Door designs: Designing tips & ideas to steal right away (85+ images)


Modern door designs are so much more than just beautiful entrances. They have the potential to provide a structure and change the interiors adding a lot more to the aspect than just a spectacular hardware piece like handle or molding. Whether a glass door, wooden door, Dutch door, French door, jali door, grill door, sliding door, pivoting door, or front door, choose a that fits all your requirements.

Many prefer door systems that provide physical separation of the space without losing visual integrity. On the other hand, some designers choose concealed sliding door systems or movable walls to cleverly maximize space and add a modern touch at the same time.

Of late, door designs are not limited to the simple wooden that we are used to. The latest development in designing is the idea of making them more creative, decorative yet more concealed and flawless.

Therefore, no matter how you choose to design for your next project, it is important to customize them based on the preference of the homeowners as well as the installation area.

Consider this article as a guide to finding a large selection of door inspiration for every that will amplify your in the blink of an eye.


Living room door designs

Being the center of attention in any home, the living connects all other rooms of the house. Therefore, the of the living are an integral part of design.

For the living doors, choose from innumerable options such as french doors, sliding doors, bi-fold doors, glazed doors, movable walls, partition doors, glass doors, or wooden doors.

Similar to the material, the texture and finishes can also be customized as per the preference of the homeowners.

in the living provide for ventilation and as well. Thus, create a and pattern that is warm and inviting. Moreover, to save up some space and make the area look bigger, you can always go for sliding doors.


Living door #1


glass bi-fold living room door designs with black metal frame
Trendy bi-fold door for living

Image Source: Behance


Living door #2


green solid door wih hand-painted flowers, living room door designs
Beautiful hand-painted country style door

Image Source: Nathalie Lete


Living door #3


big blue pivoting door; living room door designs
Eccentric blue pivoting door

Image Source: Facil


Living door #4


painted glass door, sliding door designs for living room
Modern & stylish painted glass door

Image Source: Da Vinci Lifestyle


Bedroom door designs

For the bedroom, you may be tempted to use almost any door and overlook its design. But, taking some time to select a door that offers functionality as well as beauty is well worth the investment.

While you may think that you only need a door for privacy, they also provide for aesthetics and functionality.

The two most popularly used in the bedroom, or in fact any space, are the flush and panel doors. Flush are necessarily flat without any major detailing or outstanding element, whereas panel offer more visual appeal and details.

Pro tip: If noise is a major concern for you, choose a door that operates quietly. For this, opt for an STC-rated door. Higher the STC rating, the lesser the noise.


Bedroom door design #1


green solid door with white geometric pattern painted on glass panels
Simple bedroom door inspired by Indian art forms

Image Source: Goodhomes India


Bedroom door design #2


dooden door with golden hardware, bedroom door designs
Wooden door frame with gold hardware is a warm and unique mix

Image Source: Remodelista


Bedroom door design #3


pastel green colored geometric sliding barn door design
Sliding barn door with a geometric pattern for bedroom

Image Source: House on Longwood Lane


Bedroom door design #4


sliding glass bedroom door design with black frame
Bedroom door that boasts a timeless aesthetic

Image Source: Homes To Love AU


Bathroom door designs

Knowing how important bathrooms are, it is quite upsetting to see how neglected they are when it comes to and accessories.

While many people use regular wooden to close the bathrooms, they end up looking worn out and warp over time. Therefore, you need bathroom that have the capability of resisting moisture and humidity.

An ideal door is one that blends well with the interiors of your house and protects your privacy.

Depending on the structure and the placement of your bath area, there are various styles of you can choose from. However, if you are inclined towards glass doors, it is recommended to use frosted glass doors.


door #1


black barn style sliding bathroom entrance
Barn style door for an old-world charm

Image Source: How Does She


door #2


green arched bathroom entrance
Innovative & contemporary door idea

Image Source: One Kindesign


door #3


bathroom door designs with full frosted glass panel with black metal frame
A frosted glass door to pamper your senses

Image Source: Editions de l’Arkhan


door #4


sliding door in white color with gold horizontal lines
Gorgeous sliding door to add an exotic appeal to your

Image Source: albed


Kitchen door designs

Not to be left unsaid, your door should be anything but boring and standard. Create a unique by mixing and matching materials and finish.

Currently, when kitchens are the focal point of a sleek design, it is important to incorporate modern accents into them.

Huge glass allow plenty of natural to stream in while barn add warmth to the space and create a balance between classic and modern. However, if you are working with a small space, it is advisable to install sliding that not only make the space look bigger but also add character to it.

Moreover, consider a glass partition door to divide the pantry and the cooking space.

Since the size of the is comparatively smaller than the average size of any living or bathroom, the size of their door differs as well. Therefore, the standard size of a door is 2.5 feet x 7 feet.


door #1


kitchen sliding door with wood panels, room door designs
Modular sliding door for a chic space

Image Source: Minha Casa


door #2


yellow dutch door
Dutch door for a modern and eclectic

Image Source: Rustic White Photography


door #3


glass sliding doors with black metal frame, room door designs for kitchen
Glass sliding for a well-lit

Image Source: Must-Have


door #4


faux stained glass sliding barn door, room door designs
Faux stained glass sliding door

Image Source: Lovely Indeed


Pooja door designs

Most homeowners these days prefer to keep their prayer within an enclosed space.

Moreover, if you are looking for traditional, simple, and exquisite pooja doors, you must opt for glass to keep a sense of seamlessness without creating a visual blockage.

Since pooja rooms provide an intimate space for practicing spirituality and devotion, most people ensure including it in their designs. It not only separates the in-house temple from other rooms but also acts as a way to enhance the space.

The most commonly used pooja room are wooden with embellishments and/or ornamentation, jali doors, carved doors, grid-patterned doors, stained glass doors, frosted glass doors, laser-cut doors, foldable doors, etc.


Pooja door design #1


Wooden pooja room entrance with golden metal embellishments
Wooden door with metal embellishments

Image Source: Dress Your


Pooja door design #2


white glass pooja room panel entrance
Elegant and simple glass door for pooja

Image Source: Cafe


Pooja door design #3


pooja room entrance with wooden frame and motifs
Contemporary pooja jali door with wooden frame and motifs

Image Source: Pinterest


Pooja door design #4


Artistic gate for pooja room
Artistic door for pooja

Image Source: THC Security Door


door design: Elements


Door grill designs

Currently, different types of door grill designs are available in various materials like iron, glass, etc.

The door grill has served one single purpose to date. But recently, it has become an integral part of decoration.

Safety grills are nothing but tempered grills attached to the door externally for added security. Moreover, these grill honor their function of safety and security.


Door grill design #1


blue gate with intricate detail on grill
An eye-catching front door that enhances your ’s curb appeal

Image Source: Martin Grincevschi


Door grill design #2


entrance gate grill design in grey color with a geometric pattern
Make a statement with this geometric door

Image Source: Hill House Interiors


Door grill design #3


iron grill gate in black color
A unique and eye-catching front door

Image Source:


Door grill design #4


blue wooden entrance gate with a black grill and steel handles
Eclectic and innovative front door grill filled with creativity

Image Source: Art Mania


Jali door designs

Who said that always need to look industrial and all-metal?

Any artistic pattern with a fine balance of functionality and aesthetics qualifies to be a pleasant door. With a simple jali door for room, one can achieve dramatic and modern looks without any complications.

A ‘jali’ is a popularly used component of architecture. It is used to fight the scorching temperature and provide a cool relief to the house. It mainly consists of a sheet having small or large perforations all over it.


Jali door design #1


dark brown jali door design with laser cut panel in center
Laser-cut door with fine intricacies

Image Source: Stahl


Jali door design #2


metal jali door design with laser cut lanel in brown color
Creative and designer main door style to secure your

Image Source: Civil Engineering Discoveries


Jali door design #3


jaali door design that doubles up as a partition wall design
An ornate door for people of fine taste

Image Source: Mark Lintott


Jali door design #4


dark brown jali door design
Metal set against solid wood is a killer combination

Image Source: Company


Door with window

Being an integral part of the house design, windows are something you should never settle for if they are outdated.

Providing a channel for ventilation and lighting, windows are an important element of aesthetics as well.

Hence, adding a generous amount of glass around your main door in the form of windows or sidelights allows lots of natural to stream into the interior.

Similarly, Dutch with windows are helpful in keeping pets and children in and unwanted creatures out. Additionally, this door, along with adding character to your space, easily doubles up as a baby gate.


Door with window #1


white door frame with glass windows on both sides
Beautiful front door with glass windows on both sides

Image Source: ODL, Inc.


Door with window #2


black door designs with glass panes and sidelights
Spectacular front door with glass panes and sidelights

Image Source: Therma-Tru


Door with window #3


Victorian door designs with stained glass patterns
Stunning Victorian door with stained glass panels

Image Source: Living Etc


Door with window #4


turquoise door on an orange wall, room door designs with window
Front door with vivid color detail

Image Source:


Some offbeat & modern doors (inc. front door designs)



tips for a greater appeal

Being the first visual of the space, door designs set an expectation within the minds of the spectators as to what will they witness next. If they are in a beautiful space with great aesthetics, they will automatically feel welcomed and cheery.

We often focus on the interiors of the and tend to forget that are an important element as well.

If you are looking to start from scratch, the sky is the limit. However, if you want to amplify your space without making any major changes and investment, here are a few tips to spruce up using door designs:-

  1. Add decorative molding to the door or movable in any pattern that suits you best.
  2. Use hardware and accessories that complement the color and material of the door.
  3. Stick to the standard size that suits the space. Also, the dimensions of the door must be in harmony.
  4. Create a contrast between the textures and patterns by adding designer handles and locks to an otherwise plain door design.
  5. If regal and ornate are not your style, go for a modern and chic look by painting your in vibrant colors like blue, pink, yellow, green, or red.
  6. Don’t shy away from different surface finishes like matte and a high gloss that will ultimately add depth and character.
  7. Add a small planter beside the door for an extra kick of greenery. Moreover, add hanging planters to make a statement.
  8. For best results, choose the material of the door wisely keeping in mind your requirements, preferences, and budget.



It is high time you must look around your where you will surely find plenty of decorated walls throughout. But, what about your interior door designing?

Out of all the things that are easy to change and renovate without making a huge investment, and windows have the biggest impact on design.

When it comes to picking an ideal door for any room, you must consider a variety of factors that might influence your decision. Therefore, it is necessary to align your requirements to the door specifications.

Now that you have some basic information about the doors, analyze your space and evaluate whether you want to utilize your space effectively or have a decorative door. Next, find a and style that fits your budget.

By balancing price, function, and aesthetics, you’re more likely to find the right door for your rooms.

If you are still confused about how to start with the process, refer to the tips and ideas above to choose the best door. Perhaps a few embellishments on the door can add finesse, beauty, and depth to your home.

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