Industry Talks with B&I – Plumbing Fittings Market in India

Industry Talks with B&I – Plumbing Solutions Market in India


Plumbing is a crucial aspect of modern infrastructure that plays a fundamental role in ensuring the safe and efficient distribution of water and the removal of waste. This field encompasses a wide range of services, from the installation and maintenance of pipes, fixtures, and fittings to the design of complex water supply and drainage systems for residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Factors such as government infrastructure investments and supportive initiatives like Skill India and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan have proved to be major growth factors for the plumbing industry. Predictions indicate that by 2025, the plumbing fittings market in India could reach INR 1.5 trillion, experiencing a growth rate of 10-12% annually.

Anticipated trends include a rise in technology adoption, emphasizing smart plumbing systems and water-efficient products, a heightened focus on skill development, and a commitment to sustainability with an emphasis on water conservation and reuse. To help enrich your understanding of the plumbing industry in India even further, we have compiled valuable insight and analysis from numerous industry experts.


Plumbing Fittings Market in India – Brand Perspective


Krishna Chaitanya Muktinutalapati, Director – Sales & Marketing, Sloan India Pvt. Ltd.

Krishna Chaitanya Muktinutalapati, Director – Sales & Marketing, Sloan India Pvt. Ltd. “It is no secret that India is among the fastest growing economies in the world. This strong shift has been an eye-opener for many industry players across various verticals. The Construction and Real Estate segment is no different.

There were times when plumbing was among the least-priority items. Further, the focus was only on the finishes. However, with the increased demand for vertical spaces, high-rise condominiums, and premium spaces, the significance of quality plumbing has spiralled in the last 5 years. The end customers are better educated about global practices and expect the same best-in-class solutions. The product quality, compliance with standards, maintenance budgets, and post-sales service levels have become very prominent while making purchase decisions. Global leaders, like Sloan Valve Company, are investing in India as we certainly see a great future. The industry is surely gearing up fast to take on the upcoming challenges such as water shortage, STP water compliant products, and deteriorating water conditions. India is among the fastest adopters of the technologies leading towards a green and sustainable future.”



C.V. Dilipkumar, Managing Director, SCHELL India Pvt. Ltd.

C. V. Dilipkumar, Managing Director, SCHELL India Pvt. Ltd. - leading plumbing fittings brand in Indian market“Global economy’s focusing on environment, green energy and having less carbon footprints, etc. are the current challenges. India too is focusing on this challenge and more and more builders are adapting to be more sustainable and focus on water-efficiency. Construction projects in India are looking at getting their projects LEED certified or meeting the IGBC norms and standards. With this, the projects become more sustainable and water-efficient. SCHELL, having close to 90 years of experience, has a broad range of products that meet these certification standards be it in WC flushing solutions, urinal flushing solutions, and washbasin draw-off taps. Developing sustainable solutions is therefore one of our most basic principles and is a cornerstone of our corporate philosophy.”




Plumbing Fittings Market in India – Consultant Perspective


Chintan Daiya

Chintan Daiya, plumbing consultant“Being involved with WorldSkills in the capacity of a “Chief Expert”, I am very conversant with the global plumbing market, also being involved in Design Consultancy in India, the home market in our country holds tremendous value. The global market is divided geographically when it comes to plumbing material preferences and technologies. For example, American Countries prefer CPVC / UVC and certain metals like Copper and SS, the European market prefers composites like PEX, PERT, etc., the Asian countries like Singapore, Korea, and China prefer PPR. However, India is a very welcoming market.

We actively utilize and make available most of the material in the market, without any specific withholding based on geographic or zonal preferences. While all the materials, right from basic to advanced, are available in our country, the biggest challenge faced usually is the technical know-how and the right workmanship. While many companies and organizations also provide training, most of it is in silos and limited to their product. A holistic training program and certification is what most need to acquire which is available under the “Skill India” initiative by WMPSC.”



The compilation of knowledge from various industry professionals offers a comprehensive panorama of the dynamic landscape within the plumbing industry in India. As the nation undergoes rapid urbanization and infrastructure development, the plumbing sector adapts to emerging trends and seizing opportunities. The foresight provided by experts underscores the potential for substantial market growth, with predictions pointing towards a robust industry valued at INR 1.5 trillion by 2025. The anticipated technological advancements, emphasis on skill development, and commitment to sustainability reflect a sector poised for transformation. However, challenges such as an unorganized sector, standardization issues, and a shortage of skilled labour persist, demanding collaborative efforts to overcome them. As the plumbing industry in India navigates through these challenges and embraces innovation, it is evident that strategic and sustainable solutions will be pivotal for companies seeking to excel in this evolving and promising market.


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