Plywood sheets – What you need to know about them?

Plywood for buildings and furniture
Plywood for buildings and furniture

A perfect building is one that is well-constructed and furnished. In addition to being aesthetically appealing, it should also be strong and durable. Plywood doors, beds, wall panels, wardrobes, etc. are the most popular application areas of this material and its various types. Thus, as an architect or constructor, it is important for you to know about plywood sheets and their price range.

Precise manufacturing of external wall surfaces, furniture carcasses, furniture cabinets, flooring, etc is important. Although all of these jobs require different tools, mechanisms, and crafts, there is one common factor in each.

Also, this factor determines their longevity, look, and strength. Additionally, it is the usage of the right types of plywood sheets for different applications.

Firstly, they are important for giving strength to the structure.

Secondly, plywood sheets are versatile but you must know the right type for the right job.

And, thirdly, detailed information makes optimum use of ply possible.

Plywood comes out as the most preferred choice among all the related building materials and rightly so.



What is plywood?

It is a widely-used building material. Thin layers of wood veneer, glued together with an adhesive, make up plywood.

It is engineered from timber that is cut into thin sheets or layers of wood. When these layers bond together under high pressure and temperature, they become one strong finished product.

Its boards are huge, flat sheets. Thus, they are ideal for use in building construction and furniture.


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What are the applications of various types of plywood sheets?

Ply has several advantages over its counterparts. It does not crack or warp because of moisture and is economical too.

This versatile product finds its application in a variety of purposes, like:-


Roofing and flooring

Plywood is often used to sheath roofs. Also, it is used as a subfloor on several internal flooring projects.

The panels on floors include tongue-and-groove edges that slot together. Thus, this arrangement allows the panels to carry heavy loads without shifting or moving. It is one of the most common uses of ply.



Plywood is a cost-effective furniture building material. From best wardrobe designs to custom-built dressers, shelves, media centers, console tables, and so on, ply is suitable for all.




The cabinet carcasses of a modular kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom are the most important aspect in determining their durability.

Strong and long-lasting modular kitchen cabinets and wardrobes are made from Plywood. Its moisture resistance makes it an ideal kitchen furniture material.


Exterior and interior walls

External ply cladding offers flexibility, design freedom, and protection to the building. Also, ply panels are also used to add to the aesthetics and strength of the building’s front elevation.

The interior stud walls are framed by ply and it is also used for wood paneling of the interior walls.

If you buy A-graded sheets, you can give a natural wood finish to your walls.


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Wooden plywood doors

A ply door makes for a strong wooden door design.

Doors and windows add to the visual and structural value of any commercial and residential building. In addition, a Boiling Water Proof or BWP plywood door is ideal for your building and bedroom wardrobes as well.


Balustrades and rails

Hardwood and treated softwood are the most ideal timber choices for interior handrails and balustrades. With good care and maintenance, these rails and balustrades can last a lifetime.

Ply is used for several purposes in buildings and construction. But, it must be noted that there is a specific type of plywood (available at different prices) that should be used for each purpose. Hence, using the wrong type compromises the look, durability, and functionality of the rails and balustrades.


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What are the various types of plywood?

There are many types of plywood sheets that are used for multiple purposes available at varied prices. These types of plywood are categorized on the basis of their origin and usage.

Let us go through some of the major types of plywood and their prices.


Types of Plywood
The major types are hardwood, softwood, shuttering ply, decorative ply, and marine ply.


Hardwood ply

This type of plywood is made from Oak, Mahogany, and Beechwood.

Hardwood ply has great strength and sturdiness. Also, it is resistant to creep. It possesses high impact-bearing strength. It is used for heavy-duty wall and floor structures.


Softwood ply

It is made out of Cedar, Spruce, Pine, Douglas fir, fir (SPF), and Redwood.

It is mainly used for industrial and construction purposes. Floors, walls, and roofs are made with softwood ply.


Tropical ply

Made from mixed tropical timber species, tropical ply, is better than softwood for its greater strength, evenness, and high quality. It is a premium product.


Shuttering ply

The shuttering ply, available at a comparatively high price, is high-density plywood with sleek films.

Shuttering ply is used in construction works generally for holding the cement by setting up the ceiling. It is also used to create the base for ceilings, drains, pillars, walls, etc.

Architects are big fans of shuttering ply as it gives the concrete shape required by them easily.


Decorative sheets

This ply mostly used hardwood like red oak, ash, mahogany, birch, maple, teak, rosewood, and many other hardwoods for its production. This type of plywood is most commonly used in cabinets, wardrobes, doors, beds, etc. of different quality and price ranges.

In addition to that, it also enhances the longevity of the products. They are further categorized into two types:-


This type of plywood is used for making curved parts of furniture.

It can be bent into any shape without peeling, chipping, staining, or chipping. You can easily paint, veneer, stain, and plaster the flexible ply.



This type of plywood is manufactured from strong face and core wood veneers.

It can be used in all weather conditions as it is resistant to fungal attacks, moisture, and delaminating. The glue used in marine ply makes it BWP plywood, resulting in a higher price.

Hence, it is immune to water damage.


What are its various properties?

Ply is preferred to its counterparts such as MDF, Particle boards, etc. for several reasons. Its unique features and qualities make it an ideal choice.


High strength and stability

The strength of timber and properties obtained in its laminated construction gives plywood a strong structural strength at a competitive price. Cross-graining gives it uniform strength and enhanced stability.


High-impact resistance

The high tensile strength of ply received from the cross lamination of panels reduces the tensile stress. As a result, the material is capable of withstanding overload up to twice its loading capacity.



Ply’s flexibility distinguishes it from other materials. Also, it can be easily manufactured to fit every bending requirement. The number of wood veneers determines its thicknesses.

Thickness and flexibility are inversely proportional. Thus, the lesser the number of veneers, the greater is the flexibility.


Water resistance

The Boiling Water Proof or BWP plywood is resistant to water and moisture damage. This is why BWP ply is an ideal choice for modular kitchens, bathrooms, and also for wall surfaces.

This water-resistant feature of ply makes it suitable for every weather condition.


Fire resistance

Fire retardant ply comes with a fire-proof chemical coating, then combined with non-combustible substances and materials like plasterboard and fibrous cement.

The chemical coating protects the fire retardant material from the oxidation process. As a result, there is a reduction in the risk of catching and spreading fire.


Thermal and sound insulation

The use of chemicals urea and formaldehyde resin in adhesives during the manufacturing process increases its thermal resistance. It also enhances sound insulation.

All of this credits to a better living standard at low costs.


What is waterproof plywood?

Since ply is a versatile material, it is suitable for application in almost all areas. But, one question that pops up in the head instantly is whether the material is waterproof or not?

As we know that ply is composed of wood veneers, excessive exposure to moisture can damage the material. Thus, in such areas, waterproofing is required. Furniture and cabinets that are prone to moisture must be manufactured with water-resistant ply.

The water-resistant property of this product is attained by the synthetic plastic resin that makes the surface impermeable to water.

Available in the thickness range of 3-25 mm, the Indian Standards specification number for BWR grade plywood is IS: 303 and is suitable for application in kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, ceilings, and flooring.

The different types of waterproof ply manufactured these days are as follows:-


MR grade

MR, here, is an abbreviation for “moisture resistant”.

This means that the MR plywood is well-suited to be used in interior elements. Although not waterproof, this grade is treated with resins like formaldehyde making it resistant to humidity and moisture.


BWR grade

BWR, here, refers to “boiling water-resistant”.

Suitable for both interiors and exteriors, BWR plywood is treated with phenolic resins making it water-resistant and is available at an excellent price. Thus, it is excellent for areas that experience prolonged exposure to moisture.


BWP grade

BWP, here, refers to “boiling waterproof” plywood.

This kind of plywood is also generally known as Marine Ply. It is completely waterproof. Being boiling waterproof, not only is it used for any sort of application but also used in marine construction.

BWP gets its remarkable waterproof properties when the veneer is combined with undiluted resins. To check the quality of it, immerse a sample in boiling water for at least three days and then check for strength and other properties.


What is Plywood grading?

All the above-mentioned features make ply a remarkably superior product. But, we must note that it is also categorized on the basis of its quality.

Its qualities and grades determine the intensity of its properties.

For every particular type of application, a specific grade is used. For instance, if you use D-grade for making modular kitchen cabinets, it will hamper the quality and longevity of the finished product.

Thus, it is important to understand grading. The grades determine its strength, durability, appearance, and overall quality.



It is ideal for bathroom and kitchen cabinets, and furniture pieces. The surface of the A-grade ply is smooth and sanded.



It is quite similar to the A-grade. But, the surface is not as smooth as the latter. B-grade ply has a few knots which make it slightly uneven.



The C-grade is unsanded and has some defects like minor knots and discoloration.

Thus, this type of ply is not ideal for furniture but works well for structures where functionality is more important than aesthetics.



The D-grade ply is also unsanded and has unrepaired and untreated snags.


The commonly used plywood sheet thicknesses and sizes

In addition to grades, it is also important to know the plywood thicknesses and sizes as they determine its flexibility, strength, and price.

Using the wrong thickness will result in poorly built furniture. Thus, you must know all about their thickness.

The most widely used thicknesses are as follows:-


Plywood thicknesses
Plywood comes in various thicknesses & prices



These sheets come in a thickness of 2-3mm. This is the most common thickness for home interiors. As a result, it is a preferred furniture building material by most interior designers.



This 4mm thick plywood sheet is the most versatile and is available at varied prices in the market. It is the best thickness for outdoor and indoor furniture and decorative boards.



The ply with more than 7 layers of plies is strong enough for permanent structures such as roofing.

Building construction types of applications require 4 ft (W) X 8 Ft (L) sized plywood sheets. The next common size is 3×5 feet.


Top plywood brands

Plywood is an exceptional building and furniture material for the price it is available at. But, if purchased from a low-quality manufacturer, the quality degrades greatly. Hence, it is important that the company should be good.

There are many international and regional companies in India that manufacture excellent quality ply.


Century Ply


CenturyPly Plywood
CenturyPly manufactures all kinds of ply


This mega manufacturer makes durable, long-lasting, termite-proof, BWP plywood for home and commercial uses at different price ranges.

Some of the Century Ply products are as follows:-

  1. Firewall
  2. Century Club Prime
  3. Architect Ply
  4. Sainik
  5. Teak
  6. Sharon Platinum, Gold and Prima
  7. Sovereign Mr  Ply (Mr Grade Ply)
  8. Century Sainik 710 Ply (710 Grade ply), and many more.

The Century Plywood price ranges from Rs. 50 to Rs. 150 per square foot.




Greenply plywood
Greenply comes in different ranges for all purposes


Specialized applications require the usage of Greenply plywood. From automobile to building constructions, Green ply comes for a wide range of applications.

In addition, the brand manufactures ply thicknesses from 6mm to 40 mm. Also, it manufactures plyboards of various widths and lengths.

Some of the Greenply product types are:-

  1. Greenply Mr Grade
  2. Mr Grade Commercial Greenply
  3. Greenply Gold
  4. Ecotec Mr Grade
  5. Green Club, etc.

The Greenply plywood price ranges from Rs. 37 to Rs. 150 per square foot.


Kajaria PLY


Kajaria ply
Strong and durable Kajaria Ply


Another popular brand is Kajaria. The Kajaria PLY uses premium quality hardwood. As a result, the material is stiff, strong, and durable.

Kajaria PLY materials come in the following categories:-

  1. Platinum
  2. Gold Maxx
  3. Silver
  4. Kajaria PLY Pro-710
  5. Pro-Build

The Kajaria plywood price ranges from Rs. 60 to Rs. 100 per square feet.




Merino Ply
Merino Ply made up of high-quality hardwood


One of the most popular companies in India, Merino manufactures ply laminates with dual hot press treatment and selects good quality wood veneer for fine products.

Merino offers the following range:-

  1. Tuff ply
  2. Superply
  3. Mandasa ply

In addition, there are many popular and preferred regional ply companies in India.

They manufacture good quality products ideal for budget home construction and furnishing. As a result, they are extremely popular in India.

Some of them are Ganesh, Kitply, Asian, Sainik, Magnus, Galaxy, Satyam, Balaji, Jain, Saburi, Archid, etc.


Plywood design ideas


Plywood door designs

Ply doors can be of different types. It either utilizes hardwood, softwood, or a combination of the two for its production.

Some common hardwoods used to make plywood doors are maple, oak, ash, mahogany, and teak. In addition, some of the softwood used are pine, spruce, redwood, and cedar.

Here are a few door designs to take inspiration from.


Plywood door design #1


plywood barn door with glass grid
Sliding plywood door design with glass inserts

Image Source: Dwell


Plywood door design #2


barn door design
Door to create a statement entryway

Image Source: Pinterest


Plywood door design #3


Modern oak panel door design
Modern oak panel plywood door design

Image Source: Kens Yard


Plywood door design #4


simple yet unique white door
Simple yet unique plywood door

Image Source: Queneau


Plywood door design #5


Glazed oak door with frosted glass
Glazed oak door with frosted glass

Image Source: Direct Doors


Plywood bed designs

First and foremost, take into account the size and thickness of plywood sheets before getting a bespoke bed. Since the strength of a bed with a plywood frame largely comes from its density, one must carefully choose the type of plywood sheet to be used.

Pro tip: MR grade or BWP plywood work exceptionally well for bed frames and plywood bed designs.

Take a look at a few bed designs manufactured with this material.


Plywood bed design #1


modern yet classic dark brown finished bed design
Dark brown classic bed style

Image Source: Totally Furniture

Plywood bed design #2


brown plywood bed with storage drawers
Contemporary bed with storage drawers

Image Source: Room & Board


Plywood bed design #3


solid mahogany plywood bed design with storage space
Transitional style mahogany bed design

Image Source: SierraLivingConcepts


Plywood bed design #4


platform bed made with plywood sheets
Modern platform bed design

Image Source: Overstock

Plywood bed design #5


hudson storage bed
Classic ply bed with traditional headboard design

Image Source: Room & Board


Plywood cot designs

Plywood would be a very sensible choice for bed cots. MDF is not structurally strong and teak is quite expensive.

Hence, it is safe to go with plywood. Also, it is structurally strong and durable, easy to laminate with any design of veneer – teak, mahogany, or birch, and lasts ages.

Following are some beautiful plywood cot designs that will offer the utmost comfort.


Plywood cot design #1


white painted cot with vertical bars on all sides
Sturdy cot design for lasting usage

Image Source: Great Little Trading Co.


Plywood cot design #2


brown mid-century 4-in-1 convertible cot
Classic 4-in-1 convertible cot design

Image Source: Pottery Barn Kids Australia


Plywood cot design #3


cocoon-shaped pod cot with rounded edges made with plywood sheets
Distinct and modern pod cot

Image Source: Ubabub


Plywood cot design #4


beige pod with vertical bars made out of plywood sheets
A classic pod that doubles up as a junior bed

Image Source: Cuckooland


Plywood cot design #5


4-in-1 plywood cot convertible to a toddler bed
Mid-century 4-in1 convertible cot design

Image Source: Pottery Barn Kids


Plywood wall designs

Plywood is versatile in nature and has numerous application areas. Similarly, plywood panels can be used to upgrade walls.

Paneling over walls using plywood is the easiest, most convenient way to update a room’s look. For this, first, you need to measure the perimeter of the room to be paneled, arrange the panels in the desired manner, prep the walls, and finally, seal the deal with adhesive and nails.

Find some rustic as well as modern plywood walls below.


Plywood wall design #1

wall panels as birch plywood lining made from plywood sheets
Birch ply wall paneling

Image Source: Trademaster


Plywood wall design #2


plywood wall design for living room
Modern and unique ply wall with a touch of rustic

Image Source: Dyke & Dean


Plywood wall design #3


plywood wall design with grey single sofa and a green plant
A ply wall that imitates wood perfectly

Image Source: Nadine Stay


Plywood wall design #4

plywood pegboard shelf
Ply pegboard made out of natural wood

Image Source: Solidhorse Factory


Plywood wall design #5


plywood wall and window frames for bedroom
Choose ply walls for a sustainable home

Image Source: Dwell


Plywood wardrobe designs

Since plywood remains unaffected by the weather conditions like moisture and humidity, it is one of the best and price effective options for wardrobes. Additionally, it is a durable and robust material used in the manufacture of decorative furniture elements.

Also, birch plywood and pine plywood are the two most popular materials for wardrobes available at great prices.

Here are a few appealing plywood wardrobes that will serve your utility purpose.


Plywood wardrobe design #1


tall sliding wardrobe in dark brown plywood sheets
Minimalist sliding door wardrobe

Image Source: Piombini


Plywood wardrobe design #2


oak plywood wardrobe with cut-out handle
Ply wardrobe with quirky cut-out handle

Image Source: Pure View Carpentry


Plywood wardrobe design #3


green wardrobe design
Bespoke plywood wardrobe design to match your price requirements

Image Source: Fitted Wardrobes by Disrobe


Plywood wardrobe design #4


white, grey and charcoal colored triple door wardrobe design
Simple and functional wardrobe design

Image Source: Vox Concept


Plywood wardrobe design #5


White and light brown wardrobe with a dresser and mirror
Bespoke plywood wardrobe with cut-out handles

Image Source: Lozi


Plywood cupboard designs

Kitchens, these days, demand furniture made of ply. Since the kitchen has several drawers, cabinets, and cupboards, it requires the best quality material. Also, BWP ply suits kitchen applications the best due to its waterproof feature.

Here are a few cupboard designs to steal right away.


Plywood cupboard design #1


lozi collection kitchen cupboard design
Sleek and stylish ply cupboard

Image Source: Lozi


Plywood cupboard design #2


kitchen cupboard designs
Contemporary kitchen cupboards with strong use of color

Image Source:


Plywood cupboard design #3


birch plywood kitchen cupboard design
Birch plyw kitchen cupboards and drawers

Image Source: Ian Lee


Plywood cupboard design #4


white colored birch ply cupboard for kitchen
Birch faced ply cupboard of dreams

Image Source: Working Holiday Studio


Plywood cupboard design #5


kitchen cabinet designs
Ply cupboards for a streamlined space

Image Source: Lozi


Plywood table designs

Since ply tables require a firm and tightly welded frame that is also moisture-resistant, birch plywood sheets are the most ideal material for tables.

Also, the light, natural color palette of ply furniture helps make a compact space look spacious.

Find your perfect table among the designs given below.


Plywood table design #1


plywood coffee table with flower planter and red mug on top
Ply coffee table

Image Source: Deko Studio


Plywood table design #2


bespoke plywood table for dining in front of a white glass door
Bespoke ply furniture

Image Source: Lozi


Plywood table design #3


Aesthetically pleasing table design with high functionality

Image Source: The Hairpin Leg Co


Plywood table design #4


Herringbone pattern table design

Image Source: imgur


Plywood table design #5


office plywood table with a computer
Handcrafted table to enhance the interiors

Image Source: Lozi


Plywood ceiling designs

Ply is a viable ceiling material. It offers visual aesthetics as well as a lifetime of service. Also, it adds a touch of minimalism, simplicity, and functionality to the theme of the space.

Explore bespoke ply ceiling designs here.


Plywood ceiling design #1


Small and cozy barn house ceiling
Small and cozy barn house ceiling

Image Source:


Plywood ceiling design #2


home design with plywood ceiling and ceiling lights
Ply ceiling with grid pattern and ceiling lights

Image Source: Joe Fletcher


Plywood ceiling design #3


Never seen before ply ceiling

Image Source: ArchiPro


Plywood ceiling design #4


Impactful ceiling made with ply sheets

Image Source: Austin Plywood


Plywood ceiling design #5


Home with ply ceiling design

Image Source: Barkly Cantilever



Plywood is a cost-effective, strong, and resilient building and furniture material. It has been in use for decades.

Architects and constructors favor ply over every other building material. Knowing all about plywood sheets and their types, grading, sizes, and the best companies will help you deliver the best services to your clients.

Being one of the most durable and strong materials, it remains the top choice of homeowners.

Generally, people prefer plywood doors, beds, tables, and other such furniture items over natural wood. This is the reason plywood sheets have become such a huge part of every home now.

But, the material still undergoes several enhancements to become more eco-friendly and long-lasting.

Using the right grade and types of ply for your building will give it lifetime durability, style, and functionality. Thus, always go for the good quality ply of the right variety, grading, and size.


If you want to buy top-quality plywood from the best brands, click on the link given below to check your options and submit your inquiries:


Plywood Sheets & Boards

For more details, contact below:

WhatsApp Number: +91-9967632127 (Only message; no calls)



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