Architect Talk

Architect Talk

Ar. Monolita Chatterjee in a yellow traditional dress practices sustainable and inclusive design
Architect Talk

Technology is a good ally & enables us to create a sustainable design: Ar. Monolita Chatterjee

The need for advancement and the health of our environment have been in fierce competition ever since the advent of scientific and technological development. These …

Ar. Manish Kumat, Founder and CEO of Design Cell
Architect Talk

Sustainable architecture enhances the quality of the built environment: Ar. Manish Kumat

With the field of architecture gradually recognising its role in environmental challenges and attempting to reinterpret its principles and methods, the climate crisis has become …

Architect TalkArchitecture

Doors and window systems need calculative innovation: Ar. Seeja Sudhakaran

Architecture is an ever-evolving industry. People are exploring newer, more practical, and more efficient technologies for their homes. The door and window trends in building …

Architect Milind Chingale, SpaceTalk Studio, interior designer in Pune
Architect Talk

Flexibility & sustainability in design is an Architect’s roadmap to success: Ar. Milind Chingale

Sustainability is the future of architecture and interior design. The use of energy-efficient products in buildings is witnessing massive growth. Brands such as Stiebel Eltron, …

Mr. K O Abraham, Managing Director & Chairman, Mysore Light & Interiors Private Limited, drywall, lighting, and turnkey interiors contractor in Bangalore, Interior contracting company
Architect Talk

Modular construction approach like Drywalls is the need of the hour: Mr. K O Abraham, Mysore Light & Interiors (Interior contractors in Bengaluru)

In today’s technology-driven lifestyle and rising urbanization, the industry is largely discovering new construction and interior design alternatives. So, choosing a service provider for each …

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