittings are robust, resource-efficient, and hygienic. They are particularly useful in sanitary facilities that continue to receive heavy traffic, like semi-public, public, and commercial sanitary establishments.

The brand has established itself as a renowned name among dealers, planners, builders, and architects for its uncompromising quality, cutting-edge products, and, in particular, its zeal for sustainable solutions. Therefore, when you pick SCHELL, you get premium “Made in Germany” products. Explore their special angle valves and appliance connection fittings product range below –


Space-saving connection fitting


schell space saving connection fitting in a white washing machine
The ultra-functional space-saving connection valve by SCHELL


The connection fitting is useful in modern washing machines that have become deeper to provide more space for laundry. This change in design has left a very narrow space for connecting plumbing fittings. That is where this space-saving connection valve comes in handy. It has a width of only 45 mm which is why it works beautifully in compact spaces. It can also be used in dishwashers and in places where space is at a premium like the utility area of an apartment.


Space-saving connection fitting – Features

  • This fitting provides a space-saving connection to home appliances.
  • It has comfortable handling.
  • The fitting comes with a noise class I spindle valve.
  • It is an angle valve without a backflow preventer.
  • Connection G1/2 ext. thread, outlet G3/4 ext. thread.
  • It comes with a hose connector.
  • The flow volume is 30l/min.


SCHELL filter angle valve


Filter angle valve
The diverse application areas of filter angle valve by SCHELL


The perfect combination of regulating angle valve with filter makes this an ideal fitting. The filter does an outstanding job at sieving harmful particles like dust and lime that would cause a host of issues that eventually leads to serious damage to high-end expensive appliances. This protects your high-quality fittings from long-term damage. The filter angle valve’s mesh size, design, and ease of movement have now been optimised to provide better quality.


Filter angle valve connection fitting – Features

  • It comes with SCHELL COMFORT handle.
  • The valve is made up of brass and conforms to drinking water regulations.
  • It has a chrome finish.
  • The filter and mesh size is 250 μm.


SCHELL angle valve thermostat


bathroom fittings in a white bathroom
Sleek and advanced angle valve with thermostat


SCHELL angle valve with thermostat provides ultimate anti-scalding protection even in high-risk application scenarios like childcare facilities, hospitals, or nursing homes. The innovative angle valve’s practical design not only supports thermal disinfection, which provides clean drinking water but also makes installation simple even in tight spaces. Just like the connection fittings by SCHELL, their angle valve with thermostat is also marked by superior quality.


Angle valve with thermostat – Features

  • The valve has anti-scalding protection along with the option of selecting a draw-off temperature.
  • It is compatible with angle valves that have G 3/8 outlet.
  • Its thermostat is compliant with EN 1111 ensuring that the hot water stops within 3 seconds of the failure of cold water.
  • It comes with a backflow preventer on the hot and cold water supply (type EN, EB 1717).
  • The valve includes 2 sieve seals which come with a filter (250 μm)
  • The fitting allows individual adjustment of temperature.
  • It also helps with thermal disinfection.


Now that you know the advantages of using special angle valves and appliance connection fittings, click here to explore the entire product range of SCHELL!


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