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Wall panels are the most beautiful part of home decor. They are easy to install and available in a wide range of colours and textures like synthetic and natural materials. A room with wall panel designs increases its beauty. An extensive range of wall panel price with different types like wood, 3D, etc is available to set your room aesthetic. 

Previously they were used on walls as insulation but now they can be a part of interior designs. 


Wall panel designs of wood, 3d, plastic etc are important part of decor. Wall panel price are reasonable.
Decorative home panel

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Wall Panel design

1. Wainscoting

It covers half or one-third of the bottom of the wall. Beadoards are used in this type of style and consist of angular patterns. High foot traffic areas can have a wainscoting style as they protect the walls. You can add bold colours to your room that adds attraction. 

2. Wall panel wood

Few people may not like all the walls to be designed, in that case, this type can be used on one wall that stands as a highlight. 

3. Beadboard

This style is formed by just stacking pieces of wood vertically and adjacently. The spacing between the two is called a bead. It can enhance the beauty of long passages and dull corners. 

4. Veneer wall panel

This is styled in white colour and gives clean and peaceful vibes. It gives precise dimensions to the room. 

5. Fabric 

Any entertainment rooms or home theatres must have fine acoustics. In this case usage of fabric provides soundproof rooms. Fabric can also be used for rooms to have dramatic look. 

6. 3D wall panel

The trends or to have a modern touch to your spaces then 3D designs are the best. 

7. Board and Batten

It has a geometric appearance with a classic touch. It can be used to create accent walls and is a terrific choice for your home decor. 

8. Metal

A hexagonal patterned metal wall can add more style to your rooms. 

Wall panel Materials 

  1. Natural wood
  2. Chipboard
  3. hardboard/fibreboard
  4. MDF panel
  5. Glass
  6. Vinyl gypsum
  7. 3D
  8. PVC
  9. Plastic

Popular Wall panel brands in India

  1. Alstone
  2. Fundermax
  3. Greenply
  4. Centuryply
  5. Greenlam

Wall panel price plays an important part when installing the panel designs as a part of home decor. This plays an accent feature and a great texture to your home. Call us now to buy the best panelling designs from quality brands. 

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